When it comes to the music on the day of a wedding, few aspects of the wedding celebration can affect the tone and atmosphere of the event quite as much as music does. Just like a slow song can get everybody introspective and quiet, lively music can amp up the energy and get all of the guests in attendance running toward the dance floor with incredible ferocity. Whether you’re looking for a DJ to blast all of the top billboard hits and capture the vibrancy of the moment or you’re in the market for a live acoustic musician to lend a tone of elegance and rustic indie charm to the wedding ceremony, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for among these options of incredible music providers.

Just check out this list of the top ten music providers in and around the Sunshine Coast and explore the incredible options for musical entertainment that sit in front of you, ready for booking. We hope that you and your partner enjoy browsing through this list, and we’re sure that with enough time and patience, you’ll find a musical entertainer who will accommodate any and all of your special requests, tastes, and preferences for the day of your wedding!

You want everyone to have a great time at your wedding and need an affordable DJ who’ll help you create FUN for everyone.  Paul and Nathan Collier are the DJs, MCs and Photobooth guys that live between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast who take the time to listen to what you want and guarantee ‘sore feet and a packed dance floor’ or your money back!  Checkout couples recent reviews.  They’ll help make your wedding FUN, relaxed, and stress-free!

Style: DJ, MC and Photobooths

Address: Brisbane QLD

Phone: 0410 587 221

Social: Facebook

Contact : Paul Collier

Greg Doney Music is a highly sought after music entertainer, providing incredible musical services for wedding celebrations in the area of the Sunshine Coast. Offering up his services as a singer, band leader, guitarist, and DJ all wrapped up into one performer, Greg Doney Music can tackle everything from solo singing with a guitar or ukulele for wedding ceremonies all the way to blasting the greatest hits from his station as a DJ for lively wedding receptions. For ceremonies, Greg Doney Music can play 7-8 songs at a minimum, with a battery powered PA system provided as well as accommodations for any special requests. The process with Greg Doney Music begins with an initial consultation to discuss any specific musical genres, styles, or songs, creating a bespoke experience that incorporates client feedback as an essential aspect of the collaboration.

Phone: 0425 759 571

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Contact : Greg Doney

Bringing six years of wedding entertainment expertise to the Gold Coast, Love Note Music ensures your special day is a harmonious blend of celebration and relaxation. From initial planning to the final note, they prioritise making the process stress-free, allowing couples to savour every moment. Recognizing that great weddings share a common thread of good vibes, Love Note Music becomes an integral part of your crew, infusing warmth and connection. Their commitment extends beyond playing music; they skillfully tune into the day, enhancing the ambiance during key moments and encouraging the crowd to join in for memorable encore experiences. For an unforgettable wedding filled with fun and genuine connections, consider Love Note Music.

Phone: 0431 132 484

Social: Love Note Music

Contact : Angela

The Famo’s Duo is a Sunshine Coast-based music provider, offering bespoke musical services for wedding ceremonies and receptions in the greater Sunshine Coast area. A husband-and-wife band, The Famo’s Duo knows all too well the importance of weddings. The Famo’s Duo offers three distinct packages, with up to eight hours of wedding day coverage available; an example of eight hour coverage can be a live pre-ceremony set, cocktail set while guests mingle, two live sets at the reception, and then a shift to the DJ station after the first dance to pump up the energy. Packages with The Famo’s Duo entitle clients to background playlists during breaks, multiple setup locations, stage and dance floor lighting, state-of-the-art sound system and equipment, and a wireless microphone, among other such items.

Phone: 0490 311 948

Social: The Famo’s Duo

Contact : Kristen

Marty Sima is a Sunshine Coast-based musician perfectly equipped with an acoustic guitar, a voice of gold, and a vast repertoire of greatest hits to provide the musical entertainment for wedding ceremonies and receptions across the local area. Ready for ceremonies with a guitar in hand to strum along gently as the ceremony proceedings are undergone, Marty Sima can also provide DJ services for lively wedding receptions, whether clients are looking for classic rock jams, top billboard hits, or special requests which Marty Sima can learn in advance of the upcoming wedding day. With twenty years of practical industry experience as a live musician performing for events of all sizes, Marty Sima can provide live music for ceremonies, canapes, and reception, with amenities including DJ lighting, sound system, full song list available for perusal, and all music services provided under one roof for maximal client convenience in the planning and booking process.

