A wedding is a joyous occasion for the bride and groom, as well as family and friends. You will want an unforgettable experience with lots of love, laughter, and togetherness. Planning a wedding can be stressful and intimidating, but rest assured that this list of the top marriage celebrants in Hobart will help to soothe some of the stress. Whether you desire a wedding ceremony that is sweet and simple or envision a more traditional service, you will find the one that fits you and your partner’s needs.

Here we list our editor’s choice top marriage celebrants in Hobart!

Josh Withers

Josh Withers makes epic marriage ceremonies, meaningful and simple in nature, leaving everyone smiling, laughing, and cheering you on into marriage. He makes wedding ceremonies the best part of a wedding—epic weddings for adventurous people. Also, available to MC the reception and bring great vibes to the whole day. Based in Hobart, but servicing the world. His passion for crafting epic weddings is matched by his contributions to the industry through daily and weekly publications aimed at both celebrants and couples planning their big day. With a passion for celebrating love in all its forms, Josh Withers is the go-to for couples seeking an unforgettable start to their marriage adventure.

Years Experience: Since 2011

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Epic, fun, professional, personalised

Address: Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 0411 849 404

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Josh Withers

Andrew Smith Life Events

Andrew Smith Life Events, a trusted marriage celebrant in Hobart, brings over two decades of expertise to your special moments. Specialising in marriages, vow renewals, namings, and funerals, Andrew guides you through life’s significant events with sincerity and dedication. As an experienced workshop facilitator, he seamlessly combines communication, education, and community engagement to craft ceremonies tailored to your dreams. Andrew’s journey into celebrancy began with a personal touch when his son asked him to officiate his wedding. With a commitment to customer-centric service, Andrew Smith ensures your life event is uniquely yours, reflecting your aspirations and cherished moments.

Address: 106 Lewisham Scenic Dr, Lewisham TAS 7173

Phone: 0419 361 876

Social: Andrew Smith Life Events

Contact : Andrew Smith

Kathleen Ryan Celebrant

With a knack for crafting ceremonies as unique as each couple she unites, Kathleen the Celebrant brings a refreshing blend of modernity and lightheartedness to weddings across Hobart. Specialising in everything from intimate mountaintop elopements to grand celebrations among the vineyards, Kathleen ensures your ceremony is the standout moment of your day. Offering a relaxed approach, she guides couples through the process with a mix of paperwork and planning meetings, adding a dash of wit and warmth to every interaction. Kathleen’s dedication turns wedding dreams into reality, making your special day a true reflection of your love story.

Address: 7 Nankivell St, Queenstown TAS 7467

Phone: 0419 998 816

Social: Kathleen Ryan Celebrant

Contact : Kathleen Ryan

Marnie Bicknell

With a passion for crafting memorable ceremonies, Marnie Bicknell is your go-to marriage celebrant in Hobart. Beyond the essential legalities, Marnie focuses on ensuring your special day reflects your unique love story. As you embark on wedding planning, Marnie’s goal is to make you feel not just legally secure but also calm, excited, and entirely at ease. Specialising in weddings and commitment ceremonies, Marnie tailors each ceremony to showcase your commitment while ensuring it meets all legal requirements. Reach out to discuss your preferred date and experience the joy of crafting a ceremony that truly suits you. Your journey to a personalised and legal union starts here!

Address: 66 Redwood Rd, Kingston TAS 7050

Phone: 0414 556 716

Social: Marnie Bicknell

Contact : Marnie Bicknell

Katrina Staples

Discover the essence of joyous and relaxed wedding ceremonies with Katrina Staples, a seasoned Marriage Celebrant now calling Hobart home. Formerly based in Ballarat, Katrina brings a wealth of experience, seamlessly blending professionalism with a personal touch. Specialising in tailoring ceremonies to each couple’s unique story, Katrina ensures your special day reflects what matters most to you. Whether you envision a simple, legal union or a personalised celebration with poetic elements like hand fasting or sand ceremonies, Katrina’s commitment is to make your ceremony unforgettable. With a background in government, private enterprise, and a heart full of passion for animals, family, and health, Katrina warmly welcomes all couples to create cherished moments in the picturesque landscapes of Hobart.

