Congratulations on embarking on this exciting journey toward your special day! As you weave the tapestry of your dream wedding in Newcastle, the choice of the perfect wedding cake is a sweet endeavour that demands attention. In the heart of this vibrant city, you’ll discover a confectionery haven with top-notch wedding cake suppliers awaiting to craft the centrepiece of your celebration.

Your quest for the ideal wedding cake in Newcastle becomes a delightful odyssey as we unveil the city’s most esteemed bakers, renowned for transforming dreams into delectable reality. Each confectionery artist boasts a unique flair, ensuring your cake not only tantalises the taste buds but also becomes an exquisite reflection of your love story.

Hello Naomi

Hello Naomi, based in Newcastle, is a leading wedding cake supplier offering a bespoke experience for couples seeking the perfect centrepiece for their special day. With 15 years of expertise, Naomi provides a personalised journey, starting with a complimentary cake tasting box to explore exquisite flavours. Limited bookings ensure a boutique, handcrafted service, while Naomi’s modern romantic design aesthetic guarantees a unique and unforgettable cake. From meticulous planning to point-to-point delivery, Hello Naomi ensures a smooth process, creating cakes that leave a lasting impression on couples and guests alike. Trust Hello Naomi to craft a one-of-a-kind wedding cake that adds a sweet touch to your memorable celebration.

Address: 175 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Phone: 02 4023 0867

Social: Hello Naomi

Contact : Naomi

Sweet Custom Cakes by Ellie

In the heart of Newcastle, Sweet Custom Cakes by Ellie stands out as a top choice for bespoke wedding cakes and custom designs. Ellie, the skilled pastry chef and creator, pours her passion into crafting unique masterpieces that perfectly reflect each client’s vision. With years of experience and inspiration drawn from renowned pastry establishments, Ellie bakes her signature flavours from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Beyond creating cakes, Sweet Custom Cakes aspires to build a community around the joy of baking, fostering connections and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Engage in a delightful conversation about your special day with Ellie, and let Sweet Custom Cakes add a sweet touch to your celebration!

Address: Newcastle, NSW 2300

Phone: 0421 830 025

Social: Sweet Custom Cakes by Ellie

Contact : Ellie


Crafting confectionary dreams in Newcastle, Butter stands out among the top wedding cake suppliers. With a commitment to excellence, Butter transforms premium ingredients into delectable masterpieces, offering unique flavour combinations that linger on the palate. Each cake, a bespoke creation, mirrors the love story of the couple it’s designed for. Meticulously blending craftsmanship and personalised vision, Butter ensures your wedding cake is as unique as your special day. Specialising in weddings across Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, and Central Coast, Butter leaves a lasting impression—perfectly harmonising beautiful designs and mouth watering flavours for a celebration to remember.

Address: Newcastle, NSW 2300

Social: Butter

Contact : Celeste

À la Roch Cakes & Sweets

Rochelle, the creative mind behind À la Roch Cakes & Sweets, embarked on her cake decorating journey inspired by a quest for a special cake for her son’s egg and dairy allergies. What started as a homemade masterpiece for her son’s first birthday evolved into a thriving business, serving the Newcastle, Central Coast, and Hunter areas. Operating from her commercial kitchen in Belmont North, Rochelle crafts delicious baked treats that reflect her passion for creating from scratch. Formerly in the corporate marketing world, she embraced the sweet journey full-time, delighting in bringing dreams to life through her exquisite cakes and sweets. Your special day deserves À la Roch’s touch of sweetness.

Address: Newcastle, NSW 2300

Phone: 0402 326 141

Social: À la Roch Cakes & Sweets

Contact : Rochelle

Luscious Me

With a passion for both culinary artistry and celebration, Apinya McCoy brings a wealth of experience to the world of wedding cakes. Armed with a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School in Bangkok and a decade’s worth of expertise as a cake decorator, Apinya has crafted over 100 exquisite wedding cakes. Her accolades, including multiple first-place wins in prestigious baking competitions, showcase her commitment to excellence. Having established Luscious Me in Newcastle, Apinya extends her skills to create bespoke wedding and celebration cakes for Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and Port Stephens. Clients can trust in Apinya’s artistic flair and culinary finesse to bring their dream cakes to life.

