The day you say ‘I do’ to your beloved is a day you will cherish forever. There are so many unforgettable memories and heartwarming moments awaiting on your chosen date. No doubt, you want everything to go just perfectly.

While you’re dreaming your ideal day into existence, the planning stages can be overwhelming. There are so many big and small details to factor in. Of course, it is a labour of love when you think about standing next to your future partner for life.

At the top of the list of important details should be the marriage celebrant. This is the person who will confirm you into wedded matrimony and should be someone you genuinely trust.

Here is our list of the editor’s choice top 35 marriage celebrant in Brisbane


Jamie + Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants bring a decade of passion, experience and dedication to their couples weddings. Providing a thoughtfully tailored ceremony design and coordination Celebrant service, that goes way above and beyond standard Celebrants inclusions.

In addition to their bespoke ceremony design and coordination service, the team also offer a simplified elopement service via their gorgeous elopement business

From the first meeting, Cara and Jamie are truly upbeat and happy people. Their infectious personalities shine through each wedding ceremony they host. They have a short and sweet style which is engaging and captivating, yet never boring!

Years Experience: 10+ years

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Upbeat, modern, non-religious

VIDEO: Jamie & Cara Celebrants

Contact : Jamie + Cara - Brisbane City Celebrants

Dan Ford feels blessed to bring two souls together in love and friendship to help them start a new adventure together. Based in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Dan will travel all over Australia if that’s what his couples want. As your wedding celebrant, he will make sure that you have a fun and meaningful time during your ceremony. He will take the time to get to know you and tailor your ceremony to meet your unique personalities. Whether you are looking for a quick elopement, the Big Ceremony, or you can have Dan stay with you through the reception as your MC, you will love his attitude and excitement at bringing couples together. Contact Dan Ford today and begin planning your special day.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Young, modern and fun

Contact : Dan Ford Celebrant

Bill Scurry has wed couples all around the Sunshine Coast and beyond for over 20 years. As a registered Officiant, you will be comforted in knowing you are in good hands. Bill loves getting to know his new couples along with their entire family. With seven children and eleven grandchildren, you know that he is capable of handling all of the details about your special day and make sure that everyone is having a good time. Finding the right Celebrant can be difficult, but with Bill Scurry, you will have met a new friend for life and who will make your wedding ceremony a cherished event.

Years Experience: Over 20 years

Fees: Enquire for pricing & packages

Style: Personal, unique

VIDEO: Bill Scurry Celebrant

Contact : Bill Scurry

A happily married mother of 2 adult kids, Laurel is a strong believer of the commitment marriage brings to a relationship. She loves her job as a celebrant and is really passionate about creating a wonderful and memorable day for the couple!

Laurel is friendly and fun, and her years of experience as a celebrant means that you can expect your ceremony to be fun, creative and a memorable one.

Fees: $350 to $700 (Avg. Price)

Contact : Laurel-Lea Ross

Michael Janz is a Marriage Celebrant based in Brisbane and is happy to travel anywhere is Australia. He has the happy knack of being able to create amazing weddings that reflect a couple’s dreams and desires. You have found a well organised, punctual Celebrant who is skilled at creating the right tone in a warm, relaxed manner balancing humour and a skilled connection with each couple and your guests. Michael loves working with a diverse range of couples and celebrating their love for each other on their most special of days.

You can be assured of his full attention. Michael conducts one wedding per day. Contact him today to arrange a no obligation face-to-face or virtual meeting.

Fees:  $645 to $795 (Avg. Price)

Contact : Michael Janz

Brisbane based Genene Deakin is a friendly, young and modern celebrant who loves meeting couples in love and listening to their love stories. In her “no strings attached” initial consultation with couples, Genene takes the time to listen to your love story and answer any questions that you may have. She also discusses the style of ceremony that you may have in mind and you can rely on her to compose the entire ceremony for you. Genene also understands that some couples prefer composing their own ceremony, so she would let you lead and will be ready to help where you’d need her help! In short, if you’re after a modern style ceremony filled with joy, smiles and emotions, Genene is the right celebrant for you!

Fees: From $350

Style: Friendly, Modern, Romantic, Energetic

Contact : Genene Deakin

Ruth is a full time Celebrant who fully devotes herself to each individual couple.  You will be assured of a ceremony you will love. Ruth also has a quick wit and sense of humour and can think on her feet.  She listens to what you want and can also help with suggestions if required.  Ruth is caring and confident and will take you under her wing and help you along the way.

Ruth comes equipped with a PA system and signing table if required.

