For the purpose of this document:

Vendor = Wedding Business (i.e. the person from the wedding business who wishes to / has purchased one of our advertisement packages.

Our website =

Below are the Wedding Diaries terms and conditions:

1. The vendor’s business will be featured in the Directory Section only if the vendor purchases an “Advertisement Package”. The vendor’s business will be featured in both the 1) Directory Section and the 2) Articles section of our website if the vendor purchases an “Advertisement Package”.

2. Wedding Diaries’ editorial team remains the right to decide on  which article to feature the vendor’s business in and our editorial team also holds the complete right to decide the exact position on the article where the vendors’ business will be featured in.

3. The vendor’s advertisement on our website will be for a maximum period of 12 months only, starting from the date of payment made by the vendor. 

4. Please note that we cannot guarantee an inclusion in one or more of our articles for the following 12 month period or any periods after that; after your current 12 month advertisement period ends with us. Each year our editorial team selects the top venues, photographers & celebrants for each of our articles on Wedding Diaries and only if you are shortlisted in the 2021 selection process of the article, we will then invite you to join us.

5. If at any stage (i.e. before, during or after your period of advertisement with us), once the payment is made, and you may wish your website listing to be removed from and/or advertisement feature to seize with Wedding Diaries; no refund will be made of the amount payed by the client (i.e. in this case no refund of the amount payed by the venue, photographer or celebrant will be made by Wedding Diaries to the client)

6. If there is an issue with the client’s advertisement such as incorrect positioning of the client’s business in the article (including double bookings), incorrect information in the client’s article feature or any other incorrect/wrong advertisement raised by the client and the client is able to prove that they didn’t get the promised advertisement by Wedding Diaries; Wedding Diaries will investigate and if the client’s claims are proven, Wedding Diaries will restart their 12 month advertisement period for the client, from the date of complaint with the updated advertisement. No refund will be made by Wedding Diaries to the client in this scenario.

7. By making a payment to purchase any of our advertisement packages, you agree to Wedding Diaries terms and conditions.

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