Embarking on your journey towards marital bliss is an exciting adventure, and every step should be as enchanting as the love you share. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia, finding the perfect wedding stylist is a crucial quest to transform your dream celebration into a reality. Picture a day where every detail reflects the unique story of your love, and the Peninsula’s top wedding stylists are here to make that vision come true.

Imagine coastal breezes gently tousling your hair as you exchange vows in a setting curated with the utmost care. This idyllic region offers not just a backdrop, but a canvas upon which the finest stylists paint moments of magic. Let’s dive into the world of the top wedding stylists who understand the essence of your love story, creating an ambiance that encapsulates the joy, romance, and individuality of your union.

Best Wedding Style In Mornington Peninsula

  1. G+C Events and Styling
  2. Her Moon & Stars
  3. The Wedding Folk
G+C Events and Styling

G+C Events and Styling, nestled in the Scenic Mornington Peninsula, crafts unforgettable celebrations that seamlessly blend luxury with sustainability. Led by the soulful touch of owner and director Céline, they specialize in curating elegant, effortless, and eco-conscious events. From lush garden lunches to milestone moments, G+C eliminates the hassle of planning, ensuring you only need to focus on your guest list. Their meticulous attention to detail encompasses full-service event planning, venue selection, vendor management, and on-the-day styling. Embrace the warmth, tranquility, and timeless beauty of G+C’s events, where every celebration becomes a cherished and authentic memory. Let them bring your dream celebration to life.

Address: Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Phone: 0490 442 250

Social: G+C Events and Styling

Contact : Celine

Her Moon & Stars

Guided by a celestial passion for detail, Her Moon & Stars, a creation by Ry, the Creative Director, emanates a dreamy and unique ambiance for your special day. Inspired by her guiding light, Nan, Ry infuses abundant love and everlasting support into every celebration. Ry, your ultimate HYPE GIRL, draws from her personal wedding journey to understand the intricacies of planning, ensuring a stress-free experience. With an eye for detail and a dedication to curating bespoke events, Her Moon & Stars promises to be the guiding light, bringing the moon, stars, and beyond to your dream occasion. Let Ry transform your vision into a seamless, magical reality.

Address: Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Phone: 0451 699 261

Social: Her Moon & Stars

Contact : Ry

The Wedding Folk

Kristina, the creative force behind The Wedding Folk, boasts a decade-long journey orchestrating enchanting weddings on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. With a robust local network of skilled suppliers and access to breathtaking venues, she seamlessly takes charge of planning, styling, and coordinating your special day. Kristina’s mission is to alleviate the stress and add joy to your wedding journey, ensuring it’s not just an event but a cherished memory. Collaborate with The Wedding Folk for an enjoyable, hassle-free experience, as Kristina passionately brings your dream wedding to life amidst the Peninsula’s stunning backdrop.

Address: Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Phone: 0430 399 871

Social: The Wedding Folk

Contact : Kristina


As your wedding day unfolds like a perfectly penned love story, the memories etched in the heart of Mornington Peninsula will forever be a testament to your enduring love. The top wedding stylists of this picturesque region have crafted a symphony of details that transformed your dreams into a tangible celebration. Each element, meticulously chosen, reflects the essence of your unique journey, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of your shared history.

In the tapestry of your love, the Mornington Peninsula’s wedding stylists have woven threads of elegance, joy, and warmth, creating an atmosphere where your union radiates. As you take your first steps into married life, may the echoes of this enchanting day linger, a constant reminder of the beauty that unfolded amidst the coastal charm of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.