While some might consider it simply a soundtrack to the events of the wedding day, music can be one of the most important aspects of any wedding celebration. More than just background noise to boost the mood, music can uplift emotions, create a vibe, and get all of your friends, family, and loved ones moving on the dance floor in no time. Whether you want a string quartet gently bowing as you walk down the aisle, a DJ to scratch the records on the dance floor to the latest hits, or a live wedding band to cover all those classic rock hits that your parents are always talking about, you’re going to want some incredible musical entertainment at your wedding celebration.

To help you find this very thing, we’ve created this list of the top ten wedding music providers in and around the Gold Coast! We hope that this list gives you and your partner a strong sense of the options in your area and what those musical entertainers can provide to lend your wedding a lighthearted spirit and an animated attitude. Enjoy browsing through this list of the best wedding music providers across the Gold Coast!

Benny Hanna Music is one of the Gold Coast’s most sought after wedding music providers, providing everything from gentle acoustic guitar strumming to wild DJ skills on the dance floor and anything else in between. Perfect for prospective married couples planning their weddings in and around the Gold Coast, Benny Hanna Music can accommodate ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions for wedding celebrations, with such offerings as the ability to learn any special requests, aisle songs, signing songs, first dance songs, live looping technique, professional DJ lighting, and a state-of-the-art sound system, among other such items. Packages with Benny Hanna Music begin at $1,499 and range up to $2,799, with such items included as three hours of live music at reception, one hour of live music before reception, three hours of DJing, and more, all over an eight hour period of time.

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With Janda Events, prospective married couples planning their Gold Coast-based wedding celebrations can trust that they’re working with the one of the best musical entertainment providers to be found for weddings in the local area. Conveniently, Janda Events offers a combination package with celebrant and musical services, in which the celebrant, Andy, will later join Jake on a combination of acoustic and electric instruments to wow all the guests in attendance with musical sets. Additional packages include the “Total Music Management” package, which includes an acoustic, electric, and DJ wedding soundtrack, the “Wedding Ceremony” package, which includes marriage celebrant services and a dedicated ceremony solo performer, and a “Custom Wedding Package,” in which clients can specify services to their exact specifications, making for a fully individualized, bespoke experience from start to finish.

Phone: 0425 721 769

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McGee Entertainment is a wedding music provider based out of the Gold Coast, providing local soon-to-be-married couples with truly unforgettable musical entertainment. Packages with McGee Entertainment are flexible, with an “All Day Package,” “Reception Package,” ‘Ceremony, Cocktail, +Dinner Package,” “DJ Package,” and more. The “All Day Package” entitles clients to such services as choice of artist, ceremony music, cocktail hour music, DJ services at the reception, gentle dinner music, dance & reception DJing, high quality sound system, emcee services, a detailed run sheet, and the ability to travel within catchment zones for no extra fee. An upgrade to this package, in the form of a full wedding band, can be made available through “The Luxe Upgrade,” with the inclusion of a trio or a four-piece band with virtuosic vocalists and ultra-talented instrumentalists.

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For a duo of acoustic singer-songwriters who collaborate to perform gorgeous acoustic music for wedding celebrations across the Gold Coast and beyond, look no further than the services of Ash & Danny for upcoming wedding ceremonies and receptions. Influenced by the folksy vibe of bands like The Lumineers and Bon Iver, and with over fifteen years of experience in the musical entertainment industry, Ash & Danny can combine classic repertoire with original tunes to provide a backdrop of chill, laidback musical ambiance for ceremonies and receptions. Ash & Danny carry a top-shelf sound system with them to wedding celebrations, ensuring that their music will be heard loud and clear by all guests in attendance.

Phone: 0401 960 453

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Sarah Archer Weddings is one of the most qualified musical entertainers for wedding celebrations in and around the Gold Coast. Sarah Archer Weddings provides a vast array of packages for wedding celebrations, with the most extensive package covering the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and DJ services; this package includes such items as 30 minutes of pre-ceremony music, ceremony live music of choice, post ceremony music, reception and dinner music, DJ music, dance-floor party music, state-of-the-art sound equipment, and more. This package occurs over a seven hour period, and smaller packages can cover five hours and three hours, respectively. Additionally, combination packages of celebrant & musical services together can be booked with Sarah Archer Weddings to keep several services all under one roof.

