Once the excitement of your engagement starts to settle down, it is time to knuckle down and start the wedding planning. Together with your partner you are about to go on an exciting journey to craft your dream day into real life.

From choosing the venue to sampling cake and finding the perfect wedding attire, there are so many stages to look forward to. Of course, the to-do list can be expansive and overwhelming at times.

Something important that should not get pushed aside is finding the right marriage celebrant. This is a trusted person who will be bringing you together to start your wedded life.

Here is our list of the editor’s choice top 35 marriage celebrants in Adelaide

Known for performing relaxed and fun marriage ceremonies, Mary Odgers is a one of the most popular marriage celebrants in Adelaide.

Mary understands how exciting this time is for the engaged couple!

With over 10 years of experience, she prides herself in giving great value in her service by ensuring that all her ceremonies are personal and unique.

If you are after a fun ,experienced and professional celebrant, who believes in creating memories for the couple in love, Mary Odgers is the right celebrant for you!

Years Experience: 10+ years

Fees: Inclusive fees available

Style: Fun, relaxed

Address: Adelaide, SA

Contact : Mary Odgers

Sherri is a warm, caring and experienced celebrant who will make sure that you have a wonderful wedding ceremony, written just for you. Sherri works with you to create the perfect ceremony that reflects you as a couple. A fun and relaxed celebrant, you can be sure that your wedding ceremony will be perfectly written and perfectly delivered.

Sherri also has excellent organisational skills, so you can rest assured knowing that she will arrive well before your ceremony, her equipment will be fully charged and ready to go, and your paperwork will be correct and lodged on time. So relax, have fun and enjoy your day!

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Professional, personalised

Address: Adelaide, SA

Contact : Sherri Dawson

Ellise is a modern wedding celebrant who wants to help couples create a bespoke wedding ceremony that is uniquely them. Ellise likes to get to know all of her couples which can be done over coffee or wine!!

She is highly organized and will handle all the “not so fun side” of weddings such as the legal paperwork.

She is up for having some fun and making you feel at ease in the lead up and especially on your BIG day.

No matter if it’s an intimate ceremony or one with everyone you can possibly invite, Ellise will be there with you both every step of the way to make this day all about the two of you!

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0431 156 481

Social: Let's Celebrant

Contact : Ellise Saunders

If you desire a personal ceremony full of love, warmth, and inclusion, you can rely on Lee-Anne Bennett to handle your wedding celebrant needs in Adelaide and all over the region. Not only does this dedicated celebrant travel, but she will take care of the legal documentation so you can focus on making memories. Lee-Anne Bennett Celebrant also has a battery-powered PA system that is perfect for small or large parties. She has hosted all types of ceremonies, from boho to formal, with hundreds of people. Use her styling items if you need to, like rose urns, marque ceiling drapes, rustic or vintage white LOVE letters, or a baltic arbour.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0407 394 343

Social: Lee-Anne Bennett Celebrant

Contact : Lee-Anne Bennett

Say yes to a warm, bubbly personality and years of professional experience for your Adelaide marriage celebrant. Fiona has a passion for planning ceremonies and delivering personal services for each couple. If you want a modern, easy-going professional, you need Fiona Winwood Marriage Celebrant. She will create a fun atmosphere with your best interest in mind. Fiona also provides her own top-quality wireless PA system with microphones and Bluetooth capabilities. Her package comes with a professional sound technician to play your selected music and operate everything. Since she was an event planner for ten years, Fiona knows the top vendors in the industry, so she can help design and management advice and hook you up with the best.

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: Modern, fun & personalized

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0401 090 939

Social: Fiona Winwood Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Fiona Winwood

“How long have you been friends with the couple?” is the most common feedback Samuel receives after delivering epic marriage ceremonies – and this is something he’s pretty proud of! Samuel’s ability to so easily relate to you and your guests is one of the reasons why he’s so popular at delivering weddings in South Australia.

