On the day of your wedding, you want to be travelling in style. While there’s nothing wrong with your average SUV, your wedding day is an opportunity to embrace the more lavish aspects of life, from the frilly decor to the opulent venue to the rippling, flowing wedding dress. For that reason, it can be a lot of fun to make the transportation aspect of your wedding day one of those special, luxurious moments that you’ll look back on as a fond memory of indulgence and lighthearted fun.

To help you find the perfect transportation for your upcoming wedding celebration, we’ve assembled together this list of the top four wedding car providers across the Sunshine Coast! With this list, you can browse different types of cars, amenities, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a stretch limousine or something a little more low key, you’ll find it on this list of the very best wedding car providers in and around the Sunshine Coast!

Noosa Woody Hire

With the services of Noosa Woody Hire, clients in and around the Sunshine Coast can trust that all of their wedding day car needs will be well taken care of by this luxurious company. Services with Noosa Woody Hire for wedding celebrations are broken down into the following stylistic categories: luxury weddings, surf weddings, and vintage weddings.

For luxury weddings, Noosa Woody Hire offers up a fully chauffeured post-war Ford Woody. For surf weddings, Noosa Woody Hire provides a 1946 Ford Woody, with the option to dress the chauffeur in an aloha shirt or in any other casual outfit that will create an atmosphere of chilled out fun. For vintage weddings, Noosa Woody Hire also provides a newly restored 1946 Ford Woody, with all of the wooden timber panels, vibrant colours, and other retro features that will lend the wedding transportation an air of nostalgia and lighthearted charm. Wedding packages with Noosa Woody Hire come with a three-hour minimum hire, and the off-peak season is from May to August.

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Kombi Celebrations

Kombi Celebrations is one of the premier wedding car providers on the Sunshine Coast, serving prospective married couples in and around the local area with incredible transportation services. For Sunshine Coast-based wedding celebrations, Kombi Celebrations provides a five-star experience in all areas of the transportation process, whether it’s customer service, reliability, safety, or passion for the sheer beauty of wedding festivities.

Kombis on offer with Kombi Celebrations include the Alfie, the Aqua Luna, the Little Red, the Princess Limousine, and so many more, each vehicle unique and distinct in its vintage design and the number of passengers that can be carried on board. This flexibility in the products on offer with Kombi Celebrations means that wedding parties of all sizes can be accommodated by this wedding car provider. Quotes can be individualized and customized based on the amenities and services required by the client, and these quotes can be provided upon special request through the booking form on the Kombi Celebrations website.

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Deluxe Kombi Service

Deluxe Kombi Service is one of the most sought after transportation services across the Sunshine Coast when it comes to wedding celebrations. Wedding bookings with Deluxe Kombi Service come with a well-dressed chauffeur with Queensland transport driver authorization, a red carpet, a white ribbon tied to the front of the vehicle, a bridal “emergency” kit with any and all accessories a bride could need to keep her wedding day look freshened, large umbrellas, and an esky filled with ice, napkins, and champagne flutes.

Many other accommodations can be provided upon special request. Kombis available for rental include a Vintage Red 1965, a “Something Blue” 1962 Deluxe Microbus in lotus white over sapphire blue, and a 1964 Kombi Photo Booth decked out with gorgeous interior features and a photo booth for a touch of wedding day whimsy.

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Noosa VIP Limousines

Noosa VIP Limousines is a wedding car provider based out of the Sunshine Coast, well known for its incredible selection of vehicles. Limousines are the central item on offer with Noosa VIP Limousines, with options ranging from stretch limousines to Sedans and anything else in between. Prices for wedding limousines, which can seat up to seven passengers, begin at $440 for two hours of rental time, with 2.5 hours at $510, 3 hours at $570, 3.5 hours at $610, and 4 hours at $650. For the Sedan limousine, which can seat up to four passengers, prices begin at $290 for two hours, $330 for 2.5 hours, $370 for 3 hours, $410 for 3.5 hours, and $450 for 4 hours.

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Noosa VIP Limousines also works closely with a variety of local vendors and service providers for wedding celebrations, making this luxury transportation service a convenient resource to plan and coordinate all aspects of the wedding planning process.

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Now that you and your partner have finished up browsing through this list of the top four wedding car providers across the Sunshine Coast and beyond, we hope that you have attained a better sense of the kinds of options in your area for wedding day transportation. The sky is the limit with these choices, all of which reflect the utter luxury and opulence of wedding celebrations, represented best by the champagne, decorations, well-dressed chauffeur, and all of the other elegant features of these vehicle fleets. We encourage you to reach out and establish a line of communication with any transportation providers that particularly caught your interest — if you know what you want, nothing is stopping you from making your reservation right now and securing those services before they sell out. We wish you the very best of luck with the rest of your wedding planning process as you secure your transportation services and make a move on this fun aspect of your upcoming nuptials!