Planning a wedding in Sydney soon? We have put together the only list of marriage celebrants in Sydney that you will need to read.

No one but the very best have made our discerning list.

When you are planning a wedding, there can feel like you have a millions choices to make, and so many little details to arrange. But if you broke it down to the bare necessities, most of the aspects of your wedding you are planning don’t even need to be there!

Things that have become traditions are actually just fun add-ons, and almost all of them you could leave out if you wanted to. Can’t decide on a cake? Don’t have one! Nervous about a first dance? Skip that part! Can’t choose your bridal party? Who needs one anyway?

One of the few things you have to have however is a marriage celebrant. This person who guides you through the legalities of the promises you make to each other is an absolute essential. So you want to get this choice just right.

Our awesome knowledge of weddings doesn’t just stop at reception venues – we also have the inside scoop on the most loved and highly-recommended marriage celebrants in the biz.

If you need to choose a marriage celebrant in Sydney, this is the list for you.

Here is our list of the editor’s choice Top 35 Marriage Celebrants in Sydney!


Meggan Brummer marriage celebrant

Meggan has a humour that is infectious and she will put even the most nervous of couples instantly at ease. Highly-regarded by the people she has wed before, Meggan is described as sincere and considered, engaged and warm.

Handling all of the serious and complex parts of the service with complete ease, she will make you feel that even the legalities are light-hearted and fun. For simply unforgettable ceremonies.

VIDEO: Meggan Brummer Celebrant

Contact : Meggan Brummer

celebrant clair

Sydney based Celebrant Clair is a young, fun and energetic celebrant who has been spreading love, marrying awesome couples, since 2015.

In her initial consultation face to face (either in person or online), she loves to hear your love story and you can ask her as many questions as you like.

This initial consultation will help her create a ceremony that is tailored to your love story.

If you are after a sweet and fun celebrant who will create a memorable ceremony for you and your wedding guests, Clair is the celebrant for you.

A true believer in marriage equality, Clair is also happy to perform same-sex weddings.

VIDEO: Celebrant Clair

Contact : Celebrant Clair

pauline fawkner celebrant

If you are looking for a stylish and experienced celebrant, then Pauline Fawkner is the one for you. Pauline has conducted thousands of weddings and is a modern and creative celebrant.  Your ceremony will be tailored to reflect you as a couple.  She has conducted many ceremonies for couples from such diverse backgrounds as Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, French, Italian, German, Dutch and South American.  She is happy to incorporate various cultural rituals and since the law changed at the end of 2017 she has been delighted to help many same-sex couples tie the  knot.  Pauline is happy to meet with you under no obligation to discuss  the comprehensive service she provides.

Contact : Pauline Fawkner

One of the most sought-after marriage celebrants in Sydney, Caterina Kouz is known for her ‘fun, love and emotion’ filled ceremonies. Caterina loves her job as a celebrant and ensures that each ceremony is unique and tailored specifically for the couple in love. 

She follows her 3 step strategy to “Meet, Plan and Rehearse” to take the stress away on the day and to ensure that your special day is exactly how you imagined it to be.

Location: Caringbah South, Sydney NSW

Years experience: Since 2017

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Modern, fun & energetic

Contact : Caterina Kouz

Amy is a modern marriage celebrant & MC, bringing a fresh and upbeat approach to marriage making.

A performer by trade, Amy feels at home when connecting with her couples, writing their story and presenting it on the day with maximum energy and engagement.

Her ceremonies are fluff and cliche free, focussing on celebrating the uniqueness of the couple, both as individuals and as partners. She takes the time to really get to know her couples, ensuring it is a truly magical moment in time.

Location: Cronulla, Sydney NSW

Years experience: Since 2015

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Story teller, warm, fun & energetic

Contact : Amy Watson

The thing about Jill as celebrant is her amazing capacity to embrace every aspect of a couple’s special day with ease and alacrity. That should be an obvious characteristic of any celebrant, but the well-travelled Jill also brings warmth and attentiveness drawn from a remarkably cosmopolitan variety of life experiences, as a performer, a music teacher, a writer and even a public relations consultant.

All careers that have given her insights to ensure the most important day of your lives is both intimate, personal and just right. No moment of that day is too hard for this understanding, articulate, giving celebrant, with a smile that’s directly from the heart, pure and nurturing, guaranteed to offset any nerves!

VIDEO: Jill Player Cotton

Contact : Jill Player Cotton

Leah is a young, friendly and bubbly celebrant who brings character to her work.

Whether your ceremony is written with the intention of being delivered as a surprise or if you have designed it together Leah writes ceremonies that are personal and funny.

Leah enjoys meeting new couples and learning about how they fell in love in order to bring their stories to life. This is where Leah’s love for creative writing is exercised and is able to offer a unique approach to designing ceremonies.