If you want a Celebrant who truly appreciates how important your wedding day is to you and will do whatever is in her power to make sure your vision happens, Ruth is the one for you.

Contact : Ruth Voysey

Based in the Gold Coast, Bronwyn Brown (Kindred Spirits Celebrant) is an experienced and a super passionate marriage celebrant.  She loves meeting and talking to new people which led her to her dream career as a celebrant.

In her initial consultation sessions with the couple, she gets to know the couple and understand their love story. She loves to discuss ideas with the couple which helps her create a personalized ceremony for the couple.

You can expect Bronwyn not only to keep your guests engaged in the ceremony but her years of experience means she’ll be by your side to hold your nerves  on the day!

Contact : Bronwyn Brown

Krista is passionate about making celebrations memorable and meaningful. Her passion for weddings is the main reason she embarked on the journey of becoming a marriage celebrant.

She believes that each couples’ story is unique and therefore takes the time to learn your love story to prepare for the ceremony of your dreams.

She was a secondary school drama teacher prior to being a marriage celebrant, so you can expect your ceremony to be organized and run smoothly.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Avg. Price $650

Style: Relaxed, professional

Contact : Krista Webb

Brisbane, QLD

Natasha Hill marriage celebrant

A full time marriage celebrant, this is more than just a job for Natasha Hill. Each wedding is a privilege for her and an opportunity to bring a real life romance story to the centre of attention.

Natasha works closely with her clients, taking the time to get to know their story and understand their love. She has a background in the legal industry which means she pays close attention to detail and is a confident speaker. She also has a bubbly and energetic personality which shines through in her delivery.

Years Experience: Over 8 years

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Professional, energetic

VIDEO: Natasha Hill Celebrant

Contact : Natasha Hill

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Renee Wilkins marriage celebrant

A truly friendly person with a bubbly personality, Renee Wilkins is just one of those people you trust easily. She has over 15 years experience in customer service so she truly knows how to listen, respect, and pay attention to client requests.

Renee has performed over 1000 weddings since she started in this industry. She takes pride in offering a flawless service to happy couples. Her ceremony package includes the use of a PA system and all relevant papers.

Years Experience: Since 2008

Fees: Inclusive fee available upon request

Style: Young, friendly

VIDEO: Renee Wilkins Celebrant

Contact : Renee Wilkins

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Jake Smith marriage celebrant

Bringing out the obvious most important detail of a wedding, Jake Smith focuses on making things good! He avoid awkwardness or discomfort at all costs, ensuring all guests are entertained and engaged while the couple gets what they want.

Jake never takes hosting a wedding for granted. He sees each ceremony as a chance to make a special moment for the happy couple who has chosen his service. He reads in an eloquent manner and delivers a professional service.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Professional, engaging, relaxed

VIDEO: Jake Smith Celebrant

Contact : Jake Smith

Brisbane, South East Queensland, QLD

Andrew Sinclair marriage celebrant

Offering his services in all types of weddings and ceremonies, Andrew Sinclair has over a decade’s experience in the industry. He has an adaptable style, able to accommodate to the needs of the couple for their special day.

Andrew is focused on keeping it simple and being driven by quality. He takes each opportunity to host a wedding with gratitude and humbleness. Andrew tailors his style and attire to suit what the couple would like.

Years Experience: Over 10 years

Fees: Inclusive fee available upon request

Style: Bespoke, contemporary

VIDEO: Andrew Sinclair Celebrant

Contact : Andrew Sinclair

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Sabina O’Donoghue marriage celebrant

With a diverse range of experience behind her, Sabina O’Donoghue is both easy going and highly professional when it comes to wedding celebrations. Hosting ceremonies is much more than a job to Sabina – it is a lifestyle fuelled by passion.

Sabina is inspired in her work by the privilege of witnessing love between two people. Her services include decorative pens for signing, a cordless PA system, and even a choice of ring holders.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Professional, relaxed, unique

VIDEO: Sabina O’Donoghue Celebrant

Contact : Sabina

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Roxy Hotten marriage celebrant

Self-described wine lover and cycling enthusiast, Roxy Hotten is a sparkling personality who loves delivering unique ceremonies for couples. She really takes the time to get to know her clients and form personal connections. This inspires her to lead a momentous ceremony.

Roxy has worked in London and in Brisbane. She has a wealth of knowledge gathered from around the world. Roxy has a passion for writing and a way with words to help deliver a moving and touching story about your unique love.

Years Experience: Since 2011

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Warmth, humourous, down to earth

Contact : Roxy Hotten

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Brendan Anning

A professional marriage celebrant and firm believer his opinion of the best cup of coffee, Brendan Anning is reliable, efficient, and fun to work with. He is a renowned speaker and life coach as well as performing wedding ceremonies.

