Your marriage celebrant is one of the first things (or rather, person) that you need to consider when planning a wedding.

You might think that you have to send for a celebrant all the way from Sydney, but there are plenty of fantastic marriage celebrants who are located in and call Newcastle home!

Whether you’re looking for someone professional and dignified, or casual and funny, or a mix of the two, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in our list of our top 10 favourite marriage celebrants in Newcastle, NSW.

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In no particular order, here we list the editor’s choice top 10 marriage celebrants in Newcastle.


1. Wed by Kez


If you’re looking for a personal, unique ceremony that is catered to you, your love story, and your tastes, you have to contact Kez (Kerryn). Her ceremonies are all written from scratch (there’s no copy-and-paste going on here), and you’re sure to see your guests laughing and wiping away a few touching tears. She also offers elopements and commitment ceremonies.

Location: Mayfield, NSW

Years of Experience: 10

Style: modern, young

Number of Weddings: over 600

Prices: from $750 for registry-style, from $995 for ceremony


2. The French Connection


Melissa Rey Lescure performs ceremonies in the Newcastle region, but also throughout the Hunter Valley and all throughout New South Wales. She offers both traditional, scripted ceremonies and vows, or completely personalised ceremonies, so there’s something for everyone. Her fee includes a sighing table and chairs, as well as a copy of your ceremony for a keepsake.

Location: New Lambton, NSW

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: professional, calm

Number of Weddings: over 600

Prices: wedding ceremonies $650, registry / elopements $550


3. Julie Muir


Julie is dedicated to helping her couples tell their unique, personal love stories and to help them celebrate their bond. To this end, she writes customised ceremonies for each couple, and your guests will be enchanted by every word. Julie will help you write your own vows, if you wish to do so. She has an Irish accent that will lend a touch of charm to your ceremony as well.

Location: Mayfield, NSW

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: fun, personal

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: from $900 for ceremonies

VIDEO: Julie Muir Celebrant


4. Celebrate with Marg


Marg Kish performs wedding ceremonies in the Newcastle, Port Stephens, and Hunter Valley regions. She offers fully customisable, personalised ceremonies, so you and your partner can have the stress-free wedding of your dreams. She also performs elopements and renewals, and her fee includes paperwork, rehearsal, and travel within Newcastle.

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Years of Experience: 10+

Style: modern, fun

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: starting at $680 for a ceremony. Extra travel cost if outside of Newcastle area. $500 for elopement.

VIDEO: Marg Kish Celebrant


5. Kelly Lawson


Kelly is a new but up-and-coming marriage celebrant in the Newcastle area, and has glowing reviews from her past married couples. She is very flexible and accommodating, and her ceremonies are warm, positive, and intimate. Kelly makes sure that the couple to be married enjoy the day to the fullest, with no worries and stress, and she adds a personal touch—by the end, you’ll feel as though you’re best friends!

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Years of Experience: 1 year

Style: confident, positive

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for fee


6. Francine O’Brien

francine o brien

Francine loves to perform wedding ceremonies that are personalised to the couple, and will help you write your marriage vows. She performs secular and religious ceremonies, and is always respectful of the couple’s choices. Upon request, she will also perform rituals (unity candle / stone, handfasting, love locks, etc.) and elopements in her own garden.

Location: Maryland, NSW

Years of Experience: 13 years

Style: professional, creative

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for fee

7. Becky Married Me

Becky Married Me

For those living in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area, Becky (or Rebecca, or Bec) is a newcomer, but oh-so-talented and a great choice for your marriage celebrant. She offers personalised ceremonies and is all about creating a fun memory for you and your guests. Her fee includes a sighing table, PA system, and more.

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Years of Experience: 1

Style: modern, personal, fun

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for quote


8. A Special Day


Jenaleen Downie likes to provide a relaxed atmosphere at your celebration, and offers a good sense of humour, professionalism, and dedication—she will often go above and beyond for her brides and grooms. She performs a variety of ceremonies and rituals, including unity sand / cup / candle / bowl ceremonies, handfasting, and ‘warming of the rings.’

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Years of Experience: 8

Style: elegant, friendly

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for quote


9. Philip Greentree, Greentree Ceremonies


Philip is well-sought after for wedding ceremonies in the Newcastle region and throughout New South Wales for his quirky and fun-loving attitude. He offers may types of celebrations, including Scottish (where he dresses in a kilt and in the colours of a Laird of Glencrannog), Orthodox, Buddhist, and pagan! His fee includes a table, lantern, sand kit, 400-page manual, and even a sword! He also performs same-sex ceremonies.

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Years of Experience: 13+

Style: funny, professional, unique

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for quote

VIDEO: Philip Greentree Celebrant


10. Jenny Noblet Celebrant

Jenny believes in making your day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, and will help you plan a beautiful ceremony that perfectly represents you and your spouse-to-be. She is professional, experienced, and presents a dignified ceremony with a touch of humour that will touch everyone’s hearts. Her fee includes paperwork, signing table (with two chairs), travel, and dress rehearsal services.

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: funny, heartwarming

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for quote


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Parting Notes

Hopefully you’ve found a marriage celebrant (or two) that you’d like to perform your ceremony, but before you go paying a deposit, here are some questions to ask them. Do they offer different ceremony styles? Does their fee cover travel and your dress rehearsal? Are they a full-time celebrant and a member of a professional celebrant association? To make sure your day and your wedding planning goes as smoothly as possible, don’t forget to ask for all the details!


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