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My Name is Cate Brockbank. Thank you for considering me as your Registered Civil Celebrant to perform your Wedding, Renewal of vows, Memorial or Funeral ceremony.

My love for becoming a civil celebrant stemmed from my interest in performance, public speaking and creativity.

For those getting Married or Renewing their vows:

I listen to your needs and create a ceremony to suit your style.
I am a writer and a poet and will assist you in finding the words to describe you relationship in the form of your peronalise story. I will also be available to assist you with your vows if you wish.

Whether it is a marriage, a commitment, a child naming, renewal of vows, a special event anniversary or party, I will work with you to produce the best possible result. I have had experience over the past 11 years with ceremonies in unusual locations and themed weddings. I pay particular attention to the cultures & traditions my clients wish to incorporate into their ceremony.

As a member of Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants I am covered for public & professional liability and am licenced to play music at your wedding.

Before I became a celebrant I had a varied and interesting career and travelled around the world learning about many cultures and gaining valuable experiences along the way. I began my career in South Africa as a registered nurse, travelling and working in the UK. I specialised in ICU, Emergency & Operating Theatres. In my twenties, I ran away to the Circus and performed as a Trapeze Artiste & Fire Dancer for a few years through Europe & the world.

I still work part time as an Anesthetic Nurse, Student Facilitator & First Aid Trainer, but always find time to celebrate Weddings, comfort palliative care patients as a Transitional Guide and Arrange and conduct Funerals.

My interests are dancing, (I teach beginner Salsa and Ceroc & can help you with your first dance), World cultures, travel, writing, poetry and people.

How I can help you:

Your Day, Your Way

I am qualified to guide you in making your day a wonderful experience. One to share with your friends and family, or simply to be a memory for just the two of you, at any location you choose.

I am willing to go to great lengths to make your day individualised and memorable. If you have an unusual dream wedding idea, share it with me, and we could make it happen. I can provide inspiration and many options for you to choose from for us to create a ‘dream come true.’

I provide a sound system with a handheld mic and headset mic for good quality sound indoors or out. I have two systems if the numbers are great so everyone can hear properly. I can also use my speakers for your music which can attach to most devices. I have spotify if you wish to send me your favourite songs, I will upload them for you.

I am happy to be part of your themed wedding ideas if it means dressing up or using words from a film or book.

I have a list of reading, poems, prose and vows to help you chose the right ones to suit you.

On my website you will see under Weddings: Choosing your Tradition

My prices will vary according to what you would like. Please see my price guide and ask for help if you need it.

Vendor Profile - Catherine Brockbank

Catherine Brockbank

In this last year with the onset of Covid, many couples have decided to postpone their weddings. Mostly so they can share their joy with their friends and family. Many have decided their vow-for-life is the start of the biggest journey of their lives together. For other couples who have been together already for many years, they have decided that the truest commitment it that of marriage.
Whatever you decide and for whatever reason you wish to tie the knot, I feel that you have given me the greatest honour to have me as your celebrant. For that reason, I endeavour to take your wishes and create a ceremony that the two of you and even your family and friends will look back on as one of the best memories of your lives. Individual and unique to you. Your story, your words of love, your ultimate creation.
Allow me to be your guide as your devotion to each other brings you to this moment of celebration.


Yes, however, if there are circumstances beyond your control that are listed on the Attorney General's website, you MAY be eligable for a Shortening of Time. My advice is, if you can help it, it's best not to risk it as there are extra costs to pay and a trip into the city.
Yes, you certainly can. Simply make sure you have signed the Notice of Intended Marriage in the presence of a Notary Public in your Country and let me (your celebrant) know the moment you have the paperwork. You may get married one month after I receive the paperwork (by email is ok if you bring the original with you). Then, when you are here on holiday, you may get married on a beach or anywhere you like. All correspondence with myself to get your script ready can be by Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or phone calls and emails. Please note, there are a few important points to consider when getting married in Australia regarding No Legal Impediment to Marriage. Feel free to ask or google this information.
Yes, I have plenty of ideas for you to choose from.
Yes, IF your children are over the age of 18. No, if they are younger than 18 years.
No. I need to know the years you were married and sight the last divorce paper with the date of marriage and the date of divorce. This is the final divorce paper, it must be absolute.


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