In no particular order, here we list the editor’s Top 9 choices for Marriage Celebrant in the Mornington Peninsula


1. Cheryl Warry (Once Bitten Twice Smitten)


Cheryl Warry of Once Bitten Twice Smitten is the type of marriage celebrant who wants to create a ceremony that not only reflects your values as a couple but also showcase your personalities and the deep love that you have for each other. She wants that love to be felt by everyone who witnesses your ceremony. Warry’s background includes working as a facilitator, presenter, and public speaker. Her services involve ongoing consultations, onsite rehearsals, and an all-inclusive price with no hidden fees. Her visions can work well for both you and your future spouse.


VIDEO: Cheryl Warry Celebrant


2. Jennifer Kent


Jennifer Kent Civil Celebrant is a fun and warm expert who has more than 15 years of experience. She is the kind of celebrant who believes that there is “nothing more beautiful than love.” Kent states that no two relationships are exactly the same, so each wedding should be reflect the special couple. She focuses on creating every distinctive moment – the vows, the symbols, the prayers – as a way to capture the love the married couple has for one another. Kent will walk you through the process and provide lots of inspiration for your big day ahead.


VIDEO: Jennifer Kent Celebrant


3. Rebecca Mayo


Rebecca Mayo – Celebrant believes that weddings are nothing short of spectacular, and she enjoys the role she plays in making the day as special and as beautiful as possible. Mayo says her favourite part about her work is learning each love story and helping to tailor make the ceremony so that it reflects who they are. Her meaningful yet lighthearted style can help put a little sparkle into the big day and a big smile on the faces of everyone involved.



4. Karinne Alp Celebrant (Distinctively Yours)


Karinne Alp Celebrant – Distinctively Yours delivers an articulate and clear vision that wants to make the ceremony “about you, with you and for you” The professional and personal service is all about the details in hopes of creating an enriching and rewarding experience for everyone involved. With years of experience and a genuine passion for the industry, Alp swears she can help make your wedding dreams come true.


VIDEO: Karinne Alp Celebrant


5. Debra Holder (Celebrating Your Life)

Debra_Holder Richmond

Debra Holder of Celebrating Your Life had a diverse career before discovering her passion in as a marriage celebrant in Australia. Her style accommodates the vision of the wedding itself whether it is formal or lighthearted, or somewhere in between. Holder’s ultimate goal is to keep the couple as happy and stress-free as possible. Thanks to an easy-to-use online tool, you and your partner can sift through what they want in a ceremony, and Holder will make it possible. She will also handle the legal paperwork ahead of time, so that is one less thing to worry about when you say “I do!”


6. Peter Jones


Peter Jones is a self-described sincere and friendly person who enjoys playing an essential role for your marriage. Providing a personalised and meaningful ceremony means taking ideas and transforming them into an unforgettable experience. Testimonials from past clients praise Jones for exceeding their expectations and making their day as memorable as possible. He is available for consultations, and he especially enjoys participating in weddings on the Mornington Peninsula because of the vast resources that are available for ceremonies.



7. Zena Lythgo


Zena Lythgo looks to support couples with a one-of-a-kind experience for their wedding day. Lythgo provides suggestions and practical advice as she guides you on the finer details in preparations for the event. Weddings can be stressful enough without adding any more to them. She strives to make it as fun, comfortable, and calm as possible. This Mornington Peninsula marriage celebrant wants to create a space where you are not only stress-free but happy. She also hopes they will be able to look back and reflect fondly on your experiences that day. A visionary, Lythgo likes to work with her clients to celebrate their love story on their big day.



8. Jermaine Clarke


Jermaine Clarke enjoys working with his clients because he is interested in customising the wedding of your dreams. Clarke wants to work alongside you every step of the way as the event balances the informal and formal elements that reflect personal style and personalities. Clarke has delivered ceremonies in the United Kingdom and Jamaica for the past 15 years. He specializes in creating a certain kind of charm during the services. His quick wit and infectious smile make his events even more engaging and entertaining for everyone in attendance at your Mornington Peninsula wedding.



9. Marie Pentland

Marie Pentland Civil Celebrant became a marriage celebrant in Mornington Peninsula because she loves to witness the joyous union between two people in love. She connects with her clients to understand how they want their big day conveyed to friends and family. That particular vision is essential to creating an event that will be looked back on fondly. These personal touches can go a long way in making your ceremony one people will not soon forget.



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Parting Notes

No one plans a wedding alone. An exceptional marriage celebrant is like a conductor; they can anticipate what is going to be needed for the ceremony well ahead of time. There are so many details that go into a wedding that it can be beneficial to have someone at your side, guiding you on how you can make your dream ceremony a reality. The Mornington Peninsula is a popular wedding destination for brides and grooms because of its majestic beauty, and a professional wedding celebrant can help you in ways you never thought possible. A wedding celebrant is a must have for any ceremony. Find your Mornington Peninsula marriage celebrant today, check that off your list, and continue planning your beautiful wedding!



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