Choosing the right wedding photographer for the biggest day of your life can be a difficult decision.

There are so many out there to choose between; word of mouth and recommendations are needed to help narrow them down.

If you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Melbourne, we have the only list you will need to read.

A wedding photographer needs to be an incredibly multi-talented person. They have to have an artistic eye, a romantic soul, and the patience of a saint.

Wedding photographers will work very long hours on your big day to capture every aspect of it, and need to be technologically savvy to take the best images and produce the perfect album.

They also need to be lovely calming people to have around on your big day, because they will be right in your face during much of the event.

The best photographers also know the secret spots for that extra special show-stopping image, and all the tricks for getting kids to smile and reluctant subjects to relax. They need to be able to create magic with weather, time and light.

And then at the end, they need to produce an album that will blow you away, making you look you’re very best but still capturing precisely your individual personality and your unique love story.

Not too much to ask, right?

These are not the most famed or renowned photographers in Melbourne, because they are diamonds in the rough and the ones so good that only word of mouth will help you find them. But we know all the best recommendations.

Here is our list, in no particular order, of the editor’s choice Top 20 Wedding Photographers in Melbourne who can definitely do it all, and are just great, friendly, fun people to work with as well.


1. Loco Photography

  • Loco Photography

Here they understand that your wedding is a celebration of life and love. Your wedding album should be an artistic masterpiece, but it is also your personal story, and Theo and his wonderful team know more than anyone how to capture a personal story.

Creating stunning images and making your day relaxed and fun, the gorgeous people at Loco are the very best choice.


2. Sarah Godenzi

  • Sarah Godenzi

‘Words cannot express how wonderful this lady is – both in personality and talent. She is a photography superstar!’

These are words from one of Sarah’s reviews, and this incredibly high praise is spot on. Sarah is based in the Yarra Valley and has a gifted eye for rural and country locations, but can turn this talent to any style of wedding day.


3. Michael Briggs

  • Michael Briggs

For a beautiful and down to earth approach to your wedding photography, you have to talk to Michael. His style is organic and relaxed; he will easily immerse himself in your day and get all of the hidden moments and tiny details, and all of the special touches that you would otherwise miss.

Michael truly loves his job and it shows in the quality and uniqueness in every image that he takes.


4. Aria Photography

  • Aria Photography

Aria specializes in candid, romantic and meaningful wedding photography. When you want all of the moments captured forever, but don’t want to feel like you spent your whole wedding day posing and fussing about, this is the team to call.

Sharne is a natural people person and will put everyone at your wedding instantly at ease. Having her there will be a fun addition and a calming influence on your big day.

5. Kas Richards

  • Kas Richards

When you want stylish, classic and timeless, Kas is the photographer for you. You will feel natural on the big day, but when you see your photos you will be amazed by what she has captured; artistic, creative and inspired shots that will make you look like a rock star (which, on your wedding day, you are of course!)

A truly beautiful talent.


6. Daniel Brannan

  • Daniel Brannan

Dan is based on the Mornington Peninsula and his photography has the effortless style and easy grace of this gorgeous part of the world. Dan is a storyteller and a moment-capturer. He has a talented eye for the little and big details on your special day, and will document everything, from the loud celebrations to the quiet look between lovers, to the fly on the wall stuff that nobody else gets.

A sweet guy with a sublime skill for romantic imagery.


7. Vanessa Norris

  • Vanessa Norris

If you are a unique couple looking for a kindred spirit in your wedding photographer, check out the breathtaking gallery from Vanessa Norris. She specializes in bringing character and quirks out in her shots, crafting a very personal wedding album.

Described by her customers as the dream photographer who makes everything relaxed, she is also the master of the grand and breathtaking image that you will frame on the wall and show off to the world.


8. Ali Bailey

  • Ali Bailey

Ali loves documenting the story of not just this one day, but of everything that brought you here, and all that married life holds for you in the future. Putting a smile on everyone’s face, she is the gentle guide who lets you do your thing and then takes amazing shots of it. For honest, fresh and exciting images, contact Ali.

Melbourne-based but a travelling soul, Ali will happily take magical shots of your wedding day wherever it may be.


9. Katie Harmsworth

  • Katie Harmsworth

Sometimes Katie’s customers literally swear in their reviews; this is a sign of just how good this photographer is! A natural-born photographer and artist, Katie is also a wizard of light behind the lens.

A friendly and stress-free presence on your wedding day, she will not yell orders at you, but somehow will get every single shot you thought was important for your wedding album, plus a whole bunch of other ones you hadn’t even realized you wanted.


10. Joseph Koprek

  • Joseph Koprek

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Joseph will be there for every shot, including the natural ones that just unfold in the moment, to the posed ones that you know you have to have. And he makes it all look and feel remarkably easy.

His philosophy is to ensure that the bridal couple enjoy every moment of this experience. His photos are singled out by customers and professionals alike as outstanding, emotional and exceptional. If this is what you want from your wedding photographer, then Joseph is the ideal choice.


11. ATEIA Photography and Video

ATEIA Photography and Video melbourne

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, this is one of Melbourne’s most loved and most trusted wedding photographers. And when you are taking the most precious (and unrepeatable) moments of your life, you want someone you can completely trust.

Specialising in simplicity and quality, the focus here is natural, unembellished and unequalled in customer satisfaction. With years of experience behind them, this team make magic with colour and light.


12. T-One Image

T-One Image

Offering beautifully crafted photos and video of the most important day of your life, you will be very impressed with the finished products from T-One. The versatile photographers will adapt their style to perfectly suit what you want from your special day, and will guide you when you need it to help capture all of the essential images.

They will find all of the little special moments that will stand the test of time, and specialise in picturesque and showstopping landscapes as well.


13. Allure Photography

Allure Photography

With a reputation for sheer excellence in photos, as well as keeping their couples completely relaxed, the full-service packages from Allure are sure to impress. Take a leisurely wander through their online gallery for completely breathtaking shots.

Reasonably priced, this team will fit into any couple’s budget, without compromising in any way on the standard of album you receive.

Owned and operated by one of Melbourne’s expert wedding photographers, Tim Wilcox, you can trust Tim and his team to capture your perfect day and fulfil your expectations.




This photography studio specialises in the organic, candid and natural images. Yet they have this incredible way of finding the magic in every moment, and will delight you with the beauty they find in all of the exchanges and details of your wedding day.

If you don’t want posed, but you do want perfection as well as personality, this is the team for you.


15. Con Tsioukis – ICON Photography

iCON Photography

One of Melbourne’s leading wedding photographers, Con Tsioukis of ICON Photography is devoted to bringing you beautiful and iconic photos that you are sure to adore and look back on forever. Con and his team recognises that the most iconic thing to be captured and celebrated on this day is your love as a couple. This will be the wonder-filled focus of your whole stunning album.

For photos that make your friends jealous and that bring you joy your whole life long.


16. Andrew Harrison – Passion8 Photography

Passion8 Photography

Andrew Harrisson from Passion8 Photography is a wedding specialist, a creative artist and a hopeless romantic. His style is natural and organic, but his eye for the ‘Wow’ factor shots as they happen will have you saying, ‘How did you get that?’

He puts his couples at ease and will ensure your wedding day is stress-free and just fun – exactly what you wanted.


17. Souