Preparing for a wedding day is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life.

This is a big step towards a committed future. Naturally, you want everything to run smoothly on the wedding day.

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding. From the guest list to the seating arrangement and the venue and the menus, no doubt you’ve got a lot on your mind.

One other important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked is the marriage celebrant.

The person who marries you together as a couple should be someone you trust and respect. It is important to find just the right person to finalise your special day.

Here is our list the Editor’s Choice Top 35 marriage celebrants around the Perth region.

Liz is a registered marriage celebrant in Perth and she is in love with everything about weddings.

With a background in nursing and experience as a mid-wife, Liz loves to get to know people, listen to their stories and be their support. When Liz is your celebrant, you can expect her to be your support and help you stay calm on the day!

You can also expect an enjoyable and fun ceremony filled with joy and emotions.

Liz is happily married with 4 grown up kids and not to forget, The Great “Catsby” (her cat) : )

VIDEO: Liz Manera Celebrant

Contact : Liz Manera Celebrant

With a combined experience of over 15 years, The Wedding Host is a perfect combination of DJ and MC services in Perth.

Authorized civil celebrant, James Beecroft created this company to give you the perfect day right from your walk to the altar (with a personalized ceremony) through to the dance floor (with his awesome DJ and music skills).

A true believer of “no two ceremonies should ever be the same”, The Wedding Host ensures that your ceremony is fully personalized and unique and that your guests will have a great time, with a some  laughs and a few tears of joy.

Years Experience: Over 15 years (combined DJ+MC)

Style: Unique, Personalized, DJ+MC

VIDEO: The Wedding Host

Contact : James Beecroft

A veteran of over 350 weddings, Steve Mummery has fast become one of Perth’s favourite celebrants.  His style is authentic, playful and unique.  He is passionate and effective in delivering you a very special moment in time that you and your guests will all remember forever.  Steve empowers you to create the exact style and energy that you want for your big day.

Steve’s main goal is to have your guests come up to you after the wedding telling you it was the best ceremony they have ever been to. He has plenty of tolls to help you through the journey towards marriage so that nothing gets forgotten.

Years experience: Over 25 years in media

Style: Fun, friendly

VIDEO: Steve Mummery Celebrant

Contact : Steve Mummery

With a massive smile that instantly sets you at ease, it’s no wonder Candice Bydder is one of Perth’s most popular celebrants. Her ceremonies combine genuine laughs with the legal stuff – fresh, modern and fun!

The number one thing that sets Candice apart is her epic customer service. She’s lightning fast with her communication (we can vouch for that!) and you’ll never be left waiting for an answer to any question big or small.

Elopements and small weddings are her specialty, though she’s also available for big celebrations and can even rock the microphone as an MC for your reception.

Does Candice look familiar? She was once a reporter and weather presenter for Channel Nine… which might come in handy!

Years experience: +4 years

Style: Fresh, modern & fun.

Contact : Candice Bydder

Eddie isn’t a conventional celebrant. In fact, he isn’t a conventional anything.

Covered in tatts, humour and a light and charming accent, Eddie Lemos Couto has a unique way to tell stories and making them sound much more interesting that they are. “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong”, says Eddie when he meets his clients.

True to his heart, Eddie LOVES stories, especially the love ones. A nerd for comics, movies, games, fantasy and everything pop culture, his ceremonies are known bring their client’s stories and passions front and foremost. Oh, and also, making the guests have the time of their lives.

For a wedding like no other you’ve ever seen before, Eddie is the right celebrant for you!

Years experience: +3 years

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: modern, fun & charming.

VIDEO: Eddie Lemos Couto

Contact : Eddie Lemos Couto

Liz Hayes is one of the most popular and sought-after marriage celebrants in WA. Conducting weddings since 2008, Liz has a wealth of experience in conducting memorable ceremonies tailored to the requirements of each couple. 

With her past experience in the airline industry Liz got the opportunity to travel around the world and has met and interacted with people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, and all those experiences greatly help her to create unique and personalized ceremonies for her clients.

If you are after a celebrant to help you plan a ceremony that reflects your ideals and beliefs and who will try to ensure to make your special day as relaxed and stress-free as possible, Liz Hayes is your celebrant!

