Don’t live in regret. Use videography to help you capture those beautiful and memorable moments of your wedding day. This will nicely complement your wedding photos, as you get a glimpse into the emotions, hear the sounds and see the smiles that all came together to make your day special. If you’re living in Mornington Peninsula, there’ll be many wedding videographers at your disposal. We have therefore handpicked the best wedding videographers in this area to help you pick the right one for your big day.

Producing wedding videos that display the raw emotion of your day, Creative Wedding Films will have you reliving the emotions of your wedding day. Their videographers are unobtrusive in their approach and use high-end equipment to produce videos of exceptional quality. They offer several packages offering 11 hours of coverage, covering the preparation of the bride and groom, the ceremony, location shot and reception. With weather permitting, aerial drone shots are also included. However, couples also have the option to build their package with more or fewer hours depending on their needs and budget.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0404 769 677

Social: Creative Wedding Films

Contact : Lionel & Christina

Desfura Weddings was formed by Caitlin O’Grady & Hayden O’Neill over a glass of red and an expensive lunch.

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, Desfura Weddings have captured a variety of weddings across Australia and the world through both photography and film.

Typically shot in a documentary style, Desfura Weddings capture all those in-between moments whilst encapsulating the essence of your special day. They believe in it all, from the champagne morning glory and the whiskey pre celebration drinks to the heartfelt tears of your loved ones.

Contact : Caitlin & Hayden

With ten years of experience, Mighty vision will capture your special moments creating a wedding video that you will cherish for years to come. With photographers on board, you have the option of getting your photos and videos from one vendor, increasing the likelihood that they will work well together. This team is easy to work with, professional and patient, going above and beyond to meet your requests. They offer several packages, all of which can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Address: Armadale VIC 3143

Phone: 03 9191 1357

Social: Mighty Vision Photography & Video

Contact : Alex

Armed with her degrees in Film and Television, Rachel began Rachel Mary Films approximately 8 years ago bringing a lot of enthusiasm and creativity to every project she works on. She specializes in creating timeless and modern wedding films which portray the many and varied emotions experienced on your wedding day. Her films are magical, igniting memories and helping you to relieve the beautiful moment over and over again. She is great to work with and will meet with you before the wedding to get an idea of what you expect to ensure that she creates a film that you will appreciate and adore.

Phone: 0407 293 148

Social: Rachael Mary Films

Contact : Rachael

Motivated by a love for weddings and having much experience in the area of photography and videography, Sorrento Wedding Photography and Films was started by Shanon and Christie in 2010. Working with their amazing video crew, they’ll capture your beautiful moments while doing all they can to give you an exceptional experience on your wedding day. They offer packages with both videography and photography which are affordable and offer both highlight films and long cut video packages. Packages begin with 5-hour coverage, but the option for the full day is also available with the option to add hours where necessary.

Phone: 0419 889 874

Social: Sorrento Wedding Photography and Films

Contact : Shannon

Featuring weddings as a music video with or without audio, Glen Wilson uses his creativity to give couples a wedding video that’s unique and unforgettable. Through his company Island Wedding Films, you can choose packages that include photos, videos or both. In the case of a combined package, Camilia, his wife does the photography and they make the perfect combination for a beautiful portrayal of your day. His style is unobtrusive, blending greatly in the background helping you to be comfortable and as natural as can be on your special day.

Phone: 0403 450 590

Social: Island Wedding Films

Contact : Glen Wilson

With a love for telling the story of couples, Matt has been doing wedding photography for over 10 years and recently started expressing his creativity in wedding videography. Through film, he brings motion, music and voice together to tell your love story in a way that stirs your emotion and captures the mood and style of your day. He has an eye for detail, giving you his undivided attention to ensure your most precious moments are preserved. His pricing is very affordable and he knows just how to blend in with the crowd and help you be natural and real as you enjoy and savour every moment of your day.

Phone: 0477 441 456

Social: Matt Elliott Photography

Contact : Matt Elliott

The high school lovers who got married and became business partners, Christian and Shani have been working together for many years to add their special touch to their clients’ wedding experience. They are fun, creative, professional and make an amazing team with Christian covering your wedding photography and Shani the videography. They provide coverage beginning from the preparation to the end of any formalities held on the day with the option to add more hours. You can choose to either purchase their combined package of video and photography or a package with either of the two.

Phone: 0421 475 945

Social: Be Here Be Now

Contact : Christian

Specializing in creating timeless wedding videos, Jack has the skills and talent required to capture the romance and excitement on your wedding day. He is professional in his delivery, producing beautiful videos which not only capture the essence of your wedding day but your vision of your wedding film. He offers two packages, namely Polished Memories and The Essence. Both cover the ceremony and reception and offer a personal webpage and music licensing. The Polished Memories package however offers more coverage, giving 10 hours while The Essence has 8, it also has Instagram edit and drone aerial footage which The Essence doesn’t have.

Phone: 03 9088 8077

Social: Hey Jack

Contact : Jordyn


With this exciting group of videographers to choose from, your wedding day can be preserved in a way for you to cherish and share for years to come. These videographers are in high demand so be sure to peruse their pages and make your bookings at the earliest time to secure their availability for your big day.