Brendan has a top personality that is funny, down to earth, and highly relatable. He connects well with people which makes the experience planning a ceremony with him effortless. He is available for travel around the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region and happily attends destination weddings.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Fun, modern, enjoyable

VIDEO: Brendan Anning Celebrant

Contact : Brendan Anning

Brisbane, QLD

Elizabeth Wilkie marriage celebrant

Aiming to make the planning stages of your upcoming day stress day and smooth, Elizabeth Wilkie provides professional and friendly services. She is extremely caring and highly experienced in the field.

Elizabeth has a delivery which is sincere and relaxed. She has a way of telling each couple’s story in a light hearted and genuine way. Her words truly bring to life the essence of the romance which unites two people.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Personalised wedding ceremony $700

Style: Experienced, caring

Contact : Elizabeth Wilkie

Brisbane, QLD

Lorraine Wright

Known affectionately as the ‘wright’ celebrant, Lorraine Wright has a passion for bringing beautiful dreams to life for happy couples. She has a modern perspective on love and romance, offering hand-crafted wedding ceremonies.

Lorraine is a down to earth and friendly person. She ensures that couples have fun during the planning stages with her, taking away the burden of stress they often feel. Her obvious dedication and genuine belief in her work shines through in what she does.

Years Experience: Over 7 years

Fees: Available upon consultation

Style: Modern, hand-crafted

VIDEO: Lorraine Wright Celebrant

Contact : Lorraine Wright

Brisbane, QLD

Felicity McShane

Director of Fusion Elements Life Celebrations, Felicity McShane is a professional registered Civil Celebrant. She is also a vibrant personality and is a real people-person, making her full time work as a celebrant highly enjoyable.

Felicity comes to this professional with a diverse range of experience. She loves working with individuals to make sure they get exactly what they want out of their wedding day. She listens attentively to bring your romance to life.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Tailored to couples, relaxed, elegant

Contact : Felicity McShane

Brisbane, Kenmore, QLD

Claire Kuyper

An authorised civil celebrant, Claire Kuyper is both professional and personal in her approach to hosting weddings. She comes to the field with a unique background in education, allied health, counselling, and business. This means she can relate to just about anyone!

Claire is passionate, dedicated, and attentive. The most important thing for her is creating a day that truly symbolises and represents you as a couple. She performs weddings and ceremonies for all couples, including same-sex couples.

Years Experience: Since 2004

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Modern, professional

Contact : Claire Kuyper

Brisbane, QLD

Natasha Lewis marriage celebrant

Simply put, Natasha Lewis loves wedding! This genuine love drives her create beautifully crafted, genuine wedding ceremonies that truly reflect the couple. She takes pride in writing detailed accounts of love stories and presenting them in a unique way.

Natasha is detailed and professional while also being young and vibrant. She tailors all her ceremonies to the couple’s desire, giving them options and flexibility along the way. She works in a fun and relaxed manner to keep things stress free.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Starting at $200 booking fee

Style: Young, vibrant, professional

VIDEO: Natasha Lewis Celebrant

Contact : Natasha Lewis

If you are searching for Brisbane’s utmost experienced and creative celebrant, Brenda Keeling is the one you need. She offers a “personalised wedding ceremony that reflects you.” Featured as a popular celebrant in Brisbane, Brenda promises to provide the most enjoyable, flexible, and professional ceremony that you will be proud to present to your loved ones.

Brenda offers her services in various wedding packages that will undoubtedly fit your style and budget.

VIDEO: Brenda Keeling Celebrant

Contact : Brenda Keeling

In the heart of Brisbane, marriage celebrant Grant Windle has performed some of the most spectacular ceremonies. He has over 35 years of experience guiding many couples patiently through their ceremonial journey. Grant offers you a variety of packages that are suitable for all budgets. His standard package is priced at $690, which includes the preparation of legal documents, ceremonial performance, and much more!

Contact : Grant Windle

For couples who want a marriage celebrant that is both professional and fun, but truly understands your desire for a romantic ceremony, Brad Richards is the person for the job. Brad is a very experienced celebrant in Brisbane who recognizes the importance of your marriage ceremony. He creates tailored services for every couple who is seeking an elegant and authentic experience.

Contact : Brad Richards

Mrs. Lockyer promises to deliver the best marriage ceremony for you and your future spouse. Abbee’s love for performing weddings came from experiencing her own wedding. She understands the impact of how important it is to have a perfect celebrant to recite the essential vows. If you want a fun, easy going, and unique ceremony, Always Love Ceremonies with Abbee would love to help you every step of the way. Her services start at only $800.

