Imagine the sun-kissed shores of Perth, providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Amidst the excitement of planning, the heartbeat of your celebration is the music that will forever echo in your memories. Welcome to a journey where melodies meet moments, where love and rhythm entwine seamlessly. In the vibrant city of Perth, we unveil the top wedding music bands to elevate your special day. Picture the enchanting melodies that will resonate through every laugh, dance, and tender moment, turning your celebration into a symphony of love. Let’s explore the sounds that will make your wedding day in Perth truly unforgettable.

Amaré Strings

Amaré Strings provides high-quality and beautiful music for weddings and events around Perth, Western Australia. They primarily perform as a string quartet but are able to diversify their sound with their different ensemble options. Amaré Strings can be added to any event where their live performance will bring a personal and elegant touch to the occasion. With an extensive repertoire list filled with a mix of pop, classical and jazz, its musicians will be sure to cater to the specifics of your event. Amaré Strings takes pride in creating an easy planning experience and a warm atmosphere to make your event as perfect as it can be.

Style: Live Music and DJ

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0433 652 007

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Nadia Alexander


The Shimmer is an acoustic trio that has been performing since 2010. They can offer easy listening music for your ceremony and dinner, as well as upbeat music for your reception. This group prides themselves on their experience and professionalism. They will work closely with your MC to ensure a flawless transition between sets. Previous clients praise Shimmer for their professionalism, ability to get everyone on the dance floor, and knowledge of music. They would be an excellent choice for couples who enjoy acoustic music.

Style: Live Band

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0407 081 061

Social: Shimmer

Contact : Shimmer

Summer Club Band

Elevate your celebration with the vibrant sounds of Perth’s premier Wedding Band, Summer Club Band. Comprising skilled and energetic musicians, many of whom are WAAPA graduates, this dynamic ensemble offers tailored musical experiences for weddings, parties, and corporate events. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, their diverse repertoire spans jazz, classical, rock, RnB, and more. With extensive global performance experience, the seasoned professionals of Summer Club Band infuse live energy into every event, ensuring an unforgettable atmosphere. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, a smaller private gathering, or a festival, Summer Club Band guarantees a musical journey that resonates with your unique celebration.

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0402 405 992

Social: Summer Club Band

Contact : Josh

Kemistry Sounds

Founded in 2011, Kemistry Sounds stands out in the Perth wedding music scene with a commitment to redefine the industry. Recognizing a need for change, they emerged with a mission to prioritise respect, transparency, and unwavering dedication to clients. Led by Director Rochelle Lammonby, the team rejects the conventional, steering clear of hard sells and gimmicks. Their growth hasn’t compromised their core values; instead, they remain focused on delivering exceptional live music and DJ performances. Kemistry invites couples to discover entertainment tailored to their preferences, backed by love for what they do and a humble, client-centric approach.

Style: Live Music and DJ

Address: Perth, WA 6056

Phone: 0439 082 171

Social: Kemistry Sounds

Contact : Kemistry Sounds

The Dinner Singer

Raised in rural WA, Tod Woodward’s journey from a Police Officer to an award-winning Wedding Singer and DJ is as unique as his music. At 24, he ventured to Vancouver, recording his debut album “Free My Mind.” Returning to Perth, Tod founded Lip Service, entertaining diverse venues for a decade. Now, with over 15 years in the Perth music scene, Tod, aka The Dinner Singer, seamlessly blends live acoustic and DJ services for unforgettable weddings. His captivating vocals and dynamic guitar skills, combined with a decade-long DJ experience, ensure a perfect musical blend, earning him 10 Best Live Act awards in the past 11 years. Couples can trust Tod to set the right tone, making their big day truly memorable.

Style: Live Band and DJ

Address: 1 Westbrook Pde Ellenbrook Perth, WA 6069

Phone: 0402 755 785

Social: The Dinner Singer

Contact : The Dinner Singer

Mim Fitze

Mim Fitze is a professionally trained vocalist and instrumentalist. She is passionate about music and providing a quality service for your special day. Mim loves to help her clients choose music that reflects their personality and style. This musician will work with you to learn any songs that she doesn’t know. It will help make your wedding music genuinely unique and give you precisely what you’re looking for. Mim also has experience with piano, guitar, and DJ equipment to add that extra touch to your wedding music.

Style: Live Music and DJ

Address: Perth, WA

Social: Mim Fitze

Contact : Mim Fitze

Daniel Tropiano Music

Daniel Tropiano is a soloist, guitarist, and DJ that offers acoustic music for your wedding day. His goal is to give you a fantastic experience that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Daniel only uses the best sound equipment for his performances to ensure excellent sound quality. He has been a performer for many years and brings this experience to every wedding. He can perform for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. This artist also has smoke machines, dance lighting, and wireless microphones for each performance if you decide to use them.

Style: Live Music and DJ

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0413 104 939

Social: Daniel Tropiano Music

Contact : Daniel Tropiano

Complete DJ

The Complete DJ company believes that each couple is unique, and they strive to create a personalised service for every couple. They have an online system that makes the planning process more comfortable, as you should be able to relax and enjoy planning your wedding. This company has nine packages to choose from that include lighting, DJ’s, fog machines, live bands, photo booths, and event trussing. Their packages are designed to cater to all of your music, lighting, and design needs. Complete DJs would be an excellent choice for every couple.

Style: Live Band and DJ

Address: 11/83 Hector St W Osborne Park, WA 6017

Phone: 0420 947 270

Social: Complete DJ

Contact : Complete DJ

Go Gabz DJs

Go Gabz DJs aims to give you a professional, polished, and unique musical experience for your big day. Each DJ has years of experience in the industry and offers competitive pricing. They use the best equipment on the market to ensure a clear, crisp sound to help you dance the night away. Go Gabz also gives you the ability to text requests to the DJ during your reception. You will have your choice of lighting equipment such as disco lights, spotlights, and digital drapes.

Style: DJ

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0401 081 301

Social: Go Gabz DJs

Contact : Go Gabz DJs

Hero Djs

With a passion for setting the right musical tone for any celebration, HERODJs, led by the experienced DJ Daniel Deelstra, brings over 14 years of expertise to the party scene. Understanding the essence of a successful event, HERODJs prides itself on delivering a seamless customer experience from beginning to end. Tailoring their services to suit individual clients, whether it’s curating the perfect playlist for a bride’s special day or energising a club with tunes that resonate with the crowd, HERODJs showcases adaptability and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Elevate your event with HERODJs, where expertise meets flexibility for an unforgettable musical journey.

Address: Bicton, WA

Phone: 0411 578 805

Social: Hero Djs

Contact : Daniel Deelstra


As the final notes linger in the air, your wedding day in Perth becomes a cherished melody in the soundtrack of your love story. These top wedding music bands have not just played songs; they’ve woven the tapestry of emotions, turning your celebration into a masterpiece. So, whether it’s the soulful tunes or the energetic beats, each chord has painted the canvas of your day with joy. As you embark on this new chapter, let the echoes of the music linger in your hearts, a reminder of the love celebrated in the vibrant city of Perth. Cheers to the harmonies that echoed your joy, the melodies that framed your moments, and the everlasting music of your love story.