On the enchanting journey to your big day, music is the heartbeat of your wedding celebration. Canberra is home to a diverse array of wedding music bands that will set the perfect melodic tone for your special moments. Picture this: as you walk down the aisle, a soulful harmony surrounds you, resonating the love you and your partner share. Canberra’s wedding music scene boasts a unique blend of talent, ensuring that your celebration is not just a day but a symphony of emotions. From intimate acoustic serenades to dance-worthy ensembles, these bands are ready to craft a soundtrack that mirrors your love story. Let’s explore the finest wedding music bands Canberra has to offer, each note composing a chapter of your joyous tale.


Hitparade is a four-piece live band featuring guitars, male and female vocals, and backup singers to give you a sophisticated sound. Each artist in the group has over 20 years of experience in the industry and offers a professional service. The band prides themselves on their hard-working and professional nature. They only require a small amount of space for their equipment, which makes them perfect for any size event. Hitparade has a wide range of music they can play, but what they love is high energy dance music.

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Something Like This

The Artists at Something Like This will be there for you every step of the way through the planning process and on your wedding day. They are happy to answer any questions 24 hours a day. It is an honour for them to be a part of your big day to help you enjoy every moment from start to finish. Something Like This is self-managed, so they are able to give you the best rates possible. Every package can be personalised to fit your needs, whether you want an MC, DJ, or everything in between. The providers with Something Like This can play music from every genre to give you a fantastic experience.

Phone: 0424 339 484

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Kim Yang Music

Kim Yang is a solo artist with a beautiful singing voice. She has experience with all genres of music and enjoys performing at ceremonies and receptions. She is a member of a blues-rock band called Muddy Wolfe, and this has helped her to grow her repertoire. Kim describes her music style as ethereal, which makes for a delicate sound experience. She has three different wedding packages to choose from that range from ceremony only to ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

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Ryan David

Bringing soulful melodies to Canberra’s weddings, this live acoustic musician, with a repertoire spanning pop, RnB, and country, is none other than the versatile talent behind the scenes. Tailoring sets to match your desired atmosphere, they effortlessly transition from ceremony to canapés and reception. Not just a musician, but a dynamic DJ who collaborates to curate a dance floor playlist, ensuring every song resonates with your vision. As a master of ceremonies, they expertly orchestrate the reception’s rhythm, acting as the seamless link between you, vendors, and guests. With all necessary equipment provided, trust this maestro to deliver an unforgettable wedding soundtrack.

Phone: 0422 203 690

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Tom Harrigan Music

Tom Harrigan is an acoustic artist and DJ that has been performing since 2007. He loves to play hits from yesterday and today. Tom offers each client a complimentary consultation to find inspiration for your special day. He has a variety of packages to choose from, including ceremony music, DJ services, and reception music. Each plan can be customised to suit your needs. Tom will also learn any songs you desire to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want for your wedding music.

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As the final chords linger in the air, your wedding day becomes a cherished memory, etched in the melodies that accompanied your journey. Canberra’s top wedding music bands have orchestrated an unforgettable soundtrack, enriching each moment with harmony and emotion. Whether it’s the heartfelt tunes during the ceremony or the energetic beats that get everyone on the dance floor, these bands have amplified the joy of your celebration. Your wedding day is not just a union of two hearts; it’s a symphony of love, and Canberra’s music bands have played a crucial role in making it extraordinary. As the last echoes fade away, may the music continue to echo in your hearts, a timeless reminder of the beautiful day you shared with those you hold dear. Cheers to a harmonious beginning!