Such a special and intimately personal time of your life; if you don’t capture it properly you may regret this forever.

There are few bigger regrets than not choosing the right wedding photographer and losing forever those magical and irreplaceable moments from that one day.

These people need to be trusted with such an important story; how do you know which one is the right one? You want to remember every laugh, kiss, secret smile and all the tiny details, and you also want to see all of the ones you miss the first time around.

It is a big job and an important responsibility.

Look through galleries for a style that you love, but it pays to also meet with your photographer and get a feel for how they work and how they will fit in on your wedding day.

You want someone that puts your guests at ease and listens to what you want, but also guides you when needed and solves problems on their feet, because little hiccups always arise during a wedding.

We have put together our list of the best wedding photographers in Sydney, based on their reviews from clients and those all-important recommendations from their peers in the industry.

Check out our list below and prepare to fall in love all over again.

In no particular order, here are the editor’s choice Top 20 Wedding Photographers in Sydney


1. Katsu Nojiri Photography

Katsu Nojiri Photography

With over 20 years of experience capturing perfect wedding days, Katsu has been given awards for his skill with a camera and his manner with people. Loved by his customers, this consummate professional works closely with you to ensure he creates the ideal showcase of your personal love story.

Known for his fun and creativity and for exceeding expectations, you will be so happy that you chose Katsu.


2. Emilio B Photography

Emilio B Photography

For style, class,and simplicity, you will love the feel that Emilio creates with his photography work. He will follow you naturally and still craft stunning fashion-inspired shots, which will make you look as though you belong on the pages of a premium bridal magazine. With a unique understanding for capturing emotion, as well as a wonderful grasp of digital technology, this is the team for a high-quality album.


3. Inlighten Photography

Inlighten Photography

A wedding day is filled with spectacular celebrations and tiny touching moments, and the right wedding photographer should be able to capture them all. Inlighten work closely with their clients to get their individual story and make sure all of the most important moments will be immortalised forever.

For ‘Wow’ shots and those ones that make you say, ‘I can’t believe you got a photo of that!’, this is your team.


4. Two Peaches

Two Peaches

This fun, passionate team can cater to all of your photography and videography needs. Highly experienced and talented, Two Peaches will help guide you through a stress-free day. Helpful, attentive and with lovely relaxed natures, this team offer non-intrusive services and deliver photos that blow their customers away.


5. Faure Valletta Photography

Faure Valletta

Visionaries when it comes to romantic images that lead the way in excellence, this remarkable team has been given awards as well as rave reviews. Known for their consistently high standard of photography, their warm and friendly personalities make them an easy addition to any wedding day. Their customers speak of this team going constantly above and beyond expectations, and what more can you ask for really?


6. Love is Light Photography

Love is Light Photography

A creative wedding photographer and storyteller, he is passionate about crafting those images that make you stand up and say ‘Wow!’. For beautiful and authentic shots, Brendan is known for bringing energy and inspiration to your wedding shots, and helping people overcome shyness and make nerves melt away.

Cool under pressure and a masterful problem-solver, this artist and storyteller is a natural choice for your wedding photographer shortlist.


7. Luminarie Photography

Luminarie Photography

Wendy has a wonderfully simple approach to wedding photography, which resonates with her clients; she just captures what matters most to you. Relaxed and fun, Wendy looks for the love, joy,and genuine warmth in any moment, and inevitably captures it to held in an image forever. You will cherish the shots she takes.

Allowing you to live in the moment completely, and when you look back, it will all be there for you in your wedding album.


8. Birch and Wattle

Birch and Wattle

A lovely duo with attention to detail and incredible passion for their work, Yana and Pavel don’t miss a single moment of the biggest day of your life. Their energy and enthusiasm for what they do is contagious, making your whole day seamless and easy, while all the magic gets snapped in the background by this great team.

Your wedding is a whirlwind, and making a wrong photography choice can add to the hurricane,but choosing this team ensures calm and joy will reign on your big day.


9. Ben Newnam Photography

Ben Newnam Photography

One of the most important parts about selecting a wedding photographer is getting someone whose style matches your own. While he is highly awarded and widely regarded for his skill and service, Ben prefers that his work speaks for itself. If he is the right match for you, you will know; you will connect instantly with the feeling you get from looking through his gallery and talking to him in person.

Like meeting your soulmate, when you find the right wedding photographer, you just know.


10. Clover Image

Clover Image

Winning awards not just in Sydney but also internationally, you will be blown away by the talented people at Clover Image. With a gallery of clear, crisp and breathtaking imagery, Clover are specialists in creative photos as well as classic and traditional shots.