Knowing that weddings are a stressful time, Leah makes the preparations and the lead up to your special day easy and ensures that everything is perfect for when the bride walks down the aisle.

Address: Sydney. NSW

Contact : Leah Appleby

Carla Davern marriage celebrant

One of the most loved celebrants around the Sydney region, Carla Davern is available for every kind of wedding possible. She has many wedding packages with varying prices to welcome all couples looking for a unique experience.

Carla loves romantic stories and loves learning about your story and journey of love. She has years of experience hosting a range of weddings which has given her lots of insight. Carla provides invaluable tips and advice while taking into account exactly what you’re looking for.

Location: Sydney

Years experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Elopement starting at $400, No Fuss package from $500, Personalised from $790, Complete package from $990

Style: Professional, vibrant, personalized

VIDEO: Carla Davern Celebrant

Contact : Carla Davern

Ben Ager marriage celebrant

With a love for weddings and sense of energetic flair, Ben Ager has a fresh take on traditional wedding ceremonies. He is a cool guy with fun elegance. Rather than the wedding ceremony being dull and monotonous, Ben is passionate and vibrant.

Ben brings a fun style to wedding days. He can cater towards more traditional ceremonies or bring an upbeat modern and fresh ambience to the day. With 20 years background in performing arts, Ben will make sure there are laughs and smiles all round.

Location: Sydney

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Fun, energetic, modern

Contact : Ben Ager

Julie Winter marriage celebrant

With a true passion for meeting people and hearing their stories, Julie Winter is a friendly person who makes connections easily. She is a registered civil celebrant and Justice of Peace which means she can get all your legal documents in order without hassle.

Julie loves creating unique ceremonies that have personal touches at all points. She has a background in event management and administration, meaning she is attentive to detail. Julie has also worked extensively in the community and truly loves getting to know people from all walks of life.

Location: Northwest Sydney

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Friendly, organised

Contact : Julie Winter

Janet Lomax marriage celebrant

As one of Sydney’s most fun wedding celebrants, Janet Lomax loves making wedding ceremonies anything that the happy couple want it to be. From a relaxed affair to a bubbly day to something more sophisticated, Janet can do it all.

Janet always makes the couple a priority and makes sure that the day is about them and what they want. Janet is an organised person and professional in her planning stages. She can walk you through each step of the planning and make sure you get all the details just right.

Location: Sydney

Years experience: Over 8 years

Fees: Discussed during planning

Style: Organised, down to earth, flexible

Contact : Janet Lomax

Doing everything in her power to create an unforgettable wedding ceremony, Vicki Level is proud and passionate in her role as a celebrant. She comes to the field with a background in workplace training. Vicki has excellent speaking skills and is a compassionate by nature.

Vicki works closely with her clients to deliver a day that represents them and their love. With communication and listening skills as her strong point, Vicki always pays close attention to the love that binds you and works hard to represent it the best she can.

Location: Sydney

Years experience: Since 2009

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Attentive, personalized

Contact : Vicki Lever


Crafting beautiful memories for couples all over Sydney, Vivienne Warren loves to connect with people and hear romantic stories. Eager to walk couples through the most important day of their life, Vivienne is all about creating dream weddings.

Vivienne has extensive experience in making sure the process of wedding planning is stress free. She is based in Sydney and travels to the Central Coast and Wollongong and surrounds to help couples achieve their perfect day.

Location: Sydney and surrounds

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Warm, sincere

Contact : Vivienne Warren

Robyn Pattison marriage celebrant

You are guaranteed to get magic sprinkled throughout your wedding ceremony when you turn to Robyn, the wedding pixie. Winning awards for her talent and knowledge, her sweet and energetic nature will make every second of your ceremony joyful and fun.

This romantic spirit crafts bespoke services that are light and laughter-filled, and never ever dull. When you want to celebrate your wedding day in an enchanting way, talk to Robyn.

VIDEO: Robyn Pattison Celebrant

Contact : Robyn Pattison

Jessie Cacchillo marriage celebrant

Jessie lives and breathes weddings and is passionate about romance – this is so much more than just a job for her. A modern professional guiding people through the serious side of a tradition that is eons old, making every ceremony new and unique is one of her very special gifts.

For original, authentic and fun services delivered with experience and ease.

VIDEO: Jessie Cacchillo Celebrant

Contact : Jessie Cacchillo

David Lang

A naturally genuine soul with a flair for telling a great love story, David has been the centre of hundreds of stress-free and happy wedding days. His focus is on making wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime.

His couples describe him as making them comfortable like no other celebrant they met, and running even enjoyable planning meetings. If you want to relax from start to finish, as well as remember every second of your big day, David is the celebrant for you.

