Based in the Ormond area of Melbourne, Kate has been a registered authorised marriage celebrant for the past 4 years. Her relaxed and playful style creates a fun atmosphere that fills the ceremony with laughs and even a few tears of joy.

With over 10 years of experience running her own business as a PR consultant, Kate Morgan is an expert public speaker, writer, and someone who just wants to help create a meaningful wedding ceremony that all couples can enjoy.

Wanting to be part of the change in equality in Australia, she was driven to become a celebrant so that she could inspire guests, engage the wedding party, and entertain everyone to leave a beautiful lasting impression.

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Contact : Kate Morgan

Melbourne based Rosalie Humbert is an authorised marriage celebrant and also a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.

Rosalie absolutely loves talking to couples planning their wedding. She focuses on understanding each couples’ journey, their wishes & desires and their personality and customizes each ceremony accordingly!

With years of experience as a celebrant, Rosalie is friendly, professional and creative, and will make sure that each ceremony she does is unique!

Contact : Celebrations by Rosalie

Matt Finch is a modern-day celebrant who is not tied by rules and traditions. Helping you create an absolutely unique wedding ceremony that corroborates your personalities and gives you a memorable wedding; creating a ceremony that is right for you, is what Matt will do for you as a wedding celebrant.

As a celebrant who is calm and collected, Matt has a great passion for getting to know people and their stories. He listens to you on how the journey of your relationship has been so far and builds on the pieces of information to make your ceremony an unforgettable experience for your guest. After listening to you and your partner, he will tell your stories to your guest in a manner that will make them glad for you two and wish you a beautiful married life.

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Contact : Matt Finch

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Charis is a marriage celebrant based in Melbourne (but also serves the Dandenong Ranges area) and is absolutely beloved by her past couples. She’s performed hundreds of weddings, so she’s experienced, but not so many that she’s jaded—she still loves weddings just as much as when she started. She also loves a great G&T.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: genuine, touching

Number of Weddings: 550+

Prices: contact for quote

VIDEO: Charis White Celebrant

Phone: 0425 714 033

Social: Charis White

Contact : Charis White

John’s an award-winning sweetheart of a marriage celebrant, and he used to be a wedding DJ and MC for 25 years, so he knows weddings in and out. He’s also got a great sense of humour, but he won’t be cracking jokes throughout your entire ceremony—there’ll be some beautiful, heartfelt moments as well that’ll make the toughest guest tear up.

Location: Wonga Park, VIC

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: fun, professional, energetic

Number of Weddings: not stated, but MC’d at over 500

Prices: contact for quote

VIDEO: John Beck Celebrant

Phone: 0408 753 376

Social: John Beck

Contact : John Beck

Sharon believes it is of the utmost importance that you find a marriage celebrant that you feel comfortable and close with. She’ll write you a personalised wedding ceremony, and her 30 years of experience as an actress and songwriter means that it’ll be touching, elegant, and beautifully delivered. Past clients say she is so helpful and makes the wedding day go by smoothly.

Location: Lilydale, VIC

Years of Experience: 8

Style: classy, personal

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for quote

Phone: 0415 494 152

Social: Sharon Kershaw

Contact : Sharon Kershaw

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Considered to be the most professional and cheerful marriage celebrant in Gippsland, Victoria, Iain is well-known for his great sense of humour. Iain’s ceremonies are something to look forward to, as they truly reflect the couple’s personalities, values, styles and dreams in a wonderful way. Couples who do not want to miss a chance to hire a marriage celebrant like Iain, it is best to make your bookings well before so that you can get a chance to discuss everything in detail.

Phone: 0407 343 860

Social: Iain Luck

Celebrant : Iain Luck

A firm believer of celebrating your wedding day full of fun, excitement, happiness, laughter, and even a few tears, Kelly is a great choice to consider for officiating a wedding ceremony in Gippsland and its surroundings. Her clients recommend her for her ability to deliver memorable ceremonies in a warm and caring manner. What could be better than having a wedding ceremony that you can cherish forever. Kelly offers tailored packages to reflect you and your love, making the ceremony uniquely yours.

