Once the excitement of your engagement starts to settle down, it is time to knuckle down and start the wedding planning. Together with your partner you are about to go on an exciting journey to craft your dream day into real life.

From choosing the venue to sampling cake and finding the perfect wedding attire, there are so many stages to look forward to. Of course, the to-do list can be expansive and overwhelming at times.

Something important that should not get pushed aside is finding the right marriage celebrant. This is a trusted person who will be bringing you together to start your wedded life.

In no particular order, here we list the editor’s choice top 20 marriage celebrants in Adelaide


1. Camille Abbott

Adelaide, SA

An award winning celebrant, there is something infectious about Camille Abbott’s style. She is genuine, kind hearted, and focused on making the ceremony a memorable part of your wedding day. She’s been a registered celebrant since 2008 and has an impressive experience of over 650+ ceremonies.

Camille is relaxed in her delivery and fun in her interaction. She presents the ceremony in an authentic way, tapping into your personality and style as a couple. Camille is a proud supporter of marriage equality and accepts same-sex couples.

Years Experience: 10+ years

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Fun and relaxed


2. Sherri Dawson

Adelaide, SA

Taking pride in crafting lovely ceremonies, Sherri Dawson is an experienced and award-winning marriage celebrant serving Adelaide and surrounding areas. She delights in watching happy couples tie the knot and start their married life.

Sherri has a charming sense of style in her presentation and delivery. She tailors her professional style to suit your personality. From something funny to serious, romantic or practical, Sherri is at your service.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Professional, personalised


3. Christine Trenwith

Glenelg, Adelaide, SA

With years of experience and a professional manner, Christine Trenwith is the complete package of marriage celebrants. She is fun, dynamic, and down to earth. She provides a day of elegance and enjoyment at the same time.

Christine is based in Glenelg and serves surrounding areas of Adelaide. After 25 years working as a Justice of Peace, Christine is diplomatic and professional in her spoken delivery.

Years Experience: 25 years

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Professional, down to earth


4. Bel Nation

North Adelaide, SA

With genuine excitement for each love story that comes to her, Bel Nation is a energetic and vibrant marriage celebrant. She provides a service filled with laughter, smile, and passionate energy to bring your day to life.

Bel is modern and enthusiastic. She is a storyteller herself and presents an authentic take on your love. She makes sure the ceremony is all about you and your beloved. Bel loves meeting new people and listens carefully to each couple’s story.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Inclusive fees available

Style: Enjoyable, fun


5. Mary Fieldhouse

Adelaide, SA

Working together with her clients to create a dream day, Mary Fieldhouse is an experienced and genuine wedding host. She has a calming manner and can help to alleviate those stresses of the planning stages.

Mary is honest and professional in her work while also being fun and down to earth. She pays close attention to detail and makes sure she listens to exactly what you want. She will always do her best to deliver your requests.

Years Experience: Over 10 years

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Professional, down to earth


6. Aphrodite Anderson

Adelaide, SA

If it’s all in the name, then Aphrodite Anderson was made for this job! Her real birth name, Aphrodite reflects the values of name as someone who loves love. She takes the time to get to know each couple and really listen to their story on an in depth level.

Aphrodite can also speak French and Greek as well read other languages phonetically. This means she can reach out to more people in more languages. She enjoys multicultural ceremonies and celebrating love of all varieties.

Years Experience: Over 10 years

Fees: Variable depending on date and time

Style: Professional, memorable, unique


7. Peter Champion

Adelaide, SA

An authorised civil marriage celebrant, Peter Champion self titles himself a Creative Celebrant. He sees each couple’s prospective ceremony as a chance to be creative and individualistic, crafting something that truly reflects your essence and personality.

Peter celebrates couples of all cultures. He is open to incorporating cultural customs and practices into the wedding ceremony as per your request. Each ceremony is delivered with a sense of humour and dedication.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Creative, personalised


8. Amanda Schenk

Adelaide, SA

Dedicated to supporting happy couples on their wedding day, Amanda Schenk is a professional and engaging marriage celebrant. As someone who is highly organised and a natural public speaker, this is a highly fitting role for her.

Amanda has a background in event management and cultural tourism. She is highly sensitive to varying customs and cultures. She has an open mind and a positive attitude. As someone who has travelled extensively, Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and experiences. She even went scuba diving in her wedding dress in Bali!

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Engaging, supportive, professional


9. Alister Mitchell – Wedding Celebrant

Adelaide based, travels nationwide

Ensuring a personal charm at all points of the way, Alister from the Wedding Celebrant enjoys offering quality bespoke services. He starts by helping couples navigate their way through the early stages of bringing a wedding day to life.

Alister offers celebrations that have flair, but are never cheesy. His style is relaxed and genuine, leaving no room for boredom. He is authorised to conduct weddings anywhere in Australia and happily travels to his clients.

Years Experience:Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon enquiry

Style: Relaxed, professional, bespoke


10. Shirley Dunn

Salisbury, Adelaide, SA

Genuinely always looking forward to meeting new happy couples, Shirley Dunn is available for all types of weddings, no matter how simple or complex they are. She is an authorised celebrant with years of experience.

