There is nothing like a beautiful wedding day where true love blossoms its way into lifelong commitment. And now it is your turn to celebrate the love between you and your partner!

No doubt there are many smiles around the house at the thought of this.

Amongst the cheers and bubbles, there are some intense planning stages that need to be tended to. In order to have a smooth day like a fairytale dream, make sure you do your research and get exactly what you’re looking for.

This goes for finding the right wedding celebrant, too. This trusted person will be leading the ceremony for you and your beloved to come together in wedded matrimony.

Find the right person to do this amongst these leading marriage celebrants on the Sunshine Coast.

In no particular order, here are the editor’s top picks for marriage celebrants in the Sunshine Coast


Best Marriage Celebrants In Sunshine Coast

1. Jacqueline Gray

2. Alison Dempster

3. Jay Flood

4. Suzanne Riley

5. Jarrad Bayliss

6. Natalie Skye

7. Karen Faa

8. Michelle Collins

9. Kathy Young

10. Paula Koda

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Jacqueline Gray marriage celebrant

Experienced and intuitive, Jacqueline Gray has over 20 years of work and 2000 weddings under her blent. Her warm and friendly personality has won her many awards in her professional and dedicated service as a wedding celebrant.

Offering affordable and personalised wedding ceremonies, Jacqueline has a range of services available. For all couples, including same-sex couples, she offers a unique and engaging service that truly reflects the love you and your partner share.

Years Experience: Over 20 years

Fees: Depending on style, from $360-$650

Style: Warm, friendly, professional

VIDEO: Jacqueline Gray Celebrant

Celebrant : Jacqueline Gray

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Alison Dempster marriage celebrant

Offering a sense of commitment in her services, Alison Dempster is more than just a ceremony celebrant. She is also someone who will give a personal sense of caring, will make genuine time for you, and will make sure she represents the essence of your love.

Alison also offers many extra touches to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything. She provides a feathered quill pen for signing and a wide range of poems to bring a tear to everyone’s eye.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Punctual, reliable, professional

Celebrant : Alison Dempster

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Jay Flood marriage celebrant

Best described as authentic, real, and relaxed, these are exactly the traits you can expect from a wedding ceremony with Jay Flood. Ensuring that guests are entertained and engaged while the loved up couple ties the knot, Jay is a vibrant personality with a professional approach.

Jay takes a step away from anything too rehearsed. He likes to keep things realistic and improvised to a point, bringing out the real story behind the romance. Jay has a background in education, media, and business, meaning he can relate to people on many levels.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Authentic, relaxed

Celebrant : Jay Flood

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Suzanne Riley marriage celebrant

With a bold and confident personality, Suzanne Riley has a vivacious styles that radiates through a crowd when hosting weddings. She loves celebrating special moments and sharing the joy of the story that bought a couple together.

Suzanne is anything but boring in her celebrant services. She aims to make each couple’s day filled with unforgettable awesomeness. Meanwhile, she also takes care of the legalities with attentive order and professionalism. She is the whole package in herself.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Vivacious, warm

VIDEO: Suzanne Riley Celebrant

Celebrant : Suzanne Riley

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Jarryd Bayliss marriage celebrant

If you’re looking for an amazing ceremony from someone who truly cares, Jarrad Bayliss is a celebrant worth considering. He is personal and enthusiastic while also being professional and efficient.

Jarrad isn’t a stereotypical celebrant. He is serious about having fun and bringing out all the great elements of your love and romance for the day. Jarrad offers a no-frills service that focuses on being realistic, genuine, and authentic at every step of the way.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Authentic, genuine

VIDEO: Jarrad Bayliss Celebrant

Celebrant : Jarrad Bayliss

Sunshine Coast and surrounds, QLD

Natalie Skye marriage celebrant

A smiling face and a sunny disposition, Natalie Skye is the face behind the Sunny Celebrant. Everything she does in her professional work reflects her vibrant and positive demeanour, which will shine through when she hosts your wedding.

Natalie is a young and modern celebrant, bringing fun and joy to her work and your special day. She is happy and hip, offering her services in contemporary weddings and traditional styles.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Wedding packages available

Style: Young, fun, nurturing

VIDEO: Natalie Skye Celebrant

Celebrant : Natalie Skye

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Karen Faa marriage celebrant

Always excited to bring about special days in special ways, Karen Faa is professional and vibrant. She offers a fun and modern edge on hosting wedding ceremonies while striving to create a memorable experience for you.

For a wedding of any shape, style, or size, Karen vows to bring her pizzaz and professionalism. She has a wealth of knowledge about planning weddings which she loves to share with a genuine smile and a warm heart.

Years Experience: 24 Years

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Professional, vibrant

Celebrant : Karen Faa

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Michelle Collins marriage celebrant

Offering a place for dream weddings to come to life, Michelle Collins proudly offers affordable wedding ceremonies so that more and more people can have their special day. She is committed to personal detail and listening attentively to your unique story.

Michelle has done just about everything in the wedding world – from jumping out of planes to dressing up for themed weddings. She truly gets involved in the spirit of the day and does her professional work to capture the nature of your love and commitment.

Years Experience: Since 2009

Fees: Affordable wedding packages available

Style: Personal, unique

Celebrant : Michelle Collins

Sunshine Coast, QLD

kathy marriage celebrant

With a passion for love stories, Kathy from the Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant is a hopeless romantic at heart. She loves the task of helping couples find the right words for their vows and their story to be told.

Kathy firmly believes that each wedding ceremony needs to be as unique as the couple’s love is. She steers clear of anything generic and cliched, rather she dives deep into the essence of the bond shared between two people.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available during consultation

Style: Genuine, authentic

Celebrant : Kathy Young

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Paula Koda marriage celebrant

As a Sunshine Coast local herself, Paula Koda loves helping couples celebrate their love in such a beautiful part of the world. She takes pride in driving the moment that couples commit their lives to one another and share with their loved ones.

Paula is caring and professional. She dedicates her time to each and everyone of her clients. As this is her full time work, she is always available for all needs of the happy couple.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Wedding packages available

Style: Professional, personalised

VIDEO: Paula Koda Celebrant

Celebrant : Paula Koda



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