When planning for that perfect wedding ceremony, one of the most important things that you’ll have to do is find the right marriage celebrant!

A marriage celebrant who can understand your needs and desires and make your day even more beautiful.

Here is our list of the editor’s choice, top marriage celebrants in Canberra.

Canberra marriage celebrant, Susanna Jose draws on experience as a school principal and community radio volunteer to deliver clear and beautiful marriage ceremonies.

Having tied the knot for hundreds of couples and having written Marry Me! a guide for couples planning their marriage ceremony, Susanna guides you through the legal and creative parts of the marriage ceremony. She offers tips on everything from planning the ceremony, music, readings and writing vows to the rehearsal.

Susanna loves to get a sense of her clients’ wishes so their ceremonies reflect their personalities. Every word of your ceremony is agreed in advance, there are no dad jokes and no surprises. Susanna believes the marriage is about the marrying couple not the celebrant!

Contact : Susanna Jose

Kirsten Sach is a registered civil celebrant in Canberra and is super passionate about weddings.

She will listen to you and support you along the way and will create a customized ceremony to reflect your unique love story.

She started her journey as a marriage celebrant in 2019 and has received a lot of love and respect from all her couples during this time.

You can expect Kirsten to go above and beyond to make your special day, one to remember!

Location: Canberra, ACT

Contact : Kirsten Sachs

When working with Julie, among other services, you will enjoy her “relaxed and happy manner and sense of humour”. Her fees are competitive (the fee for wedding officiating is $750) and she takes pride in bringing together lots of happy couples. Julie strongly believes she was born to be a civil celebrant, but she embarked on this path in 2007.

Location:  Canberra, ACT

Contact : Julie Rattenbury

She prefers to be called Shelli and she is a scientist by day and a superhero by night, in her own words. Shelli has been a medical research scientist for over 13 years now and more recently found her passion in being the Shellibrant. Shelli is keen on adventurous ceremonies, so you can count on her for a wedding in the air, on a boat or while scuba diving. She can help you with your ceremony and paperwork even if you are from abroad and just planning the wedding in Australia. The “Love is in the Air” package (full ceremony and unlimited meetings with the Shellibrant) costs $1200, but there are other packages available too.

Location: Canberra, ACT

Contact : Michelle Bailey, The Shellibrant

Are you looking for fresh, modern and fun for your wedding ceremony? Then Shannon might be the right marriage celebrant for you! Shannon is young and loves love. So, if you are a couple madly in love, also a bit quirky and romantic, you might want to get in touch with her for a personalized wedding ceremony. What you get when working with Shannon? Unlimited communication, including face to face meetings, lots of ideas and inspiration for your special day, a bespoke ceremony written from scratch to fit your needs and style, and much more!

Location: Watson, ACT

Contact : Shannon O'Heir Civil Celebrant

Gina Callan is the heart and soul behind “Licensed to wed”. She is not a fan of the saying “one size fits all”, especially when it comes to wedding ceremonies and this is why she can provide you with an unique and very special ceremony, written around your story as a couple while also acknowledging the important people in your lives who have contributed in one way or the other to the couple being together at this time. Gina has lots of great reviews from her clients, and what they often mention is how she made the process easy and special for them.

Location: Lyons, Canberra ACT

Contact : Licensed To Wed - Gina Callan

Hannah became a celebrant after realizing how much she loves planning weddings, and not just her own. She made it her priority to educate people and help them break the “rules” and own their big day, make it all about them, with no fluff and misconceptions. She is creative and has lots of fun ideas, also highly responsive and available 24/7 for her clients and this is a big deal when planning the big day.

Location: Canberra, ACT

Contact : Hitched by Hannah

Michele takes pride in having been chosen as a wedding celebrant for their own weddings by six other civil celebrants! And this speaks volumes of her work ethic! She specializes in “beautifully simple and simply beautiful” weddings and her all-inclusive fee is $600. More than this, she welcomes elopements!

Location: Weston ACT

VIDEO: Michele Bolitho Celebrant

Contact : Michele the Celebrant

She has taught in universities for over ten years and this tells a bit about her public speaking skills. This and the fact that she performed hundreds of ceremonies. Her fees are available by request and she promises no add-ons and hidden fees once agreed. Alice also offers the option of having the ceremony in her courtyard.

Location: Lyneham, ACT

Contact : Alice Roughley Civil Celebrant

Contact : Antonia Losanno



There are plenty of options available if you are looking for marriage celebrants in Canberra. Now, all you have to do is find the right one for you from the top 10 marriage celebrants you can find above. May you have a blessed day and the joy you feel last a lifetime!