Shirley is someone who truly listens to her clients. She takes into account what they want, what they believe in, and how they want their ceremony to unfold. Shirley is patient and kind hearted in her professional approach.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Professional, attentive


11. Kaye Hartog

Semaphore Park, Adelaide, SA

From weddings to naming ceremonies, Kaye Hartog is an experienced Civil Celebrant with a passion for love. With a professional take on simplicity, Kaye delights in providing a secure and peaceful day for couples.

Kaye services the area of Port Adelaide, starting from Semaphore Park towards the inner city of Adelaide. Her services are professional, unique, and focused on providing a genuine service for the couple.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Professional, simple


12. Michael Agar

Adelaide, SA

Understanding the importance of having a celebrant you trust, Michael Agar ensures his services are transparent and stress free. Throughout the whole process, Michael will put couples at ease and give them a genuine sense that everything is taken care of.

Michael is an excellent communicator, highly professional, and also has a warm and caring personality. He proudly marries all couples, including same-sex couples. He takes authentic time to get to know each couple before their big day.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Professional, warm, friendly


13. Robin Austin

Adelaide, SA

Knowing just how special each couple want their wedding day to be, Robin Austin takes prides in offering professional and friendly services. As a great listener, Robin pays close attention to your story and your wishes for the ceremony.

Robin is a sensitive and kind person. He loves creating happy moments and memories to treasure. He takes time with each couple to laugh, trust, and reflect on the beautiful journey they are about to enter.

Years Experience: Since 2007

Fees: Not mention

Style: Friendly, relaxed


14. Vicky Flanegan

Adelaide, SA

A hopeless romantic who loves to laugh, you can rest assured that a wedding day with Vicky Flanegan is relaxed and down to earth. Vicky, or Vic as she prefers, is a good natured and bubbly person. She genuinely loves meeting people who are in love.

Vic hosts wedding all year round. She loves being in beautiful venues with lovely people who are celebrating in front of their loved ones. This is more than a job for Vic – it is journey.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Relaxed, humorous, romantic


15. Tony Nolan

Adelaide (and surrounds), SA

Highly experienced and offering flexible services, Tony Nolan provides modern and personalised services as a wedding celebrant. Tony has a contemporary outlook and positive vibe to his work. He hosts weddings for all, including same sex couples.

Tony offers everything from simple weddings, elopements, and elaborate affairs. He will proudly be there to guide your day of commitment with a friendly smile and professional demeanour.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Starting at $225

Style: Flexible, professional, modern


16. Diana Woods

Adelaide, SA

As someone who loves what she does and has a developed sense of intuition, Diana Woods is a comprehensive marriage celebrant. She is flexible in thinking and delights in celebrating love, making her idea to adapt to all different couples.

Diana makes sure that the couple and the guests all feel connected during the ceremony. She becomes an author and storyteller of your real life romance and delivers it poignantly.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Flexible, intuitive


17. Gay Northcott

Adelaide, SA

Believing that each couples deserves a truly special memory from their wedding ceremony, Gay Northcott pays full attention to every detail. She is warm and caring in her approach to deliver a personalised ceremony.

Gay has extensive experience in public speaking. She is confident in her delivery and a natural-born storyteller. In everything she does, Gay takes the stress away from couple’s planning their wedding and leaves them with the joy.

Years Experience: Since 2015

Fees: Ceremony fee $650

Style: Warm, personalised


18. Julie Reid

Adelaide, SA

Acknowledging that ceremonies are celebrations, Julie Reid is always excited to get to the essence of a couple’s romance. She works together with her clients to create an exceptional and personalised experience for the wedding ceremony.

Julie is a celebrant who is entirely dedicated to each couple she services. She ensures that the day is one with fun, emotions, and beautiful memories. Julie’s friendly personality gives a relaxed vibe from start to finish.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Not stated

Style: Relaxed, professional


19. Meg Boswell

Forestville, Adelaide, SA

Highly experienced and open minded, Meg Boswell delights in providing ceremonies to all types of people. She welcomes people from all walks of life and delivers unique and engaging ceremonies.

Meg is knowledgeable about marrying people when one or both of the couple are from overseas. She also has a sound understanding of what is needed for a second marriage. Meg provides a comprehensive service for small or large weddings. She also has a courtyard available at her property for the ceremony.

Years Experience: Over 20 years

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Professional, experienced, individual


20. Christopher Steele

Adelaide, SA

With a professional attitude, Christopher Steele lets his relaxed and easy going personality shine through the planning stages. He keeps things simple and stress free, listening to closely to exactly what you want.

Christopher has a big, booming voice so everyone will definitely hear him. He is clear in his delivery and adaptable in his style. Christopher can perform a funny, humorous ceremony or something more traditional and serious, depending on what you prefer.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: $499 weekends, $599 long weekends/public holidays, $199 office weekday rate

Style: Relaxed, easy going


21. Cecilia White


22. Jessica Maida


23. Janine Gilland


24. Ann Gant


25. Michael Elwood


26. Celebrations By Penelope


27. Mark Bassett


28. Amy Harrison


29. Annette Perryman


30. Deborah Munro


31. Ceremonies With Love – Michelle Ware


32. Robert Herz


33. Kathleen Halliday Ceremonies


34. Marry Me Annie


35. Signature Ceremonies SA – Anthony Hurn




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