Address: Newcastle, NSW 2300

Phone: 0478 299 828

Social: Luscious Me

Contact : Apinya Khaynun Evans

Fifi La Femme

Dedicated to crafting delightful memories, this Newcastle bakery, Fifi La Femme, stands out among top wedding cake suppliers. With an unwavering commitment to freshness, they use the finest local and organic ingredients, ensuring a four-layered masterpiece for your special day. Specialising in exquisite buttercream, Fifi brings passion and artistry to every creation. Their cakes, born from scratch, offer a symphony of flavours, letting you choose the perfect taste for your celebration. Elevate your occasion with Fifi La Femme’s cakes, where quality meets creativity, and each bite is a journey into sweet perfection.

Address: Level G Charlestown Square Charlestown, NSW 2290

Phone: 02 4942 3322

Social: Fifi La Femme

Contact : Fifi La Femme Team

Designer Delights

Delighting in unique designs, Designer Delights in Newcastle encourages couples to dream big for their special day. With a wide array of cake inspirations on their social media and website, couples can collaborate with their friendly staff to bring their vision to life. From traditional tiers to avant-garde creations, Designer Delights caters to every taste. Beyond aesthetics, they offer edible image printing services, adding a personal touch to each cake. Located in Charlestown, this supplier aims to make the cake selection process as seamless as possible for couples preparing for their big day.

Address: 4/158 Pacific Hwy, Charlestown NSW 2290

Phone: 02 4920 6400

Social: Designer Delights

Contact : Designer Delights Team

Sugarbean Cake Co

Situated in the vibrant community of Newcastle, Sugarbean Cake Co, owned and curated by the talented baker Tanya, stands out as a top choice for wedding cakes. Influenced by her German grandmother and European roots, Tanya’s passion for baking blossomed during her days as a stay-at-home mom. With a meticulous approach to cake perfection and a love for flowers, Tanya has honed her skills through courses at esteemed institutions like Planet Cake and TAFE. Having crafted delectable cakes for various events, from local fashion shows to fundraisers, Sugarbean Cake Co is a go-to for those seeking something special. Tanya, a devoted mother and wife, infuses love and creativity into every creation, ensuring a delightful experience for all customers. Reach out to embark on a sweet journey for your special day.

Address: Woodrising, NSW

Phone: 0487 468 641

Social: Sugarbean Cake Co

Contact : Tanya

Cakes by Han

With an unwavering commitment to perfection, Cakes by Han in Newcastle crafts unique, modern, and delicious wedding cakes that go beyond mere confectionery. Han’s journey in the cake world began early, evolving from making cakes for loved ones to establishing a renowned brand. Formerly a wedding coordinator, she turned her passion into a thriving cake business. Specialising in bespoke wedding cakes, Han cherishes collaborative creativity with clients, ensuring each cake is a personalised masterpiece. Embracing a philosophy that taste must match aesthetics, her cakes are a celebration of life’s moments, meant to be shared and remembered. Elevate your special day with a Cakes by Han creation—a heartfelt gift from Han to you.

Address: Newcastle, NSW 2300

Phone: 0487 032 619

Social: Cakes by Han

Contact : Han

A la Roch Cakes & Sweets

Address: Newcastle, NSW

Phone: 0402 326 141

Social: A la Roch Cakes & Sweets

Contact : Rochelle

C9 Chocolate & Gelato

Address: 48 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303

Phone: 0434 796 367

Social: C9 Chocolate & Gelato

Contact : C9 Chocolate & Gelato Team

Coco Monde Chocolateria

Address: 80 Darby St Newcastle, NSW 2300

Phone: 02 4023 0860

Social: Coco Monde Chocolateria

Contact : Coco Monde Chocolateria Team

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As you wrap up the details of your Newcastle nuptials, the memory of your wedding cake will linger, a sweet testament to the joyous occasion. With the finest cake artisans in Newcastle, your celebration is destined to be adorned with layers of perfection. Now armed with insights into the city’s top wedding cake suppliers, may your journey to ‘I do’ be adorned with sweetness and splendour. Here’s to a day as unique as your love, crowned with a cake that’s not just a dessert but a masterpiece of your love story. Cheers to a lifetime of sweetness and marital bliss!