For wedding videography services that represent the very best that Hobart has to offer, check out this list of the top five wedding videographers in the local area! If you’re in the thick of the wedding planning process and you’re looking to get a head start on finding the perfect videographer to capture your wedding, look no further than this list to get an idea of the kinds of options available to you in Hobart. A wedding film can cement the most meaningful, personally significant aspects of your wedding day in a living record that you and your partner can enjoy long into the future.

We hope that you and your partner enjoy making your way through this list of the top five wedding videographers in Hobart!

Best Wedding Videography In Hobart

  1. Domin8 Media
  2. Vagabond Creative
  3. RJ Visuals
  4. Clumsy Films
  5. Agapé Media House

With the services of Domin8 Media, prospective married couples can trust that their weddings will be captured and curated professionally and artfully. Wedding videography services are customized to each client, accommodating a wide variety of budgets, filming options, and approaches to meet clients where they are. Packages with Domin8 Media begin at $900 and include such services as a 3-4 minute highlight video, 6-8 hours of filming, feature length video, licensed backing audio, online delivery, audio or recording from vows and speeches, and drone footage. Add-ons include a master cut of all footage, including vows and speeches.

Phone: 0459 366 090

Social: Domin8 Media

Contact : Dominic

With Vagabond Creative, prospective married couples can take a breath and relax knowing that their weddings will be expertly captured and elegantly curated by a team of dedicated wedding videography professionals. Packages with Vagabond Creative begin at $1,900, with all packages including such services as one videographer, high definition footage, multiple cameras, state-of-the-art camera and audio equipment, licensed music, and add-ons for extra charge such as drone footage, documentary edit, extended dance compilation, and more hours of coverage. The most expensive package with Vagabond Creative is $3,000 and includes over eight hours of coverage, a 9-12 minute feature film, and online delivery.

Social: Vagabond Creative

Contact : Jizelle

RJ Visuals is a Hobart-based wedding videography service, providing clients with wedding films that speak to the natural beauty, sheer elegance, and utter sophistication of wedding celebrations across the local area. Packages with RJ Visuals begin at $1,900, with three distinct packages available: the Diamond package, the Gold package, and the Silver package. The Diamond package is the most elaborate, including such offerings as full-day coverage, a 10 minute feature film, 1 minute social media trailer, full length ceremony and speeches film, and full length first dance among other such rites and rituals of the wedding reception.

Phone: 0400 798 721

Social: RJ Visuals

Contact : Rory

Clumsy Films is one of Hobart’s premier wedding videography companies, providing bespoke wedding filming services for soon-to-be-married couples planning celebrations in the greater Hobart metropolitan area. Clumsy Films is the brainchild of Son, who boasts seven years of practical industry experience. Packages with Clumsy Films begin at $1,699 and cap at $2,499, with such services included as unlimited hours of coverage, cinematic 4K drone footage, a 7-10 minute cinematic highlight video, vows incorporated into the final video, a 60-second first look cinematic video, and a 2-week turnaround on editing and deliverables.

Phone: 0404 813 273

Social: Clumsy Films

Contact : Son

Contact : Beth


When it comes to wedding celebrations, these top five wedding videographers in and around Hobart represent the very best of the best. We encourage you and your partner to reach out and establish a line of communication with any of these videographers whose services particularly appeal to you; wedding season tends to book up pretty fast, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on the wedding videographer of your dreams by not reaching out soon enough. Still, we understand prioritizing thoroughness above all, so it is crucial to determine whether you can put your trust and faith into your videographer before signing any contracts and putting down any deposits. With all that said, we wish you and your partner the very best of luck as you embark upon this chapter of the wedding planning process, and we hope you’re able to find a wedding videographer who can attend to all of your wedding day filming needs!