Your wedding celebration should be one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life. Everything about it should reflect your style, your love, your hopes and dreams. One essential contributor will be the marriage celebrant.

Finding the right marriage celebrant can feel like an overwhelming task!

You want someone you will be comfortable with and who will help you pull off your perfect day.

Here’s our list of the Editor’s Choice Top 10 marriage celebrants located in Wollongong, NSW.

Pheasants Nest, NSW

Susan Winters is a multiple award winner marriage celebrant with over 10 years of experience.

She provides polished, professional services for small, simple weddings as well as for lavish traditional affairs. Approachable and experienced, Susan wants you to ask her questions and fill her in on exactly what you would like your wedding ceremony to look like so she can assist you in planning a beautiful, meaningful celebration.

Celebrant : Susan Winters

Wollongong, NSW

Maree Langlands is the kind of friendly, compassionate woman you’d want to join you for a cuppa. She offers an obligation-free consultation so you can get to know her a bit and talk about your wedding dreams. She believes your wedding should be an extremely special and personal occasion and offers her practice and understanding to guide you through it.

Maree specializes in highly-personalized ceremonies. Since becoming a marriage celebrant in 2010, she has worked with many couples, who have been highly satisfied with her professionalism and patience.

If you decide after the obligation-free first meeting that you would like Maree to be your marriage celebrant, a non-refundable $150 booking fee is required. The balance of Maree’s competitive fee, which will be discussed in that first meeting, will then be due no later than 2 weeks before the ceremony.

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Celebrant : Maree Langlands

Kiama, NSW

Cari Worstencroft brings over 26 years of experience and a true sense of joy to her position as a marriage celebrant. She offers a wide variety of wedding ceremonies, all of which she will help you personalize to exactly reflect the way you wish to be wed to your loved one.

Cari promises perfect professionalism, genuine caring and invaluable guidance as you plan a beautiful, magical wedding ceremony.

Celebrant : Cari Worstencroft

Wollongong, NSW

Paul Greer Celebrant Services

Paul Greer provides personable support and serious commitment in his position as a marriage celebrant. He offers the experience and advice you need along with complete flexibility to personalize every aspect of the ceremony to perfectly reflect you as a couple.

An authorised marriage celebrant since 2014, Paul is well-versed in the various legal requirements of an official marriage and will guide you through each necessary step while rejoicing with you over this special time. He offers an obligation-free first meeting to discuss your wedding wishes.

Celebrant : Paul Greer

Kingswood, NSW

Helping you create the wedding ceremony of your dreams is Kim O’Sullivan’s passion. She has been an authorised marriage celebrant since 2016. Kim delights in helping couples plan unique, meaningful celebrations that will reflect their love, heritage and hopes for the future and officiating as their marriage celebrant.

Kim will assist you in meeting all requirements for a legal marriage as well as planning an occasion as simple or wonderful as you desire. She fully appreciates the worth of these moments and the importance of this day in your lives. Her fee starts at $575.

Celebrant : Kim O’Sullivan

Illawarra, NSW

Marriage celebrant Sue Kennedy brings her fun, quirky personality to planning a wedding ceremony you will always remember. She encourages you to make your love and joy the main focus as you work out the details of your special day and promises to be there to guide you every step of the way.

And authorised marriage celebrant since 2016, Sue will put the time and energy into helping you create the moment of a lifetime.

Celebrant : Sue Kennedy

Wollongong, NSW

As a relationship coach, former co-owner of a bridal shop, and marriage celebrant since 2013, Tracey Rovere has been involved in wedding celebrations for many years and loves what she does. She offers expert guidance, advice, and unlimited consultation to help you create a unique and personal ceremony.

Tracey offers her support and assistance throughout the planning process and right up through the wedding day, even mentioning that she will be at the venue ready to help with last-minute preparations 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin.

Celebrant : Tracey Rovere

Thirroul, NSW

Behind every couple, there is a story, and marriage celebrant Janis Gale specializes in helping couples tell their story through their wedding ceremony. She will help you weave the perfect amount of humour and emotion into your ceremony to make it one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of your life.

Janis has over 11 years of experience as a marriage celebrant and offers competitive pricing, starting at $395.

Celebrant : Janis Gale

Figtree, NSW

Dean Bonnor is ready to help you plan a perfect wedding ceremony—one that is personal, modern and unique. Knowledgeable, friendly and relatable, this young celebrant already has 7 years of experience as a marriage celebrant and may be exactly the person you need to officiate your ceremony.

Easy-going and approachable, Dean believes that your wedding should be exactly what you want it to be, and he is ready to support you in your preparation and celebration right up through the big day.

Celebrant : Dean Bonnor

Bulli, NSW

An authorised marriage celebrant since 2005, Carol Martin loves what she does. She will work with you to plan a beautiful, joy-filled celebration of your wedding vows. She offers expert advice in a relaxed, friendly manner and specializes in weaving joy and solemnity together to create a highly personal ceremony that will lead to precious life-long memories.

Celebrant : Carol Martin


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These highly-recommended marriage celebrants combine experienced professionalism with caring approachableness. They are all fully prepared to offer their knowledge, listen to your wishes and help you craft an amazing, personal ceremony that will fully reflect your love, joy and excitement as you celebrate your commitment to your partner for life.


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