Phone: 0402 249 897

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With the services of Kulaz, soon-to-be-married couples planning wedding ceremonies and receptions across the Gold Coast can rest assured knowing that the duo of Brooke & Crawford Webb will lend the proceedings an air of elegance and musical competence that guests will not soon forget. Kulaz maintains a repertoire of genres including pop, latin-pop, pop-rock, and reggae, ranging from the 1960s all the way to current day tunes. Playing together since 1998, Kulaz can function as anything ranging from a basic duo to a five-piece band for wedding celebrations across the Gold Coast, giving wedding festivities the nostalgic charm of an old-fashioned, classic rock-style band to get all the guests on their feet and swarming the dance floor with buzzing energy. A song list can be made available in advance of the wedding date to determine what kinds of music will be specifically desired.

Phone: 0409 040 959

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Gold Coast DJ Entertainment is one of the Gold Coast’s most skilled music providers for wedding celebrations. Packages with Gold Coast DJ Entertainment begin at $999 and cap at $1,550, with the inclusion of such offerings as five hours of DJ service, five hours of photo booth access, dance floor lighting, uplighting, and more. In business since 2011, Gold Coast DJ Entertainment has been providing bopping music for wedding celebrations for a decade, with over 130,000 songs provided in the DJ repertoire. A service called “Dancing on Clouds,” essentially a fog machine to lend the reception a bit of stage magic and charm, can be provided with the more expensive packages or purchased as a special a la carte item.

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For memorable musical moments baked into the tapestry of a wedding celebration, check out Gold Coast DJs for any and all wedding day music needs. Packages with Gold Coast DJs begin at $660 and range up to $990, with such services offered as five hours of DJ service, intelligent lighting that shifts to the tempo of the music, emcee services, email and phone consultations to discuss specifics, vast repertoire of music, wireless microphone, and accommodation of any and all special requests. A karaoke machine can be provided for weddings that want to incorporate a bit of “audience participation” and create a sense of fun and whimsy at the reception. Additional hours with the dedicated team of DJs at Gold Coast DJs can be booked upon request in advance of the wedding date, by the extra hour.

Phone: 0419 776 698

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WE R DJs is a Gold Coast-based wedding music provider, offering up bespoke wedding DJ services for soon-to-be-married couples planning their wedding festivities in and around the local area. Wedding packages with WE R DJS begin at $950 and range up to $2,999, with such services included as no time limits, professional DJ, cocktail music, emcee services, dance floor lighting, planning portal to style a setlist in advance of the wedding date, and planning meetings in advance as well. Additional items offered by WE R DJS include a cold spark effect, dancing on a cloud effect, animated monograms, wedding album, mirror booth, and so much more; this extra items can lend weddings a touch of artistry, whimsy, and spirited fun that will animate and enliven all of the guests in attendance and inspire them to break out onto the dance floor and party the night away.

Phone: 0402 862 939

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NikNat Entertainment is one of the Gold Coast’s premier wedding music providers, ideal for couples planning their weddings in and around the local area. Services offered by NikNat Entertainment are broken up into the following categories: wedding DJ services, master of ceremonies services, and wedding musician services. Whether clients are looking for masterful jazz vocals and light acoustic guitar strumming along to classics like those of Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin or prefer a DJ to spin the vinyl to the tunes of the current billboard’s greatest hits, NikNat Entertainment can come through on the day of the wedding and spice up the celebration with bespoke musical entertainment. NikNat Entertainment offers a fully customized experience, eschewing set pricing models in favor of a system that prioritizes the specific needs of clients in order to gauge a budget and work within that budget to provide unforgettable musical entertainment.

Phone: 1300 769 798

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When it comes to musical entertainment for wedding ceremonies and receptions across the Gold Coast and beyond, this list of the top ten wedding music providers in the area represents the very best of the best. We encourage you and your partner to reach out to any of these entertainers who you think might make a good fit for your celebration; it can never hurt to reach out to too many people, especially with wedding season always looming overhead and threatening to take these incredible performers out of commission when it comes to your specific date. With so much riding on the day of your wedding, you only want to work with the industry’s finest musicians and musical entertainment providers, so we hope that you’re able to use this list to find the music provider of your dreams!