Once your wedding day has wrapped up and you watch your loved ones leaving the reception hall, full stomachs and happy hearts, you’ll start to feel a little melancholy. After all of the planning and preparation for this day, a massive undertaking requiring all of your time and effort to pull off, it’s natural to feel down once the party has ended and the cake has been scarfed down. That’s why a wedding video will buoy your spirits and give you a little bit of the rush that you’ve been missing as you get to relive all of your favorite memories and events of your wedding celebration.

To help you speed along the process of finding the right person to get the job done, we’ve put together this list of the top ten wedding videographers in and around the Sunshine Coast! With this list, you and your partner will have a trusted resource from which to narrow down your options and look into the kinds of qualities you’re seeking out for your wedding video. We hope you enjoy!

For expert wedding videography services, look no further than Sunshine Coast Videography. Sunshine Coast Videography can deliver top-shelf films to clients that are suited and customized to exact client preferences when it comes to the cinematic style, tone, and mood of the video. Sunshine Coast Videography offers a documentary-style wedding videography package, which allows for a more candid approach to the wedding footage; this includes minimal, non-invasive shots that immortalize moments of unexpected candor and authentic, intimate connection. Ceremony packages result in 30 minutes of highlight footage, and packages that include the reception result in one hour of highlight footage. A three-minute trailer can also be created by Sunshine Coast Videography.

Address: Wurtulla, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 0401 931 080

Social: Sunshine Coast Videography

Contact : Jayden

Jensen & Young is one of the premier wedding videography providers on the Sunshine Coast, perfect for capturing wedding memories in permanence. Services for weddings are conveniently grouped into packages titled “The Romantics,” “The Starry-Eyed,” and “The Enchanted.” These packages include such services as nine hours of film coverage, drone aerials, one cinematographer and an assistant, two hours of prep and detail management, ceremony and reception coverage, family & bridal coverage, speeches, first dance & cake cutting, and much more. Additionally, a wooden USB gift box and a professional highlight reel of about 25 minutes can be delivered.

Address: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 0432 879 957

Social: Jensen & Young

Contact : Ashlee

With Blue Vale Films, prospective married couples can ensure that all of the best moments of their wedding celebration will be captured in posterity through a tangible video. Blue Vale Films is the brainchild of Ed, a professional videographer who emphasizes the importance of capturing genuine moments of connection on film, with a down-to-earth, low-key approach that eschews cinematic spectacle in favor of a naturalistic simplicity; Ed at Blue Vale Films calls this a “fly on the wall” approach. The process with Blue Vale Films begins with an initial consultation, which can be scheduled by appointment.

Address: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 0424 428 527

Social: Blue Vale Films

Contact : Ed

Time Flies By Videography is a wedding videography company based out of the Sunshine Coast. Time Flies By Videography takes a candid approach to wedding videography, avoiding the hassle of staging and forcing certain shots and instead finding the moments that spark organically; this approach results in a video that captures the wedding celebration as it actually happened, not idealized or romanticized but simply immortalized in its truest form. Offering affordable rates and customized, bespoke services, Time Flies By Videography is an ideal choice for capturing Sunshine Coast-based ceremonies and receptions.

Address: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 0476 789 965

Social: Time Flies By Videography

Contact : Amy

When it comes to wedding videography, few companies do it better than Coastal Videography. Coastal Videography offers both wedding photography and videography, making it as easy as possible for clients by keeping multiple services under one roof. Additionally, Coastal Videography offers drone photography and videography, widening the scope of the resulting wedding video and capturing the wide scenic angle of the venue of choice, whether its a beachside bash or a traditional banquet hall celebration. With a dedicated emphasis on “authenticity” and a desire to “zoom in” on the distinctive uniqueness of each couple with whom they collaborate, the team at Coastal Videography is a great selection of service provider for Sunshine Coast-based weddings.

