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Stephen Miller – Awesome celebrant

Price Range $600 - $750


I’m a father of three living in Lane Cove on Sydney’s North Shore. After a forty-year career as a successful, award-winning graphic designer and photographer, I decided it was time to do something different. My daughter, Alice, suggested that I should become a marriage celebrant adding “…Dad you would be so good at that”. Always one to pay attention to the women in my life, but slightly sceptical this might just be a ploy to save the cost of a celebrant at her own wedding, I looked into what was involved. She was right of course it really was a good fit. Fast forward four years to today, I’m still really enjoying utilising my organisational skills, a love of public speaking and writing about other people’s stories. I’m not your run-of-the-mill celebrant so if you are looking for fresh, fun and interesting then don’t waste time looking any further – drop me an email right now and I’ll arrange an obligation-free meeting.

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Stephen Miller

"Stephen is quite simply a wonderful celebrant. He has such a calm, listenable voice; we received so many comments from our guests saying how much they enjoyed our ceremony." Tim and Alex – Sydney


Absolutely NOT! Many have been doing it for years and might be jaded or cynical. Some can't present very well or put on artificial stage voices. Some have trouble writing creatively, causing your script to be dull or formulaic. Don't get me wrong, there are some excellent celebrants out there, but it's not always easy to see the difference between them and us from flicking through profiles.
I have ways of doing this, but it starts by me taking the time to get to know you well, allowing me to write and speak at your ceremony with the authority that I know you as a couple. For some celebrants, it's just a job, and you are their commodity. For me, it's simply not that. I do it because I adore doing so. Doing this makes a massive difference to the warmth and love I put into my ceremonies.
I definitely will. I will talk more about this when we meet up on Zoom or preferably in person. So just let me know where you live, and we'll work out something that suits us all.
That would be me. All you have to do is supply me with the necessary information required by Births, Deaths & Marriages and then sign the forms. After that, I do everything else, including processing all the documentation after the ceremony – it's all included in the 'all-inclusive fee'.
No hidden costs but there are two possible add-ons should you require them. First, I do not charge travel for anywhere within Sydney. However, outside Sydney, there is a fixed travel cost listed on my website. The second add-on is for your official marriage certificate sent directly to you from BD&M. I highly recommend applying for this when I process your documents – which I do at no additional cost over what BD&M charges, which is $60.

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