Phone: 0417 099 698

Social: Kelly Della Bosca

Celebrant : Kelly Della Bosca

Based in Gippsland and its surrounding areas, Pamela Scott is one of the most prominent names amongst the marriage celebrant community. Being highly recommended by various couples, she promises to officiate the ceremony in a relaxed atmosphere. Choose Pamela as your celebrant if you are looking to have an intimate ceremony where your love story can be told in a special way.

Phone: 0417 517 658

Social: Pamela Scott

Celebrant : Pamela Scott

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Annie will be the first on our list as the best marriage celebrant in Mildura. She became a Victorian State Finalist after being voted by couples who loved her services as their Civil Marriage Celebrant by the Australian Bridal Industry Awards (ABIA). Her passion for her job as a celebrant is so intense that she derives great pleasure from meeting people and sharing in their celebration. Having planned several successful wedding ceremonies, Annie’s clients have experienced nothing less than satisfaction from her services and would gladly recommend her to anyone in Mildura and it’s surroundings. If you’re thinking of having a happy and professional wedding celebrant, then Annie would be a great match for you.

Location: Mildura, VIC

VIDEO: Annie Prideaux Celebrant

Celebrant : Annie Prideaux

Jane is one of those marriage celebrants that can make your wedding an unforgettable one. Her energetic, creative, and beautiful personality has contributed greatly to her success in celebrancy and we simply cannot recommend her enough. In case you’re looking forward to having a surprise or fun themed wedding, Jane would definitely be a great option to go for.

Location: Eltham, VIC

Social: Facebook

Contact : Jane Austin

Are you an interesting couple? Would you love to have a fun themed wedding? Then Benny is the perfect match you’ve been searching for. Benny is a Melbourne marriage celebrant specialising in fun weddings for interesting people. He’s an expert in keeping the crowd highly entertained, making no room for any dull moments. His fun personality and experience as a writer and performer has enabled him succeed in this area of expertise. We highly recommend Benny as your fun marriage celebrant.

Location: West Footscray, VIC

VIDEO: Benny Roff Celebrant

Celebrant : Benny Riff

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One of the highest-ranking marriage celebrants in the Ballarat region, Kate is a great choice for your wedding festivities. She works full-time, so you can be sure that her attentions are wholly upon her work as a celebrant. She will help you plan your ceremony, and make it as personalised or traditional as you wish. Her fees include use of her own PA system.

Location: Cardigan Village, VIC

Years of Experience: 11

Style: fun, relaxed, professional

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for quote

Contact : Kate Ritchie

Gillian of Eureka Weddings dreams of helping her brides and grooms have the wedding of their dreams. She will guide you through every step of the way, starting with a no-obligations initial meeting and including help with writing your vows. You also get to look over a draft of the ceremony script, so you can tailor it to your tastes! Her fees include travel costs up to 50 km from Ballarat.

Location: Ballarat, VIC

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: personal, professional

Number of Weddings: 60+

Prices: contact for quote

Contact : Gillian Freestone

Tracey works in the Daylesford and Ballarat regions as a fantastic marriage celebrant, and she considers it a privilege to be a part of your special day. So, she will help you put together a beautiful and seamless wedding ceremony that represents you and your partner perfectly. She also offers elopements and simple ceremonies, as well as rehearsals for an extra $100.

Location: Daylesford, VIC

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: engaging, flexible

Number of Weddings: $580 in Daylesford & Ballarat (within 30km)

Prices: contact for quote

Contact : Tracey Patterson

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julie kane celebrant

Julie Kane Celebrant is a marriage celebrant based out of Shepparton, providing soon-to-be-married couples in and around the local area with bespoke celebrant services for wedding celebrations. Julie Kane Celebrant can also provide couples with emcee services and can travel to a variety of destinations across Australia and abroad. The process with Julie Kane Celebrant begins with a complimentary consultation, in which the details and individualized preferences of the clients are discussed, with the purpose of accommodating client specifications into the tapestry of the ceremony, hand crafted by Julie.

Phone: 0407 617 502

Social: Julie Kane Celebrant

Contact : Julie Kane

For marriage celebrant services with an authentically personal approach, look no further than Katrina The Celebrant. Katrina can provide her services for ceremonies of all shapes, sizes, and styles, whether clients are looking for a modern wedding that eschews the typical traditions and rites or a traditional wedding that incorporates all of the storied rituals. Katrina The Celebrant can write from a genuine, heartfelt place while still meeting and matching the stylistic preferences of her clients. Katrina The Celebrant supports marriage equality in Australia and can perform celebrant services for a vast array of clients, regardless of orientation.

