On the picturesque shores of Perth, as you embark on the exciting journey of planning your dream wedding, one of the most delightful decisions awaits – selecting the perfect wedding cake. Your wedding cake is not just a sweet centrepiece; it’s a symbol of your unique love story. In Perth, the options are as diverse as the landscapes that surround this beautiful city. From elegant designs to mouth watering flavours, you’re spoiled for choice. Picture this: layers of joy, adorned with intricate details, reflecting your personal style. As you delve into the world of wedding cakes in Perth, let’s guide you through the top suppliers who transform dreams into edible masterpieces.

Cupid’s Delight

Meet Barbara, the heart and soul behind Cupid’s Delight, where every cake tells a story of craftsmanship, quality, and a fusion of European elegance with a modern Australian twist. Situated in Perth, this bakery has carved a niche for itself as a premier destination for wedding cakes and a variety of sweet treats tailored to personal tastes and dietary needs. From vegan to gluten-free options, each creation is a testament to Barbara’s commitment to excellence, using only the finest local ingredients. Whether it’s an intricately designed wedding cake or a vibrant macaron tower, Cupid’s Delight promises an unforgettable taste experience, making every celebration a bit more special with their bespoke creations.

Address: 51 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill, WA 6163

Phone: 08 6248 4099

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Barbara

Glenda and Winnie have been blessing couples with the wedding cake of their dreams for over 8 years. They are experts at making these exquisite and deliciously edible centerpieces that are sure to wow both you and your guests. Using wedding themes and details of your wedding as inspiration for their creation, they pay close attention to detail ensuring their clients are left thoroughly impressed and satisfied. You can sample their work via one of their tasting boxes which features 5 of their signature flavours and toppings. You can email them to check availability and organise a consultation, but you will need to do so at least 6 – 9 months in advance to secure your date as these award-winning bakers are in high demand.

Cake Styles: Modern, rustic, vintage, traditional

Decorations: Fresh flowers, figurines, ribbons

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0400 186 590

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Glenda and Winnie

Simona, George and the Honeycake team are the masterminds behind the production of these unique wedding cakes. With over 9 years of experience, they offer palette-amusing wedding cakes which are available as original or pandan coconut flavoured.  You can also choose the traditional round, 10-layer round, slab or the small wedding favors which are nicely packaged in elegant white golden boxes.  Orders can be easily made online and your cake will then be carefully packaged and safely delivered to your location.  Cakes are delivered on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you also have the option of store pick up.

Decorations: Fresh flowers

Address: State Buildings, 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000

Phone: 0422 601 707

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Simona

For the past 5 years, the team of Robyn’s Creative Cakes have created hundreds of wedding cakes and special occasion cakes. Every creation is made from fresh ingredients, they guarantee of incredible taste, quality, and style.

Brides’ Choice Award Winners for the year 2020, Robyn and the team believe in their ethos of supplying a quality product at an affordable price. They love to build relationships with their clients many of who order cakes well after their big day. Wedding cakes is their specialty and they offer the unique package service of setup and delivery, custom toppers, cake stand hire and all florals with each cake. This package makes it so easy for the the bridal couple with all the arrangements left to the awesome team at Robyn’s Creative Cakes. Ask for a quote now.

Cake Styles: All

Decorations: All

Address: 12 Kildare Ln, The Vines WA 6057

Phone: 0409 557 173

Social: Facebook

Contact : Robyn's Creative Cakes

Bridal Select Cakes

Exclusively producing couture wedding cakes, each one is carefully crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. For the past 15 years, Katie and the award-winning team at Bridal Select Cakes have worked hard to build a reputation of quality cake, impeccable service, and luxury designs that look almost too good to eat. Made with incredible flavour and “wow” factor in mind, each cake is styled to dazzle your wedding.

Location: Perth Region

Cake Styles: Modern, rustic, artistic, vintage, unique

Decorations: Fondant, buttercream, gold leaf, fresh flowers, fresh fruits, pastries, pastries, chocolate

Phone: 0437 728 382

Social: Bridal Select Cakes

Contact : Bridal Select Cakes

Cakes by Aranee

Combining a love of food with a bachelor’s degree in art is what makes the wedding cakes and pastries the talk of the town from Cakes by Aranee. For the past 12 years, she has been crafting elegant wedding cakes that have incredible detail and flavour. Designing each custom order with modern decorating techniques is what sets her style apart from the rest.

Location: Hamersley, WA

Cake Styles: Modern, rustic, artistic, unique

Decorations: Fresh flowers, fondant, buttercream, icing, ribbon, paint, gold and silver leaf

Address: Greenwood WA 6024

Social: Cakes by Aranee

Contact : Cakes by Aranee

Tanya's Cakes

Trained as a chef and with a passion for designing eye-catching cakes, Tanya has over 15 years of experience creating incredible wedding cakes and pastries for every occasion. Made from the freshest ingredients, each made-to-order design is carefully crafted and created to look amazing for every couple’s big day. Combining delicious flavours with gorgeous decorations is what brings her and her clients the most joy.