Contact : Abbee

Brisbane/South East QLD, QLD

Kate Mackie marriage celebrant

After over 20 year of being a professional singer, Kate now has a diverse range of celebrations under her belt, as a professional marriage celebrant. She is accepting of all couples, including same-sex couples.

Kate has been around the wedding industry for years.  She has the dedication and good experience as to what makes a ceremony great. Her personal style and friendly personality makes it easy to trust her with your love story.

Years Experience: Over 2 years

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Professional, dedicated, unique

Contact : Kate Mackie

Brisbane and surrounds, QLD

Jacinta – Just Hitched

Bringing her infectious personality and positive disposition to the front, Jacinta is a lovely and trustworthy person. She comes to each ceremony with a true passion for love, revelling in the fact her ‘job’ is celebrating people’s commitment to one another.

Jacinta has a relaxed and personal style. She is available 7 days a week in the surrounding Brisbane region. With each meeting, she is sure to make you smile, feel happy, and trust her throughout the whole planning process.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Relaxed, stylish

Contact : Jacinta

Brisbane, QLD

Fiona Robertson marriage celebrant

Believing in fate and true love, Fiona Robertson is a hopeless romantic at heart. Even still, she gets teary at weddings no matter how many she hosts! This reflects a true passion and core belief in what she does.

Fiona loves meeting inspiring couples. She wholeheartedly embraces all people and styles. Over her years in the wedding industry, she has enjoyed seeing ideas transform and ideals change.

Years Experience: Over 9 years

Fees: Available upon consultation

Style: Traditional to DIY

Contact : Fiona Robertson

Brisbane, QLD

Tracey Moole marriage celebrant

From tradition to modern and everything in between, Tracey Moole loves all love. She hosts wedding celebrations for couples of all backgrounds, including same-sex couples. Whether its a large affair or an intimate gathering, Tracey is experienced in all.

Tracey focuses on creating a light hearted ceremony that takes love seriously. She brings out all the warm and personal elements of your story in a touching manner. She genuinely enjoys getting to know each and every couple.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Full package $750

Style: Professional, all-accepting, light hearted

Contact : Tracey Moole

Brisbane, QLD

Ketrina Coffey marriage celebrant

A registered civil marriage celebrant, Ketrina Coffey simply loves her job. She loves love and takes passion and pride in bringing two people together for their unforgettable day. Ketrina is a supporter of same-sex marriage and welcomes all couples to her services.

Ketrina is professional and friendly as she offers personalised ceremonies. With each couple, she makes a commitment to help craft their dream day into a stunning reality. She takes the time to create something which reflects your personality, story, and romance.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon enquiry

Style: Professional, friendly, modern

Contact : Ketrina Coffey

Brisbane and South East Queensland, QLD

Greg Reynolds marriage celebrant

With trust in God and his wealth of experience, Greg Reynolds proudly hosts Christian ceremonies. He provides a ceremony that is tailored to the couple’s belief, celebrating their love and faith at the same time.

Greg is committed to helping you find the right balance throughout your day. He brings forth ideas with professionalism and pays attention to your requests at each step. He is charismatic and engaging with his delivery.

Years Experience: Since 1998

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Christian, traditional, professional

Contact : Greg Reynolds

Bronwyn Saleh at Ceremonies with Bronwyn is a civil marriage celebrant who will guide couples through their ceremony with laughter and joy. She will help you design the most memorable celebration no matter your wedding preferences. You and your partner will feel at ease thanks to her friendly and approachable personality. Whether you want unique ideas, such as reading one of her beautiful poems or more of a traditional scripture, Bronwyn is ready to help.

Contact : Bronwyn Saleh

Are you seeking for a celebrant in Brisbane that will give you a unique wedding ceremony, with sweet, memorable moments? I Do Creative Ceremonies by Geoff Mazlin are perfect for you and your soulmate. Geoff Mazlin loves people and has spent his entire career performing in public speaking. For just $620 you can take advantage of his personal and intimate approach, which provides the grandest ceremony that your heart desires.

Contact : Geoff Mazlin

Sandra Hill is one of Brisbane’s elite marriage celebrants; she specializes in designing the warmest and loveliest ceremony for your wedding. You will have two choices of ceremony styles including the emerald wedding ceremony package for $550 or the diamond one for $650. As a professional, Sandra is dedicated to answering all your requests and ceremonial needs.

VIDEO: Sandra Hill Celebrant

Contact : Sandra Hill



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