Phone: 0412 869 275

Social: Katrina The Celebrant

Contact : Katrina The Celebrant

David Callanan Celebrancy Services can perform ceremonies in styles ranging from traditional to informal to intimate to themed, all with a dedicated client-forward approach that embraces the personal needs of prospective married couples. Fees with David Callanan Celebrancy Services entitle clients to online lodgement of data, personal officiating, liability insurance, backup celebrant, online marriage restoration, and a marriage certificate. David Callanan Celebrancy Services comes with a PA system for amplification, and initial consultations can be scheduled by appointment for no fee in order to assess whether David’s services are a good match with the happy couple in question.

Phone: 0419 374 627

Contact : David Callanan

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Zena Lythgo looks to support couples with a one-of-a-kind experience for their wedding day. Lythgo provides suggestions and practical advice as she guides you on the finer details in preparations for the event. Weddings can be stressful enough without adding any more to them. She strives to make it as fun, comfortable, and calm as possible. This Mornington Peninsula marriage celebrant wants to create a space where you are not only stress-free but happy. She also hopes they will be able to look back and reflect fondly on your experiences that day. A visionary, Lythgo likes to work with her clients to celebrate their love story on their big day.

Phone: 0409 932 106

Social: Zena Lythgo

Contact : Zena Lythgo

Rebecca Mayo – Celebrant believes that weddings are nothing short of spectacular, and she enjoys the role she plays in making the day as special and as beautiful as possible. Mayo says her favourite part about her work is learning each love story and helping to tailor make the ceremony so that it reflects who they are. Her meaningful yet lighthearted style can help put a little sparkle into the big day and a big smile on the faces of everyone involved.

Phone: 0420 744 573

Social: Rebecca Mayo

Celebrant : Rebecca Mayo

Debra Holder of Celebrating Your Life had a diverse career before discovering her passion in as a marriage celebrant in Australia. Her style accommodates the vision of the wedding itself whether it is formal or lighthearted, or somewhere in between. Holder’s ultimate goal is to keep the couple as happy and stress-free as possible. Thanks to an easy-to-use online tool, you and your partner can sift through what they want in a ceremony, and Holder will make it possible. She will also handle the legal paperwork ahead of time, so that is one less thing to worry about when you say “I do!”

Phone: 0402 285 112

Social: Debra Holder of Celebrating Your Life

Celebrant : Debra Holder

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Servicing the Geelong, Bellarine, and Melbourne areas, Chloe is a highly-sought wedding celebrant in Victoria. Over a decade of experience marrying couples means that she knows exactly what she’s doing and can help you plan a great wedding ceremony. She’ll help you write your vows and tell your beautiful love story. She also offers micro-weddings and elopements, for those low-maintenance couples (vow renewals and commitment ceremonies as well).

Location: Drysdale, Victoria

Years of Experience: 10+

Style: relaxed, modern

Number of Weddings: not stated

Prices: contact for quote

VIDEO: Chloe Jetson Celebrant

Social: Chloe Jetson

Contact : Chloe Jetson

Leanne has celebrated so many couples, it’s astounding—and you can be 110% sure that she’ll cover all the bases, and go above and beyond for you and your wedding. She has performed all sorts of ceremonies, from large, traditional weddings to simple elopements (vow renewals as well). Her fees include a personalised ceremony and a PA system.

Location: Leopold, Victoria

Years of Experience: 10+

Style: heart-warming, relaxed, modern

Number of Weddings: 1000

Prices: contact for quote

Phone: 0437 077 700

Social: Leanne Duffy

Contact : Leanne Duffy

Fiona has performed over 100 wedding ceremonies, so you can be sure you’re in one of the safest hands in the Geelong region when you ask her to be your celebrant. She will help you choose your readings and her goal is to help you host an absolutely stress-free ceremony; you’ll end the planning process thinking, “well, that was easy!” Her fee includes her own PA system, as well as a signing table and chairs.