Location: Alfred Cove, WA

Cake Styles: Modern, rustic, traditional, vintage

Decorations: Fondant, icing, fresh flowers, ribbon, pastries, paint, chocolate

Phone: 0417 922 277

Social: Tanya's Cakes

Contact : Tanya's Cakes

Cake Factory

For the past 19 years, the team at Cake Factory has been creating remarkable wedding cake designs with the finest quality ingredients from highly-rated producers. Giving all of their clients a guarantee of freshness and flavour, everyone is given excellent service from the beginning until the end. Creating one of a kind designs to please everyone’s personality is something that has built them a reputation of quality and care.

Location: Malaga, WA

Cake Styles: Traditional, modern, vintage, rustic, unique

Decorations: Fondant, chocolate, fresh flowers, ribbon, paint, pastries

Phone: 08 9248 8996

Social: Cake Factory

Contact : Cake Factory

House of Royal Velvet

With over 10 years of experience designing and creating wedding cakes and special occasion pastries, Anastasia from House of Royal Velvet has built a reputation of quality and service. Working closely with couples to plan all of the fine details for the perfect cake, she designs and delivers cakes that are made to the highest standards.

Location: Thornlie, WA

Cake Styles: Modern, vintage, rustic, unique, artistic

Decorations: Fondant, icing, buttercream, ribbon, fresh flowers, pastries, fresh fruits, paint, chocolate, gold leaf

Instagram: @house.of.royal.velvet

Phone: 0430 017 230

Social: House of Royal Velvet

Contact : House of Royal Velvet

The Cake Studio

Creating exquisite wedding cakes for the past 26 years, Fiona from The Cake Studio has built a popular cake designing business that prides itself on making dream cakes into a reality. With a loyal list of clients and a reputation for delivering incredible service, your wedding cake will be carefully crafted with the best ingredients and sophisticated flavours that will make you want more.

Location: Gwelup, WA

Cake Styles: Traditional, modern, vintage, rustic

Decorations: Fondant, buttercream, icing, fresh flowers, ribbon, gems

Phone: 0417 966 730

Social: The Cake Studio

Contact : The Cake Studio

The Mobile Gelato Cart

Joanna, the cheerful owner of The Mobile Gelato Cart, brings a touch of Italian flair to weddings and events across Perth. With a passion for quality and a commitment to fun, her gelato carts promise to elevate any occasion. Crafted in small batches using local and seasonal ingredients, their gelato boasts intense flavours without artificial additives. From dairy-free to vegan options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Joanna’s dedication to her business, supported by her husband and blended family, ensures a memorable experience for all. With a focus on joy and deliciousness, The Mobile Gelato Cart adds a sprinkle of happiness to every celebration.

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0488 782 051

Social: The Mobile Gelato Cart

Contact : Joanna

The Creamery Cart

With a passion for ice cream, The Creamery Cart brings a delightful touch to weddings and special events in Perth. Started in 2020, they expanded to offer a charming timber-look cart, perfect for any occasion. Their eco-friendly setup, complete with a built-in battery system, ensures flexibility in location without compromising on the quality of their locally handcrafted gelato. With over 30 flavors, including gluten-free and dairy-free options, there’s something to satisfy every palate. From corporate parties to scenic weddings, The Creamery Cart promises a sweet addition to any celebration, leaving guests craving for more. Contact them today to add a scoop of joy to your event!

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0474 835 410

Social: The Creamery Cart

Contact : The Creamery Cart

Cono Gelato

Bringing a taste of joy straight to your wedding, Cono Gelato serves up gelato delights that are both traditional and inventive. With roots tracing back to the gelato-rich streets of Modena, Italy. Joe, the mastermind behind Cono Gelato, has crafted a menu bursting with nostalgia and fun. No additives, no emulsifiers – just pure, delightful gelato made with care. From Nocciola to Blueberry Cheesecake, their cart zips across Perth, spreading smiles and sweetness at weddings, birthdays, and corporate events alike. Whether you’re after a taste of tradition or craving something new, Cono Gelato promises a scoop of happiness for all.

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0413 623 961

Social: Cono Gelato

Contact : Joe

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Cupid's Delight

Address: Unit 10/51 Rockingham Road Hamilton Hill, WA 6163

Phone: 08 6248 4099

Social: Cupid's Delight

Contact : Cupid's Delight Team

Cookies and More

Address: 2/321 Victoria Road Malaga, WA 6090

Phone: 08 6278 3700

Social: Cookies and More

Contact : Cookies and More Team

Fiorentina Patisserie & Cafe

Address: 44 Angove St, North Perth WA 6006

Phone: 08 9328 7442

Social: Fiorentina Patisserie & Cafe

Contact : Fiorentina Patisserie & Cafe Team

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Your wedding day, a tapestry of emotions and shared promises, deserves a finale as sweet as your journey together. In the heart of Perth, amidst the charm of Western Australia, the choices for your wedding cake are boundless. These masterful bakers craft more than just confections; they create edible expressions of your love. As you relish the memories of your special day, let the lingering taste of the perfect wedding cake be a reminder of the joyous celebration. Perth’s finest wedding cake suppliers have not just provided desserts; they’ve woven a layer of sweetness into the tapestry of your union. Here’s to love, laughter, and a lifetime of shared slices.