Planning a wedding in Sydney soon? We have put together the only list of marriage celebrants in Sydney that you will need to read.

No one but the very best have made our discerning list.

When you are planning a wedding, there can feel like you have a millions choices to make, and so many little details to arrange. But if you broke it down to the bare necessities, most of the aspects of your wedding you are planning don’t even need to be there!

Things that have become traditions are actually just fun add-ons, and almost all of them you could leave out if you wanted to. Can’t decide on a cake? Don’t have one! Nervous about a first dance? Skip that part! Can’t choose your bridal party? Who needs one anyway?

One of the few things you have to have however is a marriage celebrant. This person who guides you through the legalities of the promises you make to each other is an absolute essential. So you want to get this choice just right.

Our awesome knowledge of weddings doesn’t just stop at reception venues – we also have the inside scoop on the most loved and highly-recommended marriage celebrants in the biz.

If you need to choose a marriage celebrant in Sydney, this is the list for you.

Here is our list of the editor’s choice Top 35 Marriage Celebrants in Sydney!


Since bursting onto the Sydney wedding scene in 2019, Nina has become a highly sought after celebrant.

Known for her engaging storytelling, warmth, attention to detail, and focus on creating the unique vision for each of the couples that she works with, it is her pride and privilege to make every wedding special, meaningful, and a perfect blend of fun and emotional.

Paying homage to her couples’ journey, and looking forward to what lies ahead for them, Nina’s ceremonies don’t just celebrate a moment in time, but a life that will be lived together.

Whether you’re after something small and intimate, or big and bangin’, Nina will create the vibe for you, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0468 323 739

Facebook: Your Best Day – Nina Feldman

Instagram: Your Best Day – Nina Feldman

Contact : Nina Feldman

In high demand for his storytelling and warm presentation voice, Stephen is a popular choice. His love of public speaking results in calm, comfortable, often witty ceremonies that capture the attention of his audiences. Unlike some celebrants, Stephen insists on getting to know you well so he can speak at your ceremony with the authority of a friend. He also excels at putting everyone at ease on the day and efficiently processing all the required paperwork. If you are lucky enough to secure Stephen, you won’t regret booking him.

Years experience: 6 Years

Fees: Available on his website

Style: Fun, friendly, capable

Address: Sydney and surrounds

Phone: 0412 501 250

Facebook: Stephen Miller

Contact : Stephen Miller

When you choose this top Sydney Marriage Celebrant you get a Professional Writer with over 22 years of experience, writing your love story.  Meggan is a highly engaging storyteller.  She’s elegant & sophisticated, with a great sense of humour.  With her, you get an ultimate ceremony experience that has your guests feel they witnessed something incredibly special.

She’s often referred to as being, “Extremely organised, very professional, fun, calming & having a great vibe.” Her couples value that their guests have the best time ever.  They have shorter ceremonies because they prefer quality over quantity.  And they value professionalism, kindness & equality.

To discover if she’s a good fit, book her in for a zoom chat via her website now.

Years experience: Since 2011

Fees: Ranging from $897 – $2897

Style: Engaging storyteller, sophisticated, fun & highly organised.

VIDEO: Meggan Brummer Celebrant

Address: 89a Cowles Rd, Mosman NSW 2088

Phone: 0424 178 323

Facebook: Meggan Brummer

Instagram: Meggan Brummer

Contact : Meggan Brummer

Patricia Ma is one of the most loved bilingual/trilingual Marriage Celebrants, Wedding MCs and Chinese Tea Ceremony hosts in Sydney.

She’s friendly, cheerful, professional and experienced. Her works are very methodical and amazing but most of all ensures your happiness is at the centre of everything.

Patricia offers one-stop shop services, she can make your ceremony extra special with her bright energy, sense of humour and empathy. In addition, she can bring fun moments and engage your guests with well-spoken commentaries, creating hype, laughter and a loving atmosphere in your wedding reception. She’s also a lucky lady(Dai Kum in Chinese), she can professionally facilitate the traditional Chinese tea ceremony to the bride and groom’s family, and host the respect to ancestor and god incense ritual.

If you are looking for someone to shine your wedding ceremony and reception or even the Chinese tea ceremony, let’s talk to Patricia!

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0405 918 887

Facebook: Patricia Ma Marriage Celebrant

Instagram: Patricia Ma Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Patricia Ma

Cate Brockbank of Celebrations by Cate is one of Sydney’s most sought after marriage celebrants, specialising in creating unique, personalised, and client-focused ceremonies.

From simple marriage ceremonies in her Freshwater-based office to creating custom-tailored ceremonies with extravagant concepts and a touch of adventure. Cate will guide you through all aspects of your ceremony and welcomes people from all nationalities and diverse backgrounds.

Celebrations by Cate is passionate about her job as a marriage celebrant, funeral celebrant and funeral director.

Cate endeavours to take your wishes and create a ceremony that the two of you and even your family and friends will look back on as one of the best memories of your lives. As individual and unique to you. Your story, your words of love, your ultimate creation.