He delivers warm, genuine and authentic ceremonies, ensuring that your commitment to each other is an event to remember! His unique experience working in marketing and communications, teamed with his skills as an actor creates the perfect combination for a memorable ceremony.

If you’re looking for laughter, tears and to keep your guests talking for years, Samuel is the celebrant for you!

Address: Adelaide SA

Phone: 0407 711 029

Social: Mr. Samuel James

Contact : Samuel James

If you’re looking for a Celebrant who will genuinely care about you, make sure you’re comfortable, and ensure your ceremony is all about you – look no further.  Tania From Ever After Celebrancy is the Celebrant for you.

With experience from over 20 ceremonies, ranging from casual backyard weddings, beach settings, wineries, and more formal events,  Tania has picked up a lot of tips and tricks to share.

The Wedding Package includes legals, personalised ceremony, ongoing support, signing chairs and table, PA and microphone, scripting samples, and help changing your name.

More than just a catch phrase, Tania genuinely loves love, and will make sure you feel that every step of the way.

Phone: 0420 230 080

Social: Ever After Celebrancy

Contact : Tania Geyer

Fiona is a warm, caring and fun celebrant who believes your special day should be all that you imagined and stress free.

You can rely on Fiona to create a beautiful, personalised ceremony that meets your needs.

She is highly organised and professional in all that she does.  Her warmth and down-to-earth nature has a calming affect on her couples.  They know they can relax because Fiona is a highly reliable and experienced celebrant.  The best part about Fiona is that she is willing to travel anywhere for your dream wedding and no wedding is too small or too large for her.  You’ll be in great hands!

Address: Adelaide SA

Phone: 0403 057 818

Social: Fiona Covassi Celebrant

Contact : Fiona Covassi

With over six years of professional experience as a wedding celebrant, Celebrations By Penelope was the winner of the South Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant in 2018. Penelope is a friendly and modern celebrant. She has performed 300 ceremonies (including same-sex marriages), lived in eight countries, and traveled to over 70.  As a genuine person, Penelope uses her travel experience to understand and relate to different cultures.

VIDEO: Penelope Celebrant

Phone: 0415 508 233

Social: Celebrations By Penelope

Contact : Penelope

An award winning celebrant, there is something infectious about Camille Abbott’s style. She is genuine, kind hearted, and focused on making the ceremony a memorable part of your wedding day. She’s been a registered celebrant since 2008 and has an impressive experience of over 650+ ceremonies.

Camille is relaxed in her delivery and fun in her interaction. She presents the ceremony in an authentic way, tapping into your personality and style as a couple. Camille is a proud supporter of marriage equality and accepts same-sex couples.

Years Experience: 10+ years

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Fun and relaxed

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0401 045 517

Social: Ceremonies by Camille

Contact : Camille Abbott

Dedicated to supporting happy couples on their wedding day, Amanda Schenk is a professional and engaging marriage celebrant. As someone who is highly organised and a natural public speaker, this is a highly fitting role for her.

Amanda has a background in event management and cultural tourism. She is highly sensitive to varying customs and cultures. She has an open mind and a positive attitude. As someone who has travelled extensively, Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and experiences. She even went scuba diving in her wedding dress in Bali!

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Engaging, supportive, professional

Phone: 0403 237 083

Social: Amanda Schenk

Contact : Amanda Schenk

Working together with her clients to create a dream day, Mary Fieldhouse is an experienced and genuine wedding host. She has a calming manner and can help to alleviate those stresses of the planning stages.

Mary is honest and professional in her work while also being fun and down to earth. She pays close attention to detail and makes sure she listens to exactly what you want. She will always do her best to deliver your requests.

Years Experience: Over 10 years

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Professional, down to earth

VIDEO: Mary Fieldhouse Celebrant

Phone: 0408 897 141

Social: Mary Fieldhouse

Contact : Mary Fieldhouse

After completing over 500 ceremonies, Amy Harrison does it best “with heart, humility and a great sense of humour.” She will help you plan a wedding that reflects you and your lover.  With over ten years of experience, Amy creates heartfelt, fun, and personalized ceremonies including emcee services.