Pursuing perfection and quality, in a few short years, Clover has become famed as a unique emerging leader in the industry. For professionalism and an album you will treasure forever, choose Aries and his team.


11. Dreamlife Photos & Video


Dreamlife believes that the images are the building blocks of the entire unfolding story. If you don’t capture the right images, then the story you tell changes with time, and can even fade. The clever photographers behind Dreamlife know this very well, and use this focus as the foundation for every image they capture.

With shots that are filled with colour and light, you know you are in talented hands here. Every shot is magical, memorable, vibrant and emotional, but they are also all part of a wonderfully told story of your romance.

Dreamlife are just very, very good at what they do.


12. JS Photography


In the mad rush of your wedding day so much can be forgotten or missed. But this is the most important day of your life, and you want every detail to be cherished forever. The best way to make sure you get every shot and picture and memory is to use the best photography team.

This talented team have made a name for themselves for being infallible, and never letting their customers down. Capturing the whole love story is their focus and they will make sure everything and everyone is included and looking their very best.


13. Gemma Clarke Photography

Gemma Clarke Photography

Gemma has a natural affinity for putting people at ease, a talent which makes her the ideal photographer to have there documenting your special day. Friendly and fun, as well as artistic and enormously professional, Gemma has an eye for the moments that mean the most, and which watch them unfold and grab them in the lens for you to hold for all time.

For the couple looking for a photography studio with a lot of passion, a little romance, and exceptional fun.


14. AtDusk Photography

AtDusk Photography

Chris Prestidge from At Dusk makes a connection with each of his couples, and views every wedding as completely unique and enticingly interesting on its own. He will incorporate the environment and location you have chosen beautifully into your photos as well.

Backed by modern equipment with an old-school skill for capturing unforgettable imagery, this studio will bring you fresh, honest and vibrant shots.


15. Splendid Photos & Video

Splendid Photos and Video

At Splendid they look for the subtle and meaningful, as well as the showstopping and breathtaking. One of Sydney’s most well-loved and highly-reviewed photography teams has years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients on their books.

Featured in a number of wedding magazines, Splendid create and capture images that are enchanting, graceful and full of heart.


16. Soulmade Stories

Soulmade Stories

Husband and wife team Evan and Clair know all about telling the perfectly imperfect love story. This lovely team feels honoured by the couples who choose them, and work closely with them to be just the right fit.

Working tirelessly behind the camera on your big day to not only witness the celebration, but to document it just the way you want. With immense skill and a great love for what they do, you are in trustworthy hands here.


17. Damien Milan Photography

Damien Milan Photography

This photography studio has received some wonderful reviews from satisfied couples, and if you take one look through the online gallery, you will start to get a feeling for why. This will be just the start of this feeling, however, that will bloom and overflow when you meet the gorgeous team and see how natural, calming and professional they are on your big day.

When they hand you the amazing photos that you know you will cherish for a lifetime, you will be certain you made the perfect choice.


18. Alan Khan Photography


When you are looking for photos that will blow your mind, talk to Alan Khan. The images from this renowned studio offer glamour, style, and sophistication, and are guaranteed to put you in your very best light.

With only the best equipment and technology behind them, these wizards weave magic from the everyday. For the discerning couple searching for that something that really stands out.


19. Lightheart Films & Photography


When it comes to weddings, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Your wedding photos are incredibly personal and very unique, and the service provided by your photographer has to be specially tailored to fit. Lightheart understands this better than anyone.

Talented and creative photographers and videographers, you can capture all of your cherished moments with this versatile and friendly team.


20. Chalk & Cheese Photography

Chalk and Cheese

Chalk and Cheese look to capture all of the passion and joy of your wedding day. They craft two-dimensional images that will come alive with laughter and emotion for years after you’ve exchanged your vows.

They work closely with their couples to ensure they only capture the true essence of their story, and nothing gets missed. Exceptionally talented photographers, and lovely people to work with as a bonus.


It is such an important decision, and one that you really want to get right. Different photographers have different ways of working, and you don’t just want beautiful images, you want someone who makes you feel comfortable on your big day.

Some posed shots are necessary, but you probably still want to look like yourself, and capture the essence of you as a couple.

Feeling comfortable with your photographer enables you to show your very best and most authentic side in your photos. When you are free to be happy and show how you feel about each other naturally, you will be the most beautiful you.

Choose the right person as well as the right style for your wedding photographer, and you are sure to be happy with the result.



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