Years experience: 11 years

Fees: Available during consultation and on her website

Style: Fun, Caring, Attentive

Address: Freshwater NSW 2096

Phone: 0421 389 925

Facebook: Celebrations by Cate

Instagram: Celebrations by Cate

Contact : Catherine Brockbank

One of the most sought-after marriage celebrants in Sydney, Caterina Kouz is known for her ‘fun, love and emotion’ filled ceremonies. Caterina loves her job as a celebrant and ensures that each ceremony is unique and tailored specifically for the couple in love. 

She follows her 3 step strategy to “Meet, Plan and Rehearse” to take the stress away on the day and to ensure that your special day is exactly how you imagined it to be.

Years experience: Since 2017

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Modern, fun & energetic

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0414 975 790

Facebook: Caterina Kouz

Instagram: Caterina Kouz

Contact : Caterina Kouz

As one of Sydney’s most fun wedding celebrants, Janet Lomax of ‘Weddings I Do’ loves making wedding ceremonies anything that the happy couple want it to be. From a relaxed affair to a bubbly day to something more sophisticated, Janet can do it all.

Janet always makes the couple a priority and makes sure that the day is about them and what they want. Janet is an organised person and professional in her planning stages. She can walk you through each step of the planning and make sure you get all the details just right.

Years experience: Over 10 years

Fees: Discussed during planning

Style: Organised, down to earth, bubbly & professional

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0404 463 664

Facebook: Janet Lomax

Instagram: Janet Lomax

Contact : Janet Lomax

For over 13 years, Catherine has proudly married hundreds of “loved-up” couples. It fulfills her soul being a part of such a special day, that is full of joy, excitement, and love.

With her years of experience, she knows all the right questions to ask, to make sure she creates the perfect ceremony that suits your style, personality, and needs.

She knows that no two weddings are the same, and she is happy to keep things simple and sentimental or provide a fully personalised “Your Love Story” ceremony, that could also incorporate readings, extended family, pets, musicians or anything your hearts desire.

Catherine proudly supports all forms of love, including LGBTQIA+, and is ready to help you celebrate your big day.

Years experience: 13 years

Fees: Ranging from $600-$1400

Style: Friendly, modern, fun-loving and engaging

Address: Gymea Bay, NSW

Phone: 0412 620 765

Facebook: Celebrant Catherine Kennedy

Instagram: Celebrant Catherine Kennedy

Contact : Catherine Kennedy

Leah is a young, friendly and bubbly celebrant who brings character to her work.

Whether your ceremony is written with the intention of being delivered as a surprise or if you have designed it together Leah writes ceremonies that are personal and funny.

Leah enjoys meeting new couples and learning about how they fell in love in order to bring their stories to life. This is where Leah’s love for creative writing is exercised and is able to offer a unique approach to designing ceremonies.

Knowing that weddings are a stressful time, Leah makes the preparations and the lead up to your special day easy and ensures that everything is perfect for when the bride walks down the aisle.

Address: Sydney. NSW

Phone: 0422 904 171

Facebook: Married by Leah

Instagram: Married by Leah

Contact : Leah Appleby

Amy is a modern marriage celebrant & MC, bringing a fresh and upbeat approach to marriage making.

A performer by trade, Amy feels at home when connecting with her couples, writing their story and presenting it on the day with maximum energy and engagement.

Her ceremonies are fluff and cliche free, focussing on celebrating the uniqueness of the couple, both as individuals and as partners. She takes the time to really get to know her couples, ensuring it is a truly magical moment in time.

Years experience: Since 2015

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Story teller, warm, fun & energetic

Address: Cronulla, NSW 2230

Phone: 0424 654 434

Facebook: Amy Watson- Marriage Maker

Instagram: Amy Watson- Marriage Maker

Contact : Amy Watson

Melissa Halliday of Heart and Soul Celebrations is one of the most experienced and a highly qualified marriage celebrant based in Sydney, with a track record of romantic ceremonies in the past that informs the bespoke approach.

Melissa has the experience to tackle wedding ceremonies of all kinds, for couples of all walks of life, making the non-discriminatory policies the most important. She offers 15 years of experience as a celebrant as well as experience teaching other celebrants.

Melissa is respectful, inclusive and has been a same sex celebrant since 2004 and is a member of GLRL (NSW).

Book your complimentary consultation in advance of a booking with just a simple phone call today!

Location: Sydney NSW

Years experience: 15 years

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: Experienced, Friendly, Organised

Address: Sydney NSW, Australia

Phone: 0425 213 338

Facebook: Melissa Halliday

Instagram: Melissa Halliday

Contact : Melissa Halliday

Say hello to a crazy good wedding without any pesky boring bits when you lock in this super fun Sydney marriage celebrant and emcee. Marry Me Zoe vows you’ll have no wedding day regrets cos she’ll help you rock your vows with a tonne of wows, heartfelt highs and unexpected moments of surprise to delight your guests! Together you’ll flip and reverse the conventional traditions and create a ceremony and reception that is totally you. 1000% inclusive of all LGBTQIA+ couples, Zoe is a super stylish celebrant with upbeat energy, firecracker vibes and a passion to give you and your guests the best celebration ever, that everyone will be talking about for years!