Location: Highton, Victoria

Years of Experience: not stated

Style: professional, relaxed

Number of Weddings: 150+

Prices: contact for quote

Phone: 0411 877 344

Social: Fiona Lee Daniel

Contact : Fiona Lee Daniel

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Frank Servello became a wedding celebrant after spending a number of years as an educator and school Principal. As a wedding celebrant who esteems family dearly and is married with two children, Frank has a secret passion for music; he plays the guitar and sings. He is that celebrant that offers friendly service which fills your wedding with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Prior to your wedding day, he will engage you in discussions that will make you find out what you’re looking for, what you’re NOT looking for and from there creating that perfect ceremony for you. Frank’s eyes for details enable him to always bring joyful presence to every ceremony and ensure you, your guests and your family are relaxed; enjoying your special day.

VIDEO: Frank Servello

Contact : Frank Servello

Pete is one of Melbourne’s younger celebrants, MC and Host of The Wedding Guide Podcast.
His speciality is a blend of humour and sentimentality to capture the richness of your relationship. He’s perfect at keeping the ceremony authentic and natural, allowing everyone at your wedding to be at ease.

Sitting with Pete to craft your story, vows and runsheet is like spending time with a close mate who will make your wedding day exceptional! Pete’s ability to connect often has guests asking ‘how long have you been best friends with Pete for?!’

If you want an easy, engaging and relatable celebrant to make your day and the journey towards it better than you hoped – Pete is the celebrant for you!

VIDEO: Pete The Celebrant

Contact : Pete Hordern

Looking for a super awesome and fun wedding celebrant? Multi award winner Jay Allen is fun and energetic celebrant and a wedding DJ/MC.

Based in Melbourne, Jay Allen understand your wedding is all about YOU and also understand how stressful wedding planning can be for the couple. His 20+ years of experience as a celebrant+DJ+entertainer ensures that your day runs smoothly and your guests feel welcomed and engaged at your ceremony.

If you are after a young and vibrant, multi talented celebrant to help you create your dream ceremony, Allen is the celebrant for you.

VIDEO: Weddings By Jay Allen

Celebrant : Jay Allen

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With the services of Celebrant for Life – Kristine Rawlinson on the day of the wedding ceremony, prospective married couples can rest assured knowing their ceremony will be presented in a way that incorporates individualized components while still fulfilling the legal obligations required of celebrant services. The process with Celebrant for Life – Kristine Rawlinson includes assistance with legal documentation and lodgement, legal copy of the certificate, initial meeting, full rehearsal and run-through of the ceremony in advance of the wedding day, PA and microphones for a ceremony of up to 300 guests, and travel services. Able to assist in areas ranging from vow readings to poetry selection to wedding soundtrack, Celebrant for Life – Kristine Rawlinson can truly cover the ins and outs of wedding ceremonies across Macedon Ranges and beyond.

Phone: 0423 028 668

Social: Celebrant for Life - Kristine Rawlinson

Contact : Kristine Rawlinson

julie kane celebrant

Julie Kane Celebrant is a marriage celebrant based out of Shepparton, providing soon-to-be-married couples in Shepparton, Macedon Ranges & other surrounding regions with bespoke celebrant services for wedding celebrations. Julie Kane Celebrant can also provide couples with emcee services and can travel to a variety of destinations across Australia and abroad. The process with Julie Kane Celebrant begins with a complimentary consultation, in which the details and individualized preferences of the clients are discussed, with the purpose of accommodating client specifications into the tapestry of the ceremony, hand crafted by Julie.

Phone: 0407 617 502

Social: Julie Kane Celebrant

Contact : Julie Kane

Inspiring Ceremonies is a Macedon Ranges-based wedding celebrant specializing in a bespoke approach to the presentation of ceremonies in and around the local area. Offered with the services of Inspiring Ceremonies are full documentation, two-hour complimentary initial consultation to assess personal needs and preferences, consistent contact via email, text, and phone, on-site rehearsal in advance of the wedding date, PA system and two microphones, 25-45 minutes of ceremony coverage, and marriage certificates printed and mailed to clients. Providing services for clients across a variety of venues and mixing in a vast array of stylistic choices to complement clients’ personalities, Inspiring Ceremonies is a natural choice for wedding celebrations in the Macedon Ranges.

Contact : Andrew Holborn

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