Address: 42 Boardwalk Blvd, Mount Coolum QLD 4573

Phone: 0420 835 862

Social: Coastal Videography

Contact : Dessi

We Film Weddings is a wedding videography outlet based out of the Sunshine Coast, providing customized and individualized services for wedding ceremonies and receptions across the local area and beyond. Using only top-shelf state-of-the-art equipment, such as Black Magic Design URSA mini 4.6k, and providing two videographers on the day of the wedding to ensure that not a moment is missed, We Film Weddings incorporates drone footage and pro sound and color correction to lend the wedding videos a touch of professional flair and artistic elegance. Wedding packages can be built from the ground up according to the budgets and needs to clients, with the option for up to 10 hours of coverage, an eight minute teaser, and extra add-ons including the whole first dance, the whole ceremony, testimonials, speeches, and a drone montage.

Address: Eumundi Noosa Rd, Eumundi QLD 4562

Phone: 0407 657 611

Social: We Film Weddings

Contact : Dom

For some of the best wedding videography services across the Sunshine Coast and beyond, check out Coral Film Co. Owned and operated by the duo of Angus and Olivia Mead, Coral Film Co. captures wedding celebrations on video, with footage filmed to the stylistic desires and preferences of the prospective married couples with whom the team collaborates. A variety of bespoke packages are available for perusal by clients, through which multiple videography services can be ordered for wedding festivities. Free quotes from Coral Film Co. can be made available upon request.

Address: 33 Forest Ridge Dr, Doonan QLD 4562

Phone: 0447 916 433

Social: Coral Film Co.

Contact : Angus

Bent Film Co. is one of the most capable wedding videography service providers on the Sunshine Coast, run by the dynamic duo of Abbey and Kara. Abbey and Kara are professional videographers who collaborate to present soon-to-be-married couples with wedding videos that embrace client needs and requests while fitting into a variety of flexible budgets. Wedding packages can be ordered with Bent Film Co., with a video package and video + photography package available for booking. Add-ons to the amenities offered in these packages include extra hours of shooting, day-before location shoot, raw footage, video guestbook, and candid photography, among other such services.

Address: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 0402 687 724

Social: Bent Film Co.

Contact : Kara

At MediaFlow, authenticity, spontaneity, and naturalism are prioritized above all. MediaFlow is a wedding videography company providing bespoke videography services for wedding celebrations across the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Wedding videography packages with MediaFlow contain such amenities and offerings as a wedding teaser, wedding trailer, highlight wedding video, feature wedding film, and raw footage bonuses. Drone photography and videography is available with bookings, and slow motion effects can be used to dramatize and focus on particularly salient events from the wedding day. All videos are filmed in 4k, ensuring the highest quality film and the biggest bang for your buck.

Address: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 0412 553 148

Social: MediaFlow

Contact : Florian

Luke Bickley Studio is a wedding videography provider, stationed on the Sunshine Coast. Providing bespoke wedding videography services for ceremonies and receptions in the greater metropolitan area surrounding the Sunshine Coast, Luke Bickley Studios describes the style of the videos as “romantic, stylish, and timeless,” lending an air of nostalgia and lighthearted reminiscence to the films. Luke Bickley, the brains behind the operation, looks for the “in between” moments to capture during the ceremony and reception, in which relatives, loved ones, and friends encounter one another in a genuine embrace or intimate connection. This character-driven approach to videography ensures that the resulting film will carry an air of authenticity.

Address: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 0415 403 585

Social: Luke Bickley Studio

Contact : Luke


When it comes to wedding videography, you want a close collaborator who will incorporate your feedback into the general aesthetic sensibility, flow, style, and pacing of the resulting wedding film. We believe that this list represents the very best of the best when it comes to the craft of wedding videography, with a roster of truly expert professionals who can combine their skill set with your passion and vision for your wedding video to create a film that will stand the test of time and last you and your partner far into the future. Imagine, twenty years from now, sitting on your couch with the love of your life and pulling up your wedding film to look back with nostalgia upon one of the happiest days of your life. You can have all that and more with one of these incredible wedding videographers based on the Sunshine Coast!