Fees: $675 – $1395

Style: Energetic, Friendly and Inclusive

Phone: 0408 408 537

Social: Marry Me Zoe

Contact : Zoe Sabados

The thing about Jill as celebrant is her amazing capacity to embrace every aspect of a couple’s special day with ease and alacrity. That should be an obvious characteristic of any celebrant, but the well-travelled Jill also brings warmth and attentiveness drawn from a remarkably cosmopolitan variety of life experiences, as a performer, a music teacher, a writer and even a public relations consultant.

All careers that have given her insights to ensure the most important day of your lives is both intimate, personal and just right. No moment of that day is too hard for this understanding, articulate, giving celebrant, with a smile that’s directly from the heart, pure and nurturing, guaranteed to offset any nerves!

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0403 440 037

Social: Jill Player Cotton

Contact : Jill Player Cotton

Sydney based Celebrant Clair is a young, fun and energetic celebrant who has been spreading love, marrying awesome couples, since 2015.

In her initial consultation face to face (either in person or online), she loves to hear your love story and you can ask her as many questions as you like.

This initial consultation will help her create a ceremony that is tailored to your love story.

If you are after a sweet and fun celebrant who will create a memorable ceremony for you and your wedding guests, Clair is the celebrant for you.

A true believer in marriage equality, Clair is also happy to perform same-sex weddings.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0431 465 907

Social: Celebrant Clair

Contact : Celebrant Clair

With a love for weddings and sense of energetic flair, Ben Ager has a fresh take on traditional wedding ceremonies. He is a cool guy with fun elegance. Rather than the wedding ceremony being dull and monotonous, Ben is passionate and vibrant.

Ben brings a fun style to wedding days. He can cater towards more traditional ceremonies or bring an upbeat modern and fresh ambience to the day. With 20 years background in performing arts, Ben will make sure there are laughs and smiles all round.

Location: Sydney

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Fun, energetic, modern

Phone: 0414 493 563

Social: Ben Ager

Contact : Ben Ager

With a true passion for meeting people and hearing their stories, Julie Winter is a friendly person who makes connections easily. She is a registered civil celebrant and Justice of Peace which means she can get all your legal documents in order without hassle.

Julie loves creating unique ceremonies that have personal touches at all points. She has a background in event management and administration, meaning she is attentive to detail. Julie has also worked extensively in the community and truly loves getting to know people from all walks of life.

Location: Northwest Sydney

Years experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Friendly, organised

Phone: 0410 510 662

Social: Julie Winter

Contact : Julie Winter

Doing everything in her power to create an unforgettable wedding ceremony, Vicki Level is proud and passionate in her role as a celebrant. She comes to the field with a background in workplace training. Vicki has excellent speaking skills and is a compassionate by nature.

Vicki works closely with her clients to deliver a day that represents them and their love. With communication and listening skills as her strong point, Vicki always pays close attention to the love that binds you and works hard to represent it the best she can.

Location: Sydney

Years experience: Since 2009

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Attentive, personalized

Phone: 0409 527 721

Social: Vicki Lever

Contact : Vicki Lever

You are guaranteed to get magic sprinkled throughout your wedding ceremony when you turn to Robyn, the wedding pixie. Winning awards for her talent and knowledge, her sweet and energetic nature will make every second of your ceremony joyful and fun.

This romantic spirit crafts bespoke services that are light and laughter-filled, and never ever dull. When you want to celebrate your wedding day in an enchanting way, talk to Robyn.

VIDEO: Robyn Pattison Celebrant

Phone: 0413 886 026

Social: Robyn Pattison

Contact : Robyn Pattison

Jessie lives and breathes weddings and is passionate about romance – this is so much more than just a job for her. A modern professional guiding people through the serious side of a tradition that is eons old, making every ceremony new and unique is one of her very special gifts.

For original, authentic and fun services delivered with experience and ease.

VIDEO: Jessie Cacchillo Celebrant

Phone: 0419 226 654

Social: Jessie Cacchillo

Contact : Jessie Cacchillo

Del Edwards from Weddingdells is a calming influence and a warm and welcoming spirit that will ensure every single guest feels a part of your special day. This is not just the formalities, this is the story of your commitment, of how you met and fell in love, and all of your hopes and dreams for your future together.

Del guides her clients in creating the perfect ceremony that will have everyone present raving about how personal and passion-filled your service was. When you want people coming up after the ceremony and asking you for your celebrant’s business card, Del is the professional to choose.

VIDEO: Del Edwards Celebrant

Phone: 0409 199 101

Social: Del Edwards - Weddingdells

Contact : Del Edwards


Parting Notes

Many brides think about their weddings in terms of who to invite, what to wear, and where to have a big event.  However, do not overlook the importance of the right wedding celebrant for your ceremony. It doesn’t matter if you host a large party or an intimate event, the Sydney wedding celebrant will allow you to go from fiancé to spouse. Selecting the right person means picking someone who can share your vision of the big day.


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