Wedding catering is a crucial aspect of any wedding celebration taking place during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Far more important than simply keeping your guests well fed and happy throughout your party, the food at a wedding is something that can bring people together. What better to unite two sides of a family than to sit down over a meal and learn more about one another?

For that reason, we’ve created this list of the top ten wedding caterers to be found across Newcastle and beyond – we hope that you and your partner enjoy reading through our carefully compiled list as you evaluate your local options for catering companies!

Little Castro Catering

Put over 30 years of professional catering to work for you! Damian, Kieren, and the trained culinary team at Little Castro Catering can create inspiring cuisine that suits your event.

Rest assured, knowing your loved ones will have delicious drinks, appetisers, entrees, sides, and desserts for a memorable, stress-free celebration. Flexible menus allow you to select from diverse styles and choices, so you can bring your dream wedding to life. From mouthwatering canapes to shared banquets or three-course meals, Little Castro Catering can serve any size party, from a few people to hundreds of guests.

Feast on the best food from these top-rated wedding caterers in Newcastle, NSW.

Address: 3 Ashford Parade, Merewether Heights NSW 2291

Phone: 0497 706 243

Social: Instagram

Contact : Damian Beric

The Wilderness Chef

The Wilderness Chef is a fantastic wedding catering company based out of Newcastle, owned and operated by professional traveling chef Cooper. Cooper has a unique passion for the cultivation of a sustainable and eco-friendly food practice, taking an ethical approach toward the curation of ingredients and the methods through which those ingredients are turned into a thoughtful and elegant display for wedding celebrations across Newcastle and beyond. Traveling interstate and international, Cooper with The Wilderness Chef is an incredibly talented chef tackling wedding celebrations of virtually all shapes and sizes.

Phone: 0412 834 004

Social: The Wilderness Chef

Contact : Cooper Thomas

Crafty Street Eats

Crafty Street Eats is a wedding catering company in Newcastle with a versatile set of menus that can appeal to clients of all walks of life. Crafty Street Eats can take a fully bespoke and individualized approach to catering for wedding celebrations in and around the local area, accommodating dietary restrictions and allergies of all kinds to provide a menu that will be pleasing to every single guest in attendance. Staffed by a team of culinary experts who can present plated dinners with elegant touches or serve food out of a glammed out food truck, Crafty Street Eats is a charming choice of catering company for Newcastle-based weddings.

Phone: 02 4966 1594

Social: Crafty Street Eats

Contact : Cheryl Gregor

Feast Catering

Check out Feast Catering for a taste of Newcastle’s best when it comes to wedding catering services. Feast Catering has been tending to the needs of wedding celebrations across the local area for almost 20 years, and with those nearly two decades of experience, the chefs at Feast Catering can create menus ranging from afternoon tea to dinner parties, from gourmet BBQ to buffet, from sandwiches and salads to finger food. Owned by professional chef and party expert Tracy, Feast Catering is a lovely choice of Newcastle-based catering company.

Phone: 0417 299 816

Social: Feast Catering

Contact : Tracy

Fennel & Co Catering

Fennel & Co Catering is one of the most sought after wedding catering companies to be found across Newcastle and beyond, serving weddings with elegant and sophisticated cuisine that will impress every palate. Fennel & Co Catering can organize its dinner services into banquet-style meals, alternate drops, and canapes, while dietary restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free can be accommodated. Typical entrees created by Fennel & Co Catering include crispy ginger & miso chicken; braised brisket with eggplant cream, lentils, and toum; crispy pork belly with parsnip puree and confit fennel; and triple cooked chat potatoes with zaatar.

Phone: 0413 802 418

Social: Fennel & Co Catering

Contact : Tess Borg

Billy Goat Catering

When it comes to wedding catering needs, Billy Goat Catering can come to the rescue and save the day for wedding celebrations across Newcastle and beyond. Billy Goat Catering can offer fully customized wedding packages that include shared banquet plates and canapes of all kinds, as well as bar staff to man the beverage service for the evening. Typical food options range from Moroccan lamb tagine to chicken tikka masala to Mexican pork tacos with pico de gallo and pickled cabbage. WIth these wide ranging options reflecting the cuisines of countries across the world, Billy Goat Catering is a versatile and well qualified choice of Newcastle-based caterer.

Phone: 0420 946 036

Social: Billy Goat Catering

Contact : Scott Marshall

Chardonnay Catering

Few local caterers in and around Newcastle can match the incredible offerings with Chardonnay Catering. With 30 years in business serving the local area at elegant and sophisticated weddings, Chardonnay Catering can create menus of all kinds that will appeal to the happy couple and all of their guests. These menus are broken down into entrees, mains, and alternate drops, as well as cocktail style finger food, grazing tables, and design-your-own-menu options. With a history of contented clients across the board, Chardonnay Catering is a wonderful choice of Newcastle-based catering company.

Phone: 0400 466 222

Social: Chardonnay Catering

Contact : Brett Pepper

Sapphire Indian Restaurant

Sapphire Indian Restaurant is a local favorite when it comes to expertly prepared and executed Indian cuisine. A popular Newcastle-based restaurant, Sapphire Indian Restaurant expands its horizons beyond the scope of a typical restaurant by providing catering services for wedding celebrations in and around the local area. Sapphire Indian Restaurant can prepare delightful Indian entrees of all kinds, with food options including pappadums and assorted dips, samosas and onion bhajis, garlic prawns, meat curries, basmati rice, breads, and delectable deserts.

Phone: 02 4963 2369

Social: Sapphire Indian Restaurant

Contact : Sapphire Indian Restaurant Team

Hot Rock Catering

Look no further than Hot Rock Catering for a wedding catering company located in Newcastle with a trusted local reputation when it comes to serving up delectable cuisine. In business since all the way back in 2005, Hot Rock Catering is staffed by a team of chiefs who can create unforgettable wedding menus; these menus are grouped into categories including shared banquet buffet, morning and afternoon teas, party food and standing dishes, platters and salads, sandwich platters, BBQ buffets, beverages, and more; wedding dinners can be served with one, two, or three courses.

Phone: 02 4927 1218

Social: Hot Rock Catering

Contact : Michael

D'Vine Catering

D’Vine Catering is a catering company based out of Newcastle staffed by a team of talented industry expert chefs who can serve up delightful and delectable cuisine for wedding celebrations in and around the local area. D’Vine Catering can offer tasting menus in advance of a wedding celebration for the happy couple to ensure that the menu is as they imagine it to be. Bespoke weddings are the specialty with D’Vine Catering, accommodating the needs and desires of the happy couple. Menus are broken into starters, standing meals, feasting tables, and desserts that will satisfy every single guest.

Address: 29/7 Annie St, Wickham NSW 2293

Phone: 1300 388 433

Contact : Scott Homsey


Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top ten wedding catering companies to be found across Newcastle and beyond, we hope that you two feel prepared to move forward with one of these options and start planning the menu for your upcoming nuptials! If you still don’t feel sure about which option to move forward with, we recommend that you schedule a few consultations or tastings with your favorite choices among the bunch and from there come to a mutual decision. With all that said, we wish you and your partner loads of luck with the remaining aspects of your wedding planning process!