Phone: 0417 421 097

Social: Marty Sima

Contact : Marty Sima

Bringing the beats to Sunshine Coast weddings, Paul Vercoe Music crafts unforgettable moments with their ‘Start to Finish’ and ‘Just the Party Thanks’ wedding packages. With a repertoire spanning over 1000 weddings, they blend live acoustic melodies seamlessly with DJ sets. As the sun sets, guests sway to light acoustic tunes, setting the mood for heartfelt speeches. When DJ decks take the spotlight, the celebration crescendos into a dance-filled night. Every wedding’s unique vibe is embraced, ensuring a personalised soundtrack. From pre-drinks to the final note, Paul Vercoe Music promises a day filled with joy, ensuring your special day echoes in the hearts of all.

Phone: 0413 604 478

Social: Paul Vercoe Music

Contact : Paul Vercoe

Known for setting the perfect musical backdrop, Liam Griffin brings a unique charm to weddings and celebrations in South-East Queensland. With a diverse musical journey starting from playing the violin at the age of four, Liam has become a versatile artist, mastering various instruments and earning qualifications like a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Vocal Performance. A true Sagittarius man, Liam’s performances reflect his honesty, passion, and creative spirit. Steering clear of boasting about his achievements, he emphasises the joy and togetherness that music brings. Book Liam Griffin for your Sunshine Coast wedding or birthday party, creating memorable moments through his heartfelt and skillful performances.

Address: 2/5 Camphor Ct, Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Phone: 0478 038 145

Social: Liam Griffin Music

Contact : Liam Griffin

With over seven years of experience, Brad & Brodie Music promises an unforgettable wedding experience. Their duo offers a seamless blend of live music, DJ sets, and MC services, ensuring every moment is filled with the perfect soundtrack. Couples can expect tailored playlists, personalised performances, and strong communication leading up to the big day. Backed by a track record of over 100 5-star reviews, they bring unity and connection through the enchantment of music. From the first dance to the final celebration, Brad & Brodie Music crafts a beautiful atmosphere, etching perfect memories for years to come.

Address: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Phone: 0466 820 416

Social: Brad & Brodie Music

Contact : Brad & Brodie

Gian, a versatile wedding artist, DJ, and MC, offers a seamless experience for couples tying the knot. With customisable packages tailored to suit various wedding needs, Gian ensures a stress-free journey from planning to partying. From heartfelt acoustic sets in serene settings to pumping DJ sessions igniting the dance floor, Gian’s dynamic performances cater to every moment of the celebration. Free extras like personalised song arrangements and karaoke setups add an extra layer of joy to the festivities. With glowing reviews from satisfied clients, Gian promises an unforgettable musical backdrop for your special day.

Address: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Phone: 0406 779 176

Social: Officialgianmusic

Contact : Gian

Greg McInnes Music

Greg McInnes Music is one of the premier wedding music providers on the Sunshine Coast, providing local soon-to-be-married couples with unforgettable music entertainment services. Making magical music through the use of acoustic and electric guitar, a stomp box, and a looper, Greg McInnes Music can take a wedding through the ceremony, canapes, and reception all by himself, through both live music and DJ services. With two decades of industry experience as a live musician playing everything from classic rock to blues to modern day bops from the radio, Greg McInnes Music can get guests humming in their seats, tearing up to the gentle sounds of acoustic strumming, and bolting toward the dance floor to shake it out to a favorite modern hit.

Phone: 0421 212 588

Social: Greg McInnes Music

Contact : Greg McInnes


For access to some of the best music entertainers for wedding celebrations located in and around the Sunshine Coast, look no further than this list. Representing the very best options in the local area, with a wide array of services and offerings available for booking, this list of the top ten music providers in and around the Sunshine Coast can be used as a resource by you and your partner as you evaluate your local options and start to consider what kinds of musical entertainers you might be looking for on your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a DJ and emcee to take charge of the reception and blast billboard hits that will get all the young and old guests out onto the dance floor or you’d prefer the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar and a live band playing classic rock late into the night, this list can provide you with all of the musicians you could need to make an informed decision and staff up your wedding with musical entertainment that all the guests in attendance will not soon forget.