VIDEO: David Lang Celebrant

Contact : David Lang

Del Edwards -Weddingdells marriage celebrant

Del Edwards from Weddingdells is a calming influence and a warm and welcoming spirit that will ensure every single guest feels a part of your special day. This is not just the formalities, this is the story of your commitment, of how you met and fell in love, and all of your hopes and dreams for your future together.

Del guides her clients in creating the perfect ceremony that will have everyone present raving about how personal and passion-filled your service was. When you want people coming up after the ceremony and asking you for your celebrant’s business card, Del is the professional to choose.

VIDEO: Del Edwards Celebrant

Contact : Del Edwards


Cath Flavell has been a wedding celebrant in Sydney since 2007. Ceremonies by Cath – Catherine Flavell welcomes all couples because as a marriage equality celebrant, love is love.  Your service will be custom written for just for you and your future spouse.  Your wedding day will be filled with excitement, happiness, fun, and laughter.  You can select the venue that is right for you in Sydney including the Northern Beaches, Sydney Harbour or the Royal Botanical Gardens.  They were voted as the top civil marriage celebrant every year since 2011.

Contact : Catherine Flavell

Peter Bray marriage celebrant

Adding a special polish to each wedding day he is part of, Peter Bray has a unique and charming personality for the day. He is a self-confessed lover of bow-ties and owns a Griffon which are just some of his quirky character traits.

Peter has a background in running events, being an MC, and being naturally handy with a mic. He loves public speaking and has a flair for words, which makes being a marriage celebrant perfect for him. Peter is energetic and meaningful in his time and actions, creating genuine ceremonies for happy couples.

Location: Sydney and Central Coast

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Ceremony packages available

Style: Unique, characteristic

Contact : Peter Bray

Stephen Lee marriage celebrant

This versatile storyteller will craft the perfect wedding ceremony for you. From small and simple to big and bold, whatever you want your service to be, he will deliver.

A natural at building a unique ceremony for each of his unique couples, and at putting everyone at ease on the day, you are in the best of hands when you choose Stephen.

VIDEO: Stephen Lee Celebrant

Contact : Stephen Lee


Toni Elsley specializes in relaxed and fun ceremonies so you can enjoy a stress-free, comfortable wedding. She offers the opportunity for couples to build their own ceremonies. You can decide on everything from scriptures and unity vows to the ring and kiss. Your wedding day should reflect your personal styles. This Sydney wedding celebrant has been performing weddings for 11 years and has options for all budgets.

Contact : Toni Elsley


Are you hosting a wedding in the Macarthur Region? Kylie Jones says, “I’ll make your day special, the ceremony you have dreamed of.”  She has five acres and invites couples to book her property for a small intimate ceremony.  She offers services for weddings, commitment ceremonies, funerals, naming ceremonies, and renewal of vows.  Kylie Jones has several packages that can include pre-written ceremonies as well as any requests you may have for your wedding day.

VIDEO: Kylie Jones Celebrant

Contact : Kylie Jones

shelly bennett marriage celebrant

Bringing a sense of warmth and professionalism to planning your special ceremony, Shelly Bennett loves helping couples create their perfect day. Shelly is open minded when it comes to love and believes there is no one way to celebrate it. Each ceremony should be unique, so she caters to anything from formal to barefoot.

Shelly is a warm and vibrant person. She has a deep appreciation for her role as a celebrant and considers it a privilege to be part of your special day. Shelly is a proud support of marriage equality in Australia and provides her services for same-sex couples.

Location: Sydney

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Warm, professional

Contact : Shelly Bennett


Mel Armstrong Jones is a relaxed professional who would love to learn more about you and your future spouse. As a wedding celebrant, she can write your ceremony or give you suggestions.  Mel loves “making the love story you share into a beautiful ceremony where ever you desire.”  Not only does she have experience with themed celebrations, but Mel offers MAJic Yoga Mindfulness to the couple and the bridal party through Majic Events.

Contact : Mel Armstrong Jones

Fiona King marriage celebrant

A celebrant with a beautiful smile and a lovely voice, Fiona guides her couples through some of the most important and impactful words of their lives. Her knowledge of all things wedding including traditions and customs, readings and vows, and so much more, will astound you.

For unforgettable wedding days that are filled with extra special touches, talk to Fiona today.

VIDEO: Fiona King Celebrant

Contact : Fiona King

Leisa Griffin marriage celebrant

From traditional ceremonies to a creative edge and everything in between, Leisa Griffin is a passionate and enthusiastic wedding celebrant. Leisa is open minded and willing to work with cultures, customs, and traditions of all types to make sure you wedding day represents you wholly.

