On the day of your wedding, you want to create unforgettable memories that will last you and your partner long into the future; even though the wedding only lasts one full day, the memories can sustain you and your loved ones for years to come, and nothing can do a better job capturing the events of the day and the spirit of vibrancy and romance quite like a talented wedding videographer.

To help you find a videographer who can create a beautiful permanent record of your big day, we’ve assembled this list of the top ten wedding videographers in and around Canberra! With this list as a trusted resource, you and your partner can explore the various options available to you, whether you’re looking for a cinematic approach to the filming that incorporates a sense of majesty and austerity or whether you’d prefer a down-to-earth, documentary-style approach to the feature film or highlight reel. We hope that you enjoy this list!

The Tale of Two is staffed up by Sam and Sally, two of Canberra’s most talented wedding videographers, providing gorgeous wedding videos for celebrations in and around the local area. Wedding videography packages with The Tale of Two include such offerings as a 3-5 minute highlights reel, lightly edited full length ceremony and speeches, and four packages which range in hours of coverage, from 6 hours to 12 hours. Add-ons for an extra charge include footage of the full-length first dance and the father-daughter dance, or equivalent, two mini-edits for sharing on social media platforms, and raw edit of full day coverage up to two hours.

Phone: 0408 500 101

Social: The Tale of Two

Contact : Sally

With the services of Monkeybrush Films, prospective married couples are bound to receive a wedding film that captures the very best moments of genuine connection and authenticity from the ceremony and reception occurring in the greater Canberra metropolitan area. Wedding packages can be customized to exact client specifications, with a documentary edit starting at $900 and highlight film packages starting at $2,850, which includes coverage of the speeches, vows, and events of the wedding day. For each film, full frame DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well as the best audio and video editing equipment on the market are all used, creating high quality HD videos that will hold up to any viewing platform.

Address: Canberran Capital Territory

Phone: 0415 253 695

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Contact : Brian

Anthea and Lyndon Film and Photography is a Canberra-based producer of wedding videography, ideal for soon-to-be-married couples planning their wedding festivities in and around the local area. Prices with Anthea and Lyndon Film and Photography begin at $3,000, including such services as 7-12 hours of coverage, a 3-4 minute or 6-8 minute video, footage of the ceremony and speeches, and music licensing. This package exists alongside customizable packages that combine photography and videography services for ultimate client convenience. For lasting memories of Canberra-based wedding celebrations, look no further than the services of Anthea and Lyndon Film and Photography.

Address: Canberran Capital Territory

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Contact : Anthea

When it comes to wedding videography, few providers match the expertise of the team at AGAPE Wedding Film. Wedding videography services are broken down into a wide array of wedding packages, with the “Basic” package beginning at $2,500 and capping with the “Gold” package at $5,600. Services included with the wedding packages include up to 12 hours of full-day coverage, a teaser video, a highlight reel of 4-7 minutes, a full wedding video with speeches, vows, and other rites and rituals included, and two videographers on-site with three cameras for the ceremony. Photography packages are also available for booking at AGAPE Wedding Film, ensuring that multiple services can be purchased all under one roof for maximal convenience.

Address: 10 Parbery St, Kingston ACT 2604

Phone: 0451 556 309

Social: AGAPE Wedding Film

Contact : Caleb

SQ Media is a wedding videography business based out of Canberra, providing couples in the area with bespoke wedding films. As far as wedding packages go, SQ Media offers four distinct packages, ranging from six hours to twelve hours of coverage. All packages with SQ Media include such services as a highlights film of 3-10 minutes, long film of 30-90 minutes, multiple cameras on-site, and multiple state-of-the-art audio microphones to pick up on the little auditory details of the day. Customized packages can be created and individualized to each client, allowing SQ Media to work with a variety of budgets and styles when it comes to wedding films.

