Are you dreaming of blue skies and sunny beaches as you marry the love of your life? There is nothing like getting swept away in the planning and dreaming stages before your wedding day.

However, reality is calling with many things to organise and get done before the big celebration. Your to-do list will very long, filled with finer details to ensure your fairytale day can go off without a hitch.

Make sure you take the time to find the right marriage celebrant. This is an important person in the wedding day who will lead the ceremony for you and your beloved. Find the right person to trust your love with amongst these top marriage celebrants in the Gold Coast.

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In no particular order, here we list the Editor’s Choice Top 10 marriage celebrants in the Gold Coast


Gold Coast, QLD

Michael Janz marriage celebrant

With a knack for setting an unforgettable tone to a wedding day, Michael Janz is professional, personable, and passionate in his work as a marriage celebrant. He does his job with a sense of pride and certainly brings a ‘wow’ factor each ceremony.

Michael makes each ceremony unique. He aims to reflect the nature of each couple and bring out their special elements for the day. Simply put, Michael is always excited to celebrate love and acknowledge the partnership you share.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Personal, professional

Contact : Michael Janz

Brisbane/GoldCoast, QLD

Kindred Spirits Celebrant bronwyn brown

Based in the Gold Coast, Bronwyn Brown (Kindred Spirits Celebrant) is an experienced and a super passionate marriage celebrant.  She loves meeting and talking to new people which led her to her dream career as a celebrant.

In her initial consultation sessions with the couple, she gets to know the couple and understand their love story. She loves to discuss ideas with the couple which helps her create a personalized ceremony for the couple.

You can expect Bronwyn not only to keep your guests engaged in the ceremony but her years of experience means she’ll be by your side to hold your nerves  on the day!

Contact : Bronwyn Brown

Gold Coast, QLD

Caroline Jackson

There are many reasons why Caroline Jackson has been voted one of Australia’s top celebrants. She is a full time celebrant whose ultimate business it is to make a wedding ceremony truly special and memorable.

Caroline has worked across Australia and in the United Kingdom. She has extensive experience in bringing fairytale dreams and turning them into a reality for couples. Caroline works closely with couples to build a ceremony that is special and reflects the essence of their love.

Years Experience: Since 1985

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Professional, in-depth

VIDEO: Caroline Jackson Celebrant

Contact : Caroline Jackson

Gold Coast, QLD

Pauline Harland marriage celebrant

Working with a sense of style and flexibility, Pauline Harland is a trustworthy celebrant. She loves discovering who you are as a couple and what you are looking for in your special ceremony.

Pauline works within any theme and caters for traditional, contemporary, or vintage ceremonies and anything in between. She feels honoured each time she gets the opportunity to tell your love story in front of your family and friends. Pauline has a background in marketing and creative and inspirational writing which shine through as her strengths when hosting a ceremony.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Contemporary, vintage, themed

Contact : Pauline Harland

Gold Coast, Mermaid Waters, QLD

Jo Hurley marriage celebrant

The smiling face behind Love Story Ceremonies, Jo Hurley is a romantic at heart. Being a marriage celebrant is in the family business for her. After watching her dad conduct weddings growing up, she also wanted to be part of that sense of relationship and community.

Jo presents weddings with honesty, confidence, and kindness. She is very much client driven and thrives off making deep connections. Listening to people is a real passion of hers.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Friendly, confident

VIDEO: Jo Hurley Celebrant

Contact : Jo Hurley

Gold Coast, QLD

Ann Dally marriage celebrant

Thriving on making sure couples get their most out of their ‘once in a lifetime’ day, Ann Dally is upbeat and vibrant. She happily hosts all types of ceremonies, from traditional to contemporary. In all she does, Ann makes it fun and enthusiastic.

Ann is president of the Australian Marriage Celebrant company. She has won extensive amounts of awards for her passionate and dedicated services. Ann is also someone who people can relate to, especially those who love chocolate and cheese like she does!

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Vibrant, upbeat, unique

Contact : Ann Dally

Gold Coast, QLD

Nick Erby marriage celebrant

A leading celebrant in the Gold Coast region, Nick Erby has a commandeering presentation style that is always eloquent and respectful. He has years of experience hosting weddings of all shapes and sizes and styles. From gardens to beaches, Nick is a celebrant for it all.

Nick has an easy going and professional manner. This makes it easy for clients to connect with him and trust him. He is an in-depth listener and truly cares about bringing out the special moments for a couple’s day.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Professional, easy going

VIDEO: Nick Erby Celebrant

Contact : Nick Erby

Gold Coast, QLD

Sue Raward marriage celebrant

Working with her clients to create a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony to celebrate this iconic milestone, Sue Raward offers many personal touches. She works hard to ensure coupes get all their wishes granted for their dream day.

Sue is a registered celebrant and supporter of marriage equality. Her focus is to personalise each ceremony and make sure it reflects the love you share – however crazy, genuine, and exciting you want it to be shown. Sue works with couples on all stages of the planning, from scripts to songs.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Personal, vibrant

VIDEO: Sue Raward Celebrant

Contact : Sue Raward

Gold Coast and surrounds, QLD

Nicole Craze marriage celebrant

As someone who is crazy for love herself, Nicole Craze is a passionate and professional marriage celebrant. She loves bringing visions of romance and love to life with couples.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether its a romantic love affair or a short and sweet ceremony, Nicole caters to your desires. She believes that couples should be able to celebrate their love their own way. Nicole is also available for destination weddings.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Professional, individual

Contact : Nicole Craze

Gold Coast, QLD

Bree Nicholls marriage celebrant

Taking a fresh and fun approach to all things love and commitment, Bree Nicholls is vibrant and professional. She provides wedding ceremonies that are simple and casual, while tailoring all the finer details to exactly what you want.

Bree has conducted over 200 ceremonies around the Gold Coast region. Each time, she loves smiling and laughing along with the happy memories and beautiful nature of each couple. She is trustworthy and personable in her practice.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Friendly, modern, fun

Contact : Bree Nicholls


11. Helen Coghlan

Gold Coast, QLD

Helen Coghlan marriage celebrant

The caring smile behind Simply Magic Ceremonies belongs to Helen Coghlan. She is a registered civil celebrant and has a true passion for creating beautiful and memorable wedding ceremonies filled with love.

Helen has a natural flair for producing excellent ceremonies. She adapts her style according to what makes a couple unique, aiming to reflect their love and commitment in what she does. Michelle is also flexible with her time and schedule, working so she can fit into your busy life ahead of the wedding.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Natural, professional

VIDEO: Helen Coghlan Celebrant

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