When it comes to the practical experience of a wedding reception, few things end up being more important than the catering.

Shaping the bulk of the wedding reception experience, the dining process lasts all the way from the cocktail hour to the cake cutting and dessert procession, so food plays a large and looming role in the proceedings of the night. This is why choosing a caterer turns out to be an essential part of the wedding planning process, and a component that should not be skimped on or rushed.

Take the time to find a caterer who can accommodate the personal tastes and preferences of you and your partner while also fitting neatly within your budget.

To help you find a wedding caterer who can do just that and more, we’ve put together this list of the top ten wedding caterers in and around the Sunshine Coast!

With this list, you and your partner can browse all of the options in your local area and assess whether these caterers can meet your budget, style, and taste.

We hope you enjoy sorting through all of these incredible, mouthwatering choices!

Alan Dawes Private Chef

Imagine having a multi-award winning chef craft your perfect wedding menu. Alan Dawes Private Chef comes from a background in Michelin Star restaurants across Europe and Australia, with a culinary background spanning nearly 2 decades. Voted a Best of Queensland Experience and Readers Choice for the last three years Chef Alan specialises in creating unforgettable fine dining experiences for intimate weddings and events. Focusing on local ingredients and incredible flavour combinations, Alan Dawes Private Chef will design a menu that will leave your guests talking for years to come. With options ranging from 6 course tasting menus to elegant canapés and luxurious 9 course degustation, each dish is expertly designed and presented with finesse to ensure the perfect wedding menu.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Address: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Phone: 0449 092 646

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Alan Dawes

The Spit Roast Company

The Spit Roast Company is a distinctive and delicious choice when it comes to wedding catering for ceremonies and receptions across the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Perfectly named for the type of service they provide, The Spit Roast Company provides excellently cooked and locally sourced meats of all kinds, ranging from whole pig on a spit to an Aussie BBQ buffet with tender grain fed prime rump steaks to BBQ marinated chicken portions to assorted gourmet chicken, beef, and pork sausages. Accoutrements with the meats include grilled onions with whole button mushrooms, medley of hot vegetables au gratin, and antipasto grazing tables with artisan cheeses, truffle & cacciatore salamis, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green olives, and other such staples. For a more rustic and homey approach to wedding catering, check out The Spit Roast Company.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 07 5477 1650

Social: The Spit Roast Company

Contact : Kelsey

Good 2 Eat Catering

With Good 2 Eat Catering, soon-to-be-married couples planning their nuptials across the Sunshine Coast will be able to dig into some of the most delicious food on offer. Canape samples with Good 2 Eat Catering include pulled pork pancakes with house pickles and Korean BBQ relish; palmwood mushroom arancini with thyme & pecorino cheese rolled in polenta; and battered halloumi sticks with capsicum spread. Buffet options include chicken breast with chimichurri, calamari with asian slaw and zesty lime dressing, potato gnocchi with mooloolaba prawns, and twice cooked crispy duck Maryland with cherry tomato basil salsa. Offering catering presented in the form of canapes for cocktail hours, sit down dinner buffets, and even food truck service, Good 2 Eat Catering is as flexible and accommodating as it is mouth wateringly delicious.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 0408 749 864

Social: Good 2 Eat Catering

Contact : Simon Wallace

Penfolds Catering

Penfolds Catering is a highly sought after wedding caterer, providing prospective married couples with food service that is as convenient and delicious as it is beautifully presented, giving all guests in attendance something to admire and enjoy. Penfolds Catering presents their foods in the following formats for weddings: finger food, buffets, dessert stations, grazing stations, sit-down plated dinner, and shared feasting. Menu options include items like four cheese croquette with pea emulsion, chilli caramel pork belly crispy fried with pickled red cabbage, and baked jalapeno poppers with kaffir lime mayo, and much more. Penfolds Catering offers a variety of bespoke packages ranging anywhere from $50 to $220 per person, with a chef and waitstaff provided.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 0402 276 065

Social: Penfolds Catering

Contact : Daniel Penfold

Spoon fed Catering

Prospective married couples planning their nuptials in and around Sunshine Coast should check out Spoon fed Catering for their wedding day food needs. Food presentations range from stand up finger foods to small dishes to shared platters to grazing stations. Sample food items with Spoon fed Catering include such innovative food items as mini yorkshire puddings with rare roast beef and horseradish creme fraiche, chicken schnitzel with fresh rosemary crust and lime mayo, and tandoori chicken skewers with cucumber raita and coriander. Vegetarian and vegan items rank numerous among the wide varying menu items available for client specification and selection. The general price for Spoon fed Catering is $85 per head; alcohol can be supplied by request as part of the “Bottle fed” service.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 0419 695 244