Years experience: Since 2008

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: Personalised, Fun

Contact : Liz Hayes

Couples who want a mixture of laughter and very real, honest moments in their wedding ceremonies are hitting Amy Farley up as their marriage celebrant.

Whether you are looking to elope, have a small wedding with a handful of your favourite people or go bananas by hosting a massive celebration with every man and his dog- Amy is happy to officially marry you both any day of the week.

She believes love is love, so very much a supporter of all couples.

Amy loves creating wedding ceremonies that are happy, legitimately funny and laid back. You will feel at ease with her down to earth and cheeky nature as soon as you meet her.

Years experience: 4+ years

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: Happy, funny & energetic

Contact : Amy Farley

It’s a pretty simple philosophy- your wedding ceremony should be just as awesome as your reception! Claire is in no way a “traditional” celebrant. If you are looking for a cheeky, energetic ceremony that will have your guests giggling and “aww-ing” the whole time, then Claire is your girl!

She handcrafts ceremonies that are the perfect balance of personality, humour, romance and most of all LOVE! A ceremony should perfectly reflect the two people getting married and avoid generalised (boring!) chatter about love and marriage. Every ceremony is written from scratch to exactly represent the two souls getting hitched. Claire has created a process to make it fun and stress-free, with loads of laughs along the way!

Years experience: Since 2017

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: Fun and energetic

Contact : Claire

One of the most experienced and sought after celebrants in Perth, Jeff Munn is highly respected by the celebrant community and loved by couples in Perth.  With an impressive number of over 3300 ceremonies in his bucket and conducting ceremonies since 1983, Jeff is no short of experience when it comes to weddings.

Jeff believes in the phrase “Your Day Your Way” and knows how to make each ceremony unique and tailored to the requirements of the couple.

If you are after an experienced celebrant who puts in extra effort to assist couples to relax and ensures that you enjoy the ceremony of your dreams together, Jeff Munn is the celebrant for you.

Years experience: Since 1983

Fees: Enquire for pricing

Style: Personalised, unique

Contact : Jeff Munn

Anita Revel is one of Australia’s most modern, relaxed and authentic Celebrants. Her ceremonies and elopements are light-hearted, authentic, meaningful and memorable. She was recently voted best female Celebrant in Western Australia, and has won awards for her innovative ideas and techniques. Anita offers a range of wedding packages from legals-only, to all-inclusive whizz bang ceremonies. Anita moved to Perth in 2020 to support her daughter through secondary school, and looks forward to becoming as busy as she was in her home town of Cowaramup!

Years experience: 12 years

Style: Light-hearted, natural, warm.

VIDEO: Anita Revel Celebrant

Contact : Anita Revel

Aiming to make the wedding ceremony one of the most memorable moments for a couple, Kirk Samuel Goodsell approaches his role with a light-hearted and good-natured take. He is charming and elegant, adapting his friendly personality to suit all different couples.

Kirk is proud to marry all couples, including same-sex couples. He has performed weddings all across Australia. He takes pride in presenting modern, fun, and enjoyable services that reflect the couples’ love.

Years Experience: Since 2008

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Personal, modern

VIDEO: Kirk Samuel Celebrant

Phone: 0404 566 077

Social: Kirk Goodsell

Contact : Kirk Samuel Goodsell

Well equipped at being someone you can trust and rely on, Luke Firth is a passionate wedding celebrant. His philosophy is based around understanding the day is about the couple and ensures each detail is tailored to their love.

Luke is thorough and knowledgeable with his work. A confident speaker and charming personality, Luke will ensure you ceremony is everything you wanted it to be. His positive energy will reflect around the crowd and bring smiles to everyone’s face.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon contact

Style: Relaxed, positive energy

VIDEO: Luke Firth Celebrant

Phone: 0420-699-286

Social: Luke Firth

Contact : Luke Firth

Dedicated to making a fun, enjoyable, and unforgettable day, Megan Knox is a passionate marriage celebrant. Her style goes outside the lines of traditions and focuses on making the day unique about the couple before her.

Megan celebrates all types of marriage, from elopements to intimate affairs and grand affairs. She proudly accepts all couples, including same-sex couples. Her passion lies in telling genuine love stories.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Unique, contemporary

Phone: 0423 960 095

Social: Megan Knox Celebrancy

Contact : Megan Knox

Always smiling and always professional, Annette Carone is a true lover of laughter and good times. She is an energetic and positive marriage celebrant who genuinely loves every wedding she has the honour to be part of.