Address: 35 Cohen St, Belconnen ACT 2617

Phone: 0422 412 601

Social: SQ Media

Contact : Corey

For wedding films that speak to the elegance and opulence of wedding celebrations across Canberra and beyond, Seasons Wedding is a natural choice of wedding videography services. Three packages are made available by Seasons Wedding, starting at $4,950: the Short Story package, the Short Story Extended package, and the Short Story + Ceremony & Speeches package. The Short Story + Ceremony & Speeches package comes with such services as up to 10 hours of filming, a 9-11 minute short story film, full ceremony, and full reception speeches. Staffed up by expert videographers Adam and Ben, who film and edit the wedding films, Seasons Wedding is a trusted source of wedding videography services for celebrations around Canberra.

Address: Launceston St, Phillip ACT 2606

Phone: 0438 003 533

Social: Seasons Wedding

Contact : Adam

Barn Owl Films is one of Canberra’s best wedding videography services, ideal for couples planning weddings across the area. All packages with Barn Owl Films include such offerings as one filmmaker on-site, a 3-4 minute highlight reel, and a raw edit of all footage from the day. Two distinct packages are made available by Barn Owl Films: a 6 hours coverage package and a 10 hours coverage package. The 10 hour coverage package includes bride & groom preparation, wedding ceremony footage, photoshoot coverage, reception entrance, first dance, all speeches, cake cutting, and dance floor footage. Packages can also be customized and modified to exact client specifications.

Address: Canberra, ACT

Phone: 0434 397 798

Social: Barn Owl Films

Contact : Kris

With Season Ascent Films capturing wedding celebrations in and around Canberra, prospective married couples can look back on their wedding days with warm smiles and happy hearts. This is due to the carefully crafted stylistic choices of the team at Season Ascent Films, staffed up by married couple Tim and Jess, who collaborate as director & editor and cinematographer, respectively. The team at Season Ascent Films prioritizes “adventurous, non-traditional, natural, and personal” styles for wedding films, with packages beginning at $2,900. Season Ascent Films partners with the photographer Liam Jon, which entitles clients to a 10% discount across the board.

Address: Canberra, ACT

Phone: 0422 599 915

Social: Season Ascent Films

Contact : Timothy

Canberra Wedding Videographer is one of the premier videography services for wedding celebrations in the greater Canberra metropolitan area. Packages with Canberra Wedding Videographer begin at $990 and cap at $2,790, with such services included as up to 11 hours of coverage, full ceremony with pre-ceremony recorded chats, three video cameras, rites and rituals of the ceremony and reception, and a wedding memories package deliverable, filled with a highlight video of 4-8 minutes and a feature video of 50-90 minutes. The all-inclusive packages offered by Canberra Wedding Videographer are unrivaled, throwing in everything and the kitchen sink for clients to pick and choose between for their bespoke wedding films.

Address: Canberra, ACT

Phone: 0407 842 311

Social: Canberra Wedding Videographer

Contact : Neil

At Motion Reel Films, prospective married couples planning wedding celebrations across Canberra and beyond can rest assured knowing that their wedding films will be created and crafted by Julia and Kouyou, a duo of professional video producers with 14 years of practical industry experience. The team at Motion Reel Films has produced over 1,000 wedding films, using two cameras, state-of-the-art camera and audio equipment, a Mavic Pro drone, and a stylistic approach that is driven by the aesthetic preferences and personalities of their clients. Motion Reel Films offers up to 10 hours of coverage, a cinematic highlights film, a long edit film of the proceedings of the entire day including speeches, and 70-100 hours of editing, ensuring a skillfully curated and executed final product.

Address: Canberran Capital Territory

Phone: 0411 294 626

Social: Motion Reel Films

Contact : Julia


No matter the service you’re looking for, this list of the top ten wedding videographers in the greater Canberra metropolitan area covers wedding videographers who have enough experience to accommodate any and all client requests, which can give you and your partner confidence that one of these wedding videographers will be able to capture your wedding day in the manner that you see fit. Whether you want a sweeping, big-budget approach to your wedding film or you prefer a more intimate cinematic experience that prioritizes small, person-to-person moments of connection, these wedding videographers in and around Canberra can create films that will provide you with an immortalized record of the day of your wedding and all of the special memories that the day facilitated. We hope that you and your partner use this list as a resource to meet up and match with a wedding videographer who can serve as a key collaborator throughout your wedding planning process!