Address: Hobart, TAS

Phone: 0424 451 850

Social: Katrina Staples

Contact : Katrina Staples

Diane Burrows Marriage Celebrant

Nestled in the picturesque Hobart suburb of Berriedale, Diane Burrows brings a wealth of warmth and experience to the world of matrimony. With a delightful garden setting as the backdrop, Diane, a retired professional, seamlessly crafts weddings tailored to your desires. Whether envisioning an intimate elopement, a joyous celebration with family, or something in between, Diane’s commitment shines. Since 2016, she’s united couples from Tasmania and beyond, making each ceremony uniquely special. Diane’s newfound flexibility allows ceremonies on weekdays or weekends, offering couples the freedom to choose when and where their love story unfolds. Embrace the simplicity and sincerity Diane Burrows promises, making your wedding journey stress-free and memorable.

Address: 125 Collinsvale Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011

Phone: 0417 575 113

Social: Diane Burrows Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Diane Burrows

Kath Tilly Wedding Celebrant

Discover the essence of love with a touch of uniqueness! Meet Kath Tilly, a spirited Hobart-based wedding celebrant, known for infusing ceremonies with modern twists and heartfelt traditions. As a country girl turned event expert, Kath crafts personalised and intimate weddings for down-to-earth couples. Her journey from managing over 100 weddings as a Conference and Events Manager to becoming a passionate celebrant reflects her deep love for creating special moments. Kath’s approach involves getting to know each couple over a casual catch-up, ensuring your ceremony is a true reflection of your love story. Embrace a wedding day that resonates with your style and personality, guided by the warmth and professionalism of Kath Tilly.

Address: 1/10 Lyndhurst Ave, North Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 0406 990 375

Social: Kath Tilly Wedding Celebrant

Contact : Kath Tilly

Marry Me, Memily

Meet Mem Rynne, a vibrant and creative marriage celebrant in Hobart, Tasmania, who’s on a mission to make your love party unforgettable. Passionate about celebrating love in all its forms, Mem embraces diversity, ensuring that every love story is legally and joyfully recognized. With a background in curating sexy piccies for MONA and a love for oxford commas, Mem brings a unique flair to your special day. As a seasoned celebrant surviving the challenges of a pandemic, Mem’s fifth year is marked by a commitment to uniting couples of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. Get ready to embark on a love-filled journey with Mem as your guide!

Address: Hobart, TAS

Phone: 0438 178 113

Social: Marry Me, Memily

Contact : Mem Rynne

Maxine Lowry Celebrant

With a career rooted in teaching and counselling, Maxine Lowry has seamlessly transitioned into the art of ‘hitching,’ making it her full-time passion. Specialising in micro-ceremonies, elopements, and ‘legals only’ affairs, Maxine caters to couples seeking a fuss-free union. Whether exchanging vows in her circa 1890 home’s beautifully appointed marriage room or the great outdoors, she helps craft bespoke ceremonies that reflect each couple’s unique story and vibe. For those desiring a minimalistic approach or a touch of tradition with loved ones, Maxine’s warm and accommodating style ensures a memorable celebration. Beyond officiating, she enjoys travel, her senior labradoodle, and exploring new gin labels.

Address: 9 Ryde St, North Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 0409 976 225

Social: Maxine Lowry Celebrant

Contact : Maxine Lowry


Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life, and choosing the right celebrant for your needs is an essential aspect. You want to ensure your day goes flawlessly and feel at ease while celebrating with family and friends. Taking some of the weight off your shoulders by hiring a wedding celebrant will allow you to enjoy more time together as a couple before your big day.