Welcome to the journey of crafting your dream wedding in Canberra! Amidst the excitement and joy of planning your special day, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the perfect caterer to delight your guests’ taste buds and elevate your celebration to extraordinary heights.

In the heart of Australia’s capital, you’re spoiled for choice with a diverse array of culinary experts ready to turn your wedding feast into an unforgettable culinary experience.

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Canberra boasts a vibrant scene of talented caterers who specialise in creating bespoke menus tailored to your unique preferences and dietary needs.

As you embark on this quest for the ideal culinary partner, let us guide you through the top wedding caterers in Canberra, each offering their own flair, expertise, and dedication to making your wedding day truly exceptional.

Kitchen Witchery Catering

With a strong focus on providing clients with a wide assortment of international cuisine, the team at Kitchen Witchery has been creatively arranging wedding catering menus for the past 23 years. Known for providing excellent service and cooking up delicious foods with quality ingredients, everyone is sure to enjoy the offerings served, whether casual nibbles or sit-down dinner. They can also celebrate knowing every last detail of the reception meal is carefully taken care of.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: 6/61 Townsville St, Canberra, ACT 2609

Phone: 02 6280 9882

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Sitting Ducks Catering

For the past 20 years, the team at Sitting Ducks has been hard at work creating incredible menu options with a wide assortment of dining styles to suit every wedding size and couple’s personality. Focusing on quality and freshness above all else is what makes them a popular choice in the Canberra area. The professional staff and service give all couples the peace of mind knowing their event is in great hands.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: 17b Bentham Street, Yarralumla, ACT 2600

Phone: 0417 322 038

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Tree Eighty3 Catering 

Combining traditional comfort foods with contemporary flavours and presentation, the team at Tree Eighty3 knows how to add that wow factor to any wedding reception. A wedding catering business that has been around for nearly a decade and in that time, has built a strong reputation on the food and service offered. Using fresh organic and free-range ingredients for every dish, the quality is unmatched, which is no wonder why it is one of the top choices for modern couples in the area.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: 143 London Circuit, Canberra, ACT 2601

Phone: 02 6247 9464

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Contact : Tree Eighty3 Catering

Top Gun Catering

For the past 10 years, the team at Topgun Catering has been focusing on giving couples the ultimate culinary experience for their wedding day. A boutique wedding catering business that offers only the freshest seasonal offerings, the variety of menu options is what makes them a preferred choice for special events. Giving its clients the peace of mind knowing every last detail will be carefully considered, the team is always ready to give every event a personalised touch.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: 196 Gladstone Street, Fyshwick, ACT 2609

Phone: 02 6247 7186

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Nathan Lanham Catering

An internationally trained chef who has quickly built a popular wedding catering business, chef Nathan Lanham has a passion for food and creative presentation. Taking cues from his travels and experiences apprenticing in some of the top restaurants around the world, every client can rest assured their wedding menu will be a wonderful culinary experience. With dishes that look almost too beautiful to touch, diners will enjoy every moment from the first bite to the last.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: 90 Stornaway Road, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

Phone: 0402 849 600

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Hudsons Catering

The team at Hudsons Catering focuses on giving all of its clients the absolute best service for their special events. Known as one of the most popular wedding caterers in Canberra, every client will have peace of mind knowing their personalised menu with have only fresh and vibrant ingredients for a wonderful dining experience. Taking pride in the attention to detail and creative plating style, each event will have care and dedication from each team member.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: 2 Higgins Pl, Higgins ACT 2615

Phone: 0413 319 999

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The Edge Catering

The professional team at The Edge Catering has been providing delicious menu options for weddings throughout the Canberra region for the past several years. Using only the freshest ingredients and offering couples a wide variety of menu options for their reception, the team is always ready to provide the best service. There is no doubt why it is one of the most popular choices in the city.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: 24 Lonsdale St, Braddon, ACT 2612

Phone: 02 6248 0333

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Slow Beans & Bones

Slow Beans and Bones offers natural, seasonal food and are inspired by South American Asado and Southern BBQ. They believe that fire cooking allows diners to gain a deeper connection with the food they make, allowing them to taste flavors better and fall in love with food once more.

With their help, your wedding meal is sure to be one that your guests will be unable to stop talking about for years to come. They are dedicated to using natural techniques while cooking, from using wood sourced from fallen branches to using season ingredients from local suppliers. They offer both canapés and full meals, with dishes that include chicken yakitori, beef brisket, black bean salad, caramelized peaches, and more.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: Canberra, ACT

Phone: 0401 151 490

Social: Slow Beans & Bones

Contact : Daniel Nixon


As you reflect on the journey of planning your wedding in the picturesque surroundings of Canberra, know that the perfect culinary experience awaits you amidst the vibrant tapestry of top wedding caterers.

From the first tantalising bite to the last sweet morsel, these culinary artisans have poured their passion and expertise into creating a feast that mirrors the love and joy of your union.

So, as you bid farewell to the stress of planning and welcome the bliss of your wedding day, trust in the culinary excellence of Canberra’s finest caterers to elevate your celebration to new heights.

With their dedication to quality, creativity, and personalised service, your wedding feast will not only tantalise the taste buds but also leave an indelible mark on the hearts of your loved ones, ensuring that your special day is truly unforgettable.