VIDEO: Amy Harrison Celebrant

Phone: 0418 824 767

Social: Amy Harrison

Contact : Amy Harrison

Since 2006, Mark Bassett has proudly served Adelaide and its surrounding areas as a wedding celebrant.  He offers couples a romantic, meaningful and memorable wedding.  Mark has performed hundreds of ceremonies and can bring something bright and new to your special day.  It is not about the destination, he says, it is about the journey.  You will benefit from his Ceremony Resource Folder, which includes sample ceremonies for inspiration.

Phone: 0421 216 896

Social: Mark Bassett

Contact : Mark Bassett

If it’s all in the name, then Aphrodite Anderson was made for this job! Her real birth name, Aphrodite reflects the values of name as someone who loves love. She takes the time to get to know each couple and really listen to their story on an in depth level.

Aphrodite can also speak French and Greek as well read other languages phonetically. This means she can reach out to more people in more languages. She enjoys multicultural ceremonies and celebrating love of all varieties.

Years Experience: Over 10 years

Fees: Variable depending on date and time

Style: Professional, memorable, unique

VIDEO: Aphrodite Anderson Celebrant

Phone: 0417 897 597

Social: Aphrodite Anderson

Contact : Aphrodite Anderson

An authorised civil marriage celebrant, Peter Champion self titles himself a Creative Celebrant. He sees each couple’s prospective ceremony as a chance to be creative and individualistic, crafting something that truly reflects your essence and personality.

Peter celebrates couples of all cultures. He is open to incorporating cultural customs and practices into the wedding ceremony as per your request. Each ceremony is delivered with a sense of humour and dedication.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Creative, personalised

Phone: 0424 549 820

Social: Creative Celebrant - Peter Champion

Contact : Peter Champion

Is your love inspirational? Janine Gilland is a wedding celebrant in Adelaide who is LGBT and gender friendly.   Unique ceremony packages include doves, roses, butterflies, candles, balloons, sand, and more; you can expect a breathtaking day that reflects your “personal essence” as a couple.

Phone: 0408 924 122

Social: Janine Gilland

Contact : Janine Gilland

Organization is the key to planning a smooth wedding day. Annette Perryman not only brings joy to your marriage ceremony, but she ensures all the little details are handled with care.  Annette is very organized and efficient, all the while being warm and friendly.  If you want a reliable wedding celebrant in Adelaide, Annette is committed to making your day perfect.

VIDEO: Annette Perryman Celebrant

Phone: 0418 802 570

Social: Annette Perryman

Contact : Annette Perryman

Michelle Ware is a wedding celebrant for Ceremonies With Love in Adelaide. She has over 14 years of experience as a marriage celebrant. If you want an unforgettable day full of romance, Michelle will provide you and your future spouse with a beautiful wedding ceremony; all of the vows and details will be designed just for your special day.

Phone: 0412 361 791

Social: Ceremonies With Love - Michelle Ware

Contact : Michelle Ware

Since 2015 Marry Me Annie has married nearly 75 couples.  She only accepts a limited number of weddings each year so she can devote the most time to each pair.  She “loves Love and celebrating with bubbly!” so you can expect a lively party with Annie. This wedding celebrant also provides renewal of vows, belly blessings, baby shower meditations, and baby naming ceremonies.

Phone: 0457 987 910

Social: Marry Me Annie

Contact : Marry Me Annie

Parting Notes

Finding a wedding celebrant in Adelaide is probably not on the top of your to-do list after you get engaged. You might be more concerned about your theme, dress, or meal. However, your ceremony is the part of your big day where you two become one. If you want to have an intimate moment of love for all your friends and family to see then discover the perfect a celebrant is essential.



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