Annette loves listening to romantic stories and presenting them to the loved ones surrounding a happy couple. She guarantees to fill your wedding ceremony with smiles and laughter with her warm personality.

Years experience: Since 2009

Fees: Not mentioned

Style: Beautiful, unique

Phone: 0424 905 890

Social: Civil Celebrant Perth - Annette Carone

Contact : Annette Carone

Presenting an authentic service, Joyce Mathers focuses on making the day all about the couples’ unique style and love. A service with Joyce is unique and heartfelt, bringing out a genuine sense of who the couple truly is.

Joyce takes into account many factors when planning a ceremony. She is open to incorporating a variety of customs and traditions. She presents in an engaging and entertaining way to create a truly magical and memorable ceremony.

Years Experience: Not mentioned

Fees: Ceremony packages starting from $350

Style: Engaging, entertaining, heartfelt

VIDEO: Joyce Mathers Celebrant

Phone: 0415 449 894

Social: Joyce Mathers

Contact : Joyce Mathers

Two heads are often better than one, and with Julie and Jenny you get twice the amount of experience and knowledge. These lovely women specialise in making a memorable and unique day filled with love for each happy couple they meet.

Their services come with a no obligation first meeting to begin with and see if you have found the right fit. They proudly cater to the needs of all wedding ceremonies, including same-sex couples.

Years Experience: not mentioned

Fees: Inclusive fees available upon request

Style: Unique, individual

Phone: 0416 457 851

Social: Perth Wedding Celebrants

Contact : Julie Carlton and Jenny Lynch

Offering, fun, friendly, and personable services, Brad Whitelock is a highly experienced and sought after marriage celebrant. He ensures that he takes the time with each couple to get to know them and their style of wedding day. This ensures the ceremony truly reflects the happy couple.

Brad offers all inclusive services and can provide the essentials, such as the PA system, a table and chair set for signing, personally written ceremonies and rehearsals where needed. With Brad, your ceremony will match your love.

Years Experience: Since 2006

Fees: Starting at $200

Style: Fun, friendly, relaxed

VIDEO: Brad Whitelock Celebrant

Phone: 0431 974 608

Social: Brad Whitelock

Contact : Brad Whitelock

Are you looking for a professional who understands the importance of wedding vows? Jane’s Exquisite Weddings by Jane Silich is an experienced celebrant in Perth. She can perform your marriage ceremony exactly the way you want. Thanks to her sufficient knowledge of all aspects of legal marriage law, you and your future spouse can relax, and let Jane guide you through all legal requirements. With Jane’s great personality and positive attitude, you will feel at ease within every moment as you enjoy your precious celebration.

VIDEO: Jane Silich Celebrant

Phone: 0401 425 404

Social: Jane Silich

Contact : Jane Silich

Focusing on celebrating the one great life of two people in love coming together, Andrew is a professional and personable celebrant. He takes a contemporary approach to ceremonies, appealing to a wide audience and tailoring to a range of tastes.

Andrew has a unique background of working as a lawyer and in the performing arts. He has also being a master of ceremonies previously. Least to say, Andrew is an excellent public speaker with perfect verbal delivery skills.

Years Experience: Not stated

Fees: Available upon enquiry

Style: Relaxed, professional, modern

Phone: 0409 474 356

Social: Andrew Baker - One Great Life

Contact : Andrew

With a contemporary approach, Kate’s friendly disposition makes it easy for clients to connect with her. She provides services with a fresh and open mind, offering a stress free alternative to many.

Kate has many years of experience in hosting weddings. She has performed weddings for people from a range of backgrounds and diverse beliefs. Kate is proud to offer her services to same-sex couples.

Years Experience: Over 15 years

Fees: Available upon request

Style: Contemporary, friendly

Phone: 0412 134 987

Social: Kate Fenton

Contact : Kate Fenton


Although you might be thinking about your wedding dress or the first dance, picking the right marriage celebrant is one of the most essential tasks of your wedding. In Perth, Western Australia, there is an excellent selection of marriage celebrants for a variety of wedding styles. Finding a professional and qualified celebrant can be difficult when you don’t know where to begin. Luckily, this list will point you in the right direction and one step closer to saying “I do!”



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