The west coast of Australia is a stunning place to get married. If you are planning your big day and looking for a great word of mouth recommendation, then we have the ultimate list of wedding photographers in Perth for you.

A quality wedding photographer will focus on making you and your partner look your very best. They will work closely with you to ensure the wedding album they create is the perfect representation and celebration of your unique love story.

Every photographer has a different style, so it’s important not just to choose someone who takes beautiful photos, but someone whose style you love. They will also be a big presence on your wedding day so choose someone who you will make you and all of your guests feel comfortable.

Not everybody finds it easy to pose for a photo; the best wedding photographers will have a gift for putting everyone at ease.

Word of mouth is an awesome thing. With thousands of registered wedding photographers across Australia, the best way to narrow them down is through reviews and recommendations.

We have done the hard work for you. Here are our favourite and most well-reviewed wedding photographers in Perth.

In no particular order, here we list the editor’s choice Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Perth

1. White Tulip Photography

Western Australia is a land of some incomparable landscapes, perfect for masterful backdrops for breathtaking wedding images. And White Tulip is one of the best photographers for capturing these ‘WOW’ shots.

Making the most of natural beauty, both in the world around you and in the tiny emotional moments of your big day, this talented team craft images that will last a lifetime. For artistic, exceptional and truly special photos, talk to Mandy today.


2. Paul Winzar

Paul uses only the best photography equipment and finest materials as well as the latest technology, to ensure your best wedding images are captured forever. His approach is informal and organic, and he crafts pictures of the real moments of your day, telling your love story as a couple as well as capturing all of the celebrations of such an important occasion.

With a range of packages, styles, and products, you are sure to find something to perfectly suit you.


3. Sarah Tonkin

Sarah is a magician with light and imagery, and can capture the most amazing photos you will ever see. She finds magic in the everyday, and crafts phenomenal images from all of the moments, both big and small, on your incredible day.

If you are an authentic couple, crazy in love and just want this to come out in your wedding album, then Sarah is the photographer for you.


4. Kevin McGinn

An award-winning photographer and genuinely nice person to have around on your wedding day, Kevin is adored by his former clients.

With years of experience and hundreds of weddings photographed, Kevin has an incredible knowledge of the area, the landscape and the people of Perth. He has a talent for images of light and colour, as well as true love and sweet emotion.


5. Izo Photography

Izo is made up of a husband and wife photography team who specialise in unique stories and reflections of colour and emotion. Jimmy and Shona are creatives and adventurers, who have put their heart and soul into their photography to help you express your heart in soul in your wedding album.

Izo is a studio of lovely people who will immerse themselves in your day capturing memories for you to keep and hold close forever.


6. Jason Soon

This is an award-winning wedding photography studio who offer a delightful experience from the moment you meet them to when they hand you the most gorgeous photos you have ever seen. Here they capture the essence of who you are through powerful imagery.

Jason takes stylish and individual photos, which flow naturally from his taste for romance and passion, his artistic vision and flair for fashion and glamour.


7. James Simmons Photography

If you are looking for a fine artist as well as a wedding photographer, then James Simmons studio is the only one for you. James has an innate ability for telling a story, and crafts images of the entire experience and emotion of your whole day. His manner is fun and relaxing, grabbing shots of real life and natural beauty, to create your own personal gallery of fine art starring you.

James is a talented and experienced photographer who loves what he does and is proud to be part of the biggest day of your life.


8. Erica Serena

Erica understands that the purpose of wedding photographs is not just to create pretty pictures, but to capture perfectly the story of your wedding day, so you can re-live it whenever you want to. For true and individual shots that tell your love story, Erica is the choice for you.

Erica works closely with you to make sure the most important shots are taken and the real couple comes out in every photo. Comprehensive, caring and committed, if you want to see her talent, take a wander through her gallery today.


9. Albedo

Albedo Studio is made up of wedding photographers and all-round awesome people, Richard and Jen. This team is consummately professional, wonderfully artistic and incredible fun to have around on your big day.

They keep everyone relaxed and instead craft images that are authentic expressions of what was happening in each tiny moment. For genuine photos that showcase your whole day, this is the team for you. From the drama and splendour of the impactful shots to the intimacy and emotion of the little ones, this team can do it all.


10. Kate Drennan

Kate loves life and it shows in every photo that she takes. For the couple who want different and non-traditional and who describe themselves as taking the path less travelled, she is the photographer for you.

Experienced, talented and professional, Kate will ensure your wedding photography experience is enjoyable and most importantly, stress-free. When you want to explore and capture the wonder of your relationship, her style is perfect for you.