Leisa offers services of a high quality and truly listens to what each client is looking for. She is sensitive and reliable, making sure she takes into account all of your pressing needs for the day. Leisa is professional and innovative in her practice.

Location: Mosman, Sydney

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Professional, reliable

Contact : Leisa Griffin

Melissa Soncini marriage celebrant

Friendly, passionate and thoroughly modern, Melissa is more than an officiant, she is a collaborator. Melissa understands that this is your story, and she is just there to help you tell it. For memorable and creative services that are filled with romance and love, Melissa is the celebrant for you.

With a contagious enthusiasm and natural ease, Melissa will help through the planning stages and ensure you remember and highlight those little touches that mean the most to you.

VIDEO: Melissa Soncini Celebrant

Contact : Melissa Soncini


Phillip Brown believes that a “civil marriage ceremony allows you complete freedom of choice to create a wedding ceremony that reflects your feelings, beliefs, and personality.”  He has been a civil marriage celebrant since 1995. Phillip can also assist with suggestions for photographers, videos, limousine, florist, restaurant, and wedding venues.

Contact : Phillip Brown

Adrian Downey

With over 12 years of experience as a Justice of the Peace and another nine as a marriage celebrant in Sydney, NSW Celebrant Adrian Downey promises your wedding as a “sincere event, and should be exciting, joyful and fun.”  He believes that “life is to be enjoyed not endured.”  Whether your wedding is informal, themed, or elegant, Adrian would be happy to help you make your wedding day memorable. He will include some religious at your request, too.

VIDEO: Adrian Downey Celebrant

Contact : Adrian Downey

Gaynor Cobby

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a large ballroom wedding in Sydney or a private, intimate affair. Gaynor Cobby is passionate about love and marriage.  She offers a ceremony as unique as you and your lover. Her “aim is to craft a ceremony that reflects you – and one you will remember for the rest of your life.”  Known as Sydney’s mobile civil marriage celebrant, she worked in the hospitality industry for 30 years and has a passion for doing it right.

Contact : Gaynor Cobby


Fiona Dacombe loves her career and considers herself as a life celebrant.  She says, “I will make sure your wedding is a perfect day in your memories.”  She will take care of details for you and your future spouse beyond the sound system including tables and chairs.  It doesn’t matter your beliefs; Fiona will honour any special religious requirements.

VIDEO: Fiona Dacombe Celebrant

Contact : Fiona Dacombe


Do you want a unique wedding that is intimate, but not cheesy? Tara Rennie says, “Your wedding ceremony sets the scene for the best day of your life.”  You can expect a fun and happy ceremony that has passionate and romantic moments. However, it won’t be mushy or corny! Just like married couples, each ceremony is different, personal, and unique.  Tara has a background in voice-overs, so her services are articulated professionally and thoughtfully with elegance.

Contact : Tara Rennie


Simone Lewis-Cocks is a wedding celebrant with Heart 2 Heart CMC . It would be her pleasure to help you create your own “magical and memorable UNIQUE ceremony that expresses your love, life, and beliefs.”  Simone is happy to marry all loving couples including LGBQTI.  With 11 years of experience as a wedding celebrant, she has officiated hundreds of ceremonies. You can take advantage of her unique lists like the “Emergency Kit” information sheet for couples and their wedding party; that way, you will make sure all of the details are taken care of before your wedding.

Contact : Simone Lewis-Cocks

You May Kiss marriage celebrant

Gary from You May Kiss has a very special knack for partying with strangers! With years of experience as a comedian, performer,and MC, he will ensure every last one of your guests is enjoying themselves on your big day.

His ceremonies are personal, and always a little bit extraordinary, and he guarantees no awkward or boring bits on your wedding day. A romantic soul and a genuine, lovely man – an ideal choice for a hassle-free wedding.

VIDEO: Gary Reilly Celebrant

Contact : Gary Reilly


Rita O-Reilly wants to tell your romantic love story. Rita O’Reilly Divine Celebrancy offers civil marriage celebrations throughout Sydney. She states her style as, “Every wedding a love story just waiting to be told.”  Divine Celebrancy delivers fun, relaxed ceremonies that reflect the personality of the couple.  Rita has performed over 450 weddings.  Her husband also travels with her to offer top-notch quality sound systems. Your loved ones will clearly hear your beautiful vows. They offer many different wedding packages so couples can tailor their special day to their desires.

VIDEO: Rita O’Reilly Celebrant

Contact : Rita O'Reilly


Parting Notes

Many brides think about their weddings in terms of who to invite, what to wear, and where to have a big event.  However, do not overlook the importance of the right wedding celebrant for your ceremony. It doesn’t matter if you host a large party or an intimate event, the Sydney wedding celebrant will allow you to go from fiancé to spouse. Selecting the right person means picking someone who can share your vision of the big day.


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