Social: Spoon fed Catering

Contact : Mia Daskalu

SafeHands Catering

SafeHands Catering is a well-trusted resource for wedding catering, ideal for ceremonies and receptions occurring in the greater Sunshine Coast metropolitan area. Packages available with SafeHands Catering take the form of a gourmet buffet, BBQ buffet, finger foods, talk n fork mini meals, feasting share platters, tapas wedding package, and plated sit down dinners. Example entree items include smokey hoisin all day slow roast pork belly with julienne apple and baby coz; goat cheese tartlet with roasted Noosa Reds, walnut pesto, and fried onion; and BBQ bourbon chicken thighs with southern drizzle and garlic focaccia. Bar & beverage catering can also be provided by SafeHands Catering, combining food and beverage service under one roof for maximal client convenience. Prices range from $62 per person to $85 per person.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 0412 352 719

Social: SafeHands Catering

Contact : Jason

Talking Turkey

Nothing can compare to the elegant and mouthwatering food options available with the culinary services of Talking Turkey, perfect for wedding celebrations based out of the Sunshine Coast and the greater metropolitan area. The menus for weddings with Talking Turkey are broken down into cocktail food, share platters, and sit down meals. Cocktail canapes include such items as Dukkah spiced Atlantic salmon, lemongrass chicken and water chestnut curry, and tandoori chicken tikka with mango chutney. Sit-down meal options include vodka and dill cured salmon with daikon slaw; sesame crusted market fish with pawpaw, peanut, beans sprout, coconut salad, and pickled ginger; and rib eye fillet with French beans and melted brie mushroom & burgundy blaze. Run by Chef Santosh, Talking Turkey is an elegant choice of wedding caterer for nuptials across the Sunshine Coast.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 0429 535 734

Social: Talking Turkey

Contact : Santosh

Journey Street Food

Journey Street Food is a unique and delicious choice of wedding catering company for upcoming wedding celebrations in and around the Sunshine Coast. Presenting food in forms ranging from fresh canapes to festival style meals to giant buffets, Journey Street Food specializes in the culinary language of international street food, with finger food options such as vegetable samosas with mint & yogurt chutney, Vietnamese pork belly baos with house pickled vegetables, and mooloolaba king prawns served on ice with sweet chili mayo dipping sauce. Main courses include Sri Lankan curry with beef and tamarind, dahl, coconut sambal, pilau rice, and pappadams; Indonesian beef rendang with coconut curry and urap; and mee krob crispy braised pork, bean shoot salad with hot and sour dressing, and crispy fried noodles.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 0439 782 866

Social: Journey Street Food

Contact : Ruby Senaratne

Tuck Shop

With the catering services of Tuck Shop, soon-to-be-married couples planning their upcoming nuptials can relax and trust that all of their culinary needs for their wedding will be well taken care of. Tuck Shop can accommodate weddings of all sizes with menus ranging from festival style to late night snacking, with food items including beef rendang with roast nuts, rice, and coriander; lobster roll on brioche with cucumber mayo; pumpkin and tofu laksa; poutine; fried popcorn chicken with smoky maple caramel; and mooloolaba prawn rolls with mint and salsa verde. All of these food options run the gamut in terms of cuisine and highbrow vs. lowbrow culinary style, satisfying both fine dining appeal and moreish cravings.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Phone: 0487 317 869

Social: Tuck Shop

Contact : Sara Dillon

Rustic Platters & Events

Rustic Platters & Events is one of the premier wedding caterers in and around the Sunshine Coast, providing prospective married couples with unforgettable food service on the day of their wedding. Rustic Platters & Events provides both grazing tables and platters with such items as soft and hard cheeses, gourmet crackers, range of dips, cured meats, seasonal fruit and veggie sticks, mini desserts, sourdough, and more. Brunches include a banquet of waffles, yoghurt, and granola, seasonal fruits, pastries, croissants, cheese, chocolate, juice, raisin toast, nutella, honey, and jam. For 80-100 guests, grazing tables can run up to $2,000.

Sample Menu: View their food menus here

Social: Rustic Platters & Events

Contact : Laura


When it comes to the day of your wedding, you want all of your guests to thoroughly enjoy the culinary options with which they are presented.

This means that you want to employ a wedding catering service that can create delectable delicacies that will enchant and amaze your guests both visually and in terms of taste and savouriness.

With all of these unbelievable options available for hire in and around the Sunshine Coast, there’s no reason you can’t find a caterer who appeals to your exact taste buds while meeting your budget where it is.

If there are any catering services on this list that particularly caught your fancy, we encourage you and your partner to reach out to them and gauge their availability for your wedding date.

Catering can be a competitive business when it comes time for wedding season, so the sooner you reach out, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

We hope that you and your partner have had a good time exploring these options, and we wish you lots of luck as you walk further down the path of evaluating caterers and come to a conclusion!