Getting ready to say “I do” in the enchanting Mornington Peninsula? Your wedding day is an extraordinary chapter in your love story, and every detail should reflect your unique journey. Among the myriad decisions, choosing the perfect wedding cake is a deliciously delightful one. Mornington Peninsula is a haven for discerning couples seeking not just a cake but a culinary masterpiece. As you step into the world of wedding cake suppliers here, envision a symphony of flavours, artistry, and sheer indulgence that will elevate your celebration to new heights.

In the heart of this picturesque region, renowned cake artisans craft confectionery wonders that transcend the ordinary. Let’s take you on a delectable journey through the top wedding cake suppliers, where your sweetest dreams are transformed into edible reality.

The Butcher’s Daughters Cakes

In the heart of Mornington Peninsula, indulge in the delightful world of bespoke wedding cakes with The Butcher’s Daughters Cakes. Led by Pastry Chef Hannah Vincent, they specialise in boutique customised cake design, ensuring your big day is adorned with a delectable masterpiece. Celebrating the joy of love, they make choosing your dream wedding cake a “piece of cake.” Offering a myriad of flavours and buttercreams, from fun to elegantly simple designs, each creation is tailored to your unique theme and colours. Start the sweet journey with an email consultation, followed by a delightful coffee and cake tasting to discuss your vision.

Address: 37 Main St, Mornington VIC 3931

Phone: 03 5975 4468

Social: The Butcher’s Daughters Cakes

Contact : Hannah

The Cake Cottage

Established in 1995, The Cake Cottage stands as a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship in Mornington Peninsula. Renowned cake designer Sally Quill, an award-winning artisan, specialises in tailoring bespoke cakes for weddings and various special occasions. With a rich history of delivering delectable masterpieces, The Cake Cottage is a trusted choice for couples seeking a unique and memorable confectionery experience. Sally’s artistry transforms each cake into a personalised work of edible art, ensuring that every celebration is graced with a touch of sweetness. Elevate your wedding festivities with The Cake Cottage’s timeless creations, where passion and creativity converge to craft moments that linger on the taste buds and in the heart.

Address: Mornington Peninsula, VIC 3931

Social: The Cake Cottage

Contact : Sally

Cakes by Lisa

Located in Sandhurst, Melbourne’s south, This boutique cake decorating business, led by Lisa, a seasoned educator in cooking and cake decorating, brings a unique and modern touch to special occasions. With a focus on passion, commitment, and attention to detail, Cakes by Lisa ensures the highest standard of cakes and personalised customer service. Operating from a fully certified kitchen, all their delightful creations are freshly baked. Lisa’s expertise, backed by 13 years of teaching experience, culminated in the establishment of this exquisite cake decorating venture in 2010. Cakes by Lisa stands out as a top wedding cake supplier in Mornington Peninsula.

Address: Sandhurst, VIC 3977

Phone: 0407 864 183

Social: Cakes by Lisa

Contact : Lisa

Petra's Cake Bar

Transform your special day into a delectable masterpiece with Petra’s Cake Bar, a standout Wedding Cake Supplier in Mornington Peninsula. Led by Petra, a culinary virtuoso with accolades from Wedding Diaries and Australian Good Food Guide, their bespoke wedding cakes are a testament to artistry. From intimate gatherings to lavish affairs, Petra crafts unique designs featuring buttercream florals, edible wafer paper/sugar flowers, or fresh seasonal blooms. Elevate any celebration with their custom designer cakes, reflecting personality in whimsical and modern creations. Established in 2021, Petra’s Cake Bar is synonymous with culinary finesse and stunning wedding cakes that garnered widespread acclaim by 2023.

Address: 26 Century Dr, Mount Martha VIC 3934

Phone: 0493 290 856

Social: Petra's Cake Bar

Contact : Petra

Cakes To Die For

Perched in the enchanting Mornington Peninsula, discover a hidden gem among wedding cake suppliers – Cakes To Die For. This unique establishment, celebrated for its bespoke creations, brings a distinctive touch to every delectable treat. Going beyond the ordinary, they happily accommodate personalised flavour requests, ensuring your dream cake becomes a reality. Committed to inclusivity, they cater to diverse dietary needs, offering gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, soy-free, low-sugar, and vegan options. Each masterpiece is crafted from scratch, incorporating fresh fruit, fruit juices, and the finest chocolates and cocoas. Elevate your wedding day with the unparalleled artistry of Cakes To Die For.

Address: 3 Devon Ct, Frankston VIC 3199

Phone: 0434 443 078

Social: Cakes To Die For

Contact : Steph

Sweets For Tilly

Amidst the scenic landscape of Mornington Peninsula, Sweets for Tilly stands as a family venture led by Jacqueline and her daughters, Nancy and Rachel. With a lifelong love for baking, they’ve transformed their dream into reality, creating hand-made treats that surpass traditional cakes. Inspired by their late Grandma Mathilde, the French namesake for Tilly, the trio perfected the art of macarons. Signature flavours like salted caramel and Mauritian vanilla tea pay tribute to their island heritage. Baked with love and creativity, Sweets for Tilly offers special occasion cakes, macarons, and more, ensuring each sweet creation plays a unique role in every event.

Address: 24 Thurloo Dr, Safety Beach VIC 3936

Phone: 0439 286 690

Social: Sweets For Tilly

Contact : Nancy

Confetti Cakes & Creations

Confetti Cakes & Creations, nestled in the charming town of Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula, stands out as a premier wedding cake supplier. Partnered with Village People Cafe, they craft bespoke cakes, biscuits, slices, and sweet delights in their registered kitchen. Emphasising freshness, all creations are crafted from scratch with locally sourced, quality ingredients, including eggs from nearby free-range farms. Specialising in custom treats for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and more, they promise to transform your sweet dreams into reality. Contact Confetti Cakes & Creations to discuss and elevate your special occasion with delectable, made-to-order desserts.

Address: 2680 Frankston - Flinders Rd, Bittern VIC 3918

Phone: 0425 711 117

Social: Confetti Cakes & Creations

Contact : Narelle

Peninsula Cake Art

Boasting a legacy of delectable designs on the Mornington Peninsula, Peninsula Cake Art stands as a pinnacle in quality and trust. Nicole, a seasoned pastry chef with 18 years in the wedding industry, passionately crafts unique wedding cakes. As a preferred supplier for esteemed local venues, she collaborates closely with clients, ensuring cakes are as individual as the couples themselves. From seated desserts to cocktail-style servings, Nicole tailors her creations for any occasion. Specialising in themed novelty and elegant floral cakes, her limited weekly spots fill fast, urging early bookings. Peninsula Cake Art, a flourishing venture since 2005, guarantees a personal, artful, and flavoursome touch to every celebration.

Address: 47 Padua Dr, Mornington VIC 3931

Phone: 0400 221 374

Social: Peninsula Cake Art

Contact : Nicole

Helen Hatzaras is the cake artist behind Blissful Inspirations Cakes. Since 2016, she has won numerous awards and earned five-star ratings because of her custom desserts.

After learning family recipes and training professionally, she became a favourite baker in Melbourne. Blissful Inspirations Cakes specialises in engagement and wedding cakes in Melbourne, including unique custom cakes, 3D sculpted cakes, and novelty cakes.

Expect award-winning cake designs like a replica of the Eiffel Tower or one-of-a-kind sculptured peacocks gracing the top of your dessert. All of the cakes, buttercream, ganache, frosting, decoration, and cake toppers are made from scratch. Ask about gluten-free options or dessert bars to impress your friends and family with an amazing display of treats they won’t forget.

Cake Styles: Modern, traditional, vintage, artistic

Decorations: Fresh flowers, fondant, icing, ribbon, buttercream, ganache

Address: Melbourne VIC

Phone: 0411 772 065

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Helen Hatzaras

With over 10 years of experience in baking and designing cakes Breearn helps loved up couples bring their dream wedding cake to life.

Using fresh wholesome and where possible organics and Australian made produce to create her unique signature cake flavours which all include a number of textures and flavours that sure do tantalise those tastebuds. All of Breearn’s cakes are baked 100% from scratch…no packet mixes here!

Breearn’s vibe is both energetic and fun! She’s not shy to step outside the box and create a cake where the design strikes the “too hard basket” because that’s where the fun lies!

She ensures that each and every couple is looked after, providing both her design and professional advice when couples make tough design and detail decisions for their wedding cake.

It is one of the most important days of your life and you want your cake to be just as special on your day.

Cake Styles: Classic, modern, vintage, unique

Decorations: Fondant, flowers, buttercream, ganache icing

Address: Melbourne VIC

Phone: 0413 095 087

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Bree Murray


As your wedding day draws near, the sweet finale awaits on the Mornington Peninsula. The wedding cake, a masterpiece of flavour and design, is poised to be the crowning glory of your celebration. Embark on a culinary adventure with the finest cake suppliers in this idyllic corner of Victoria, where each slice tells a story as sweet and unique as your love. From artisanal designs to mouthwatering flavours, these bakers have poured their passion into creating confections that capture the essence of your union. So, indulge in the sweetest memories, savour each bite, and let the wedding cake be the grand finale to your magical day on the Mornington Peninsula. Cheers to love, laughter, and a happily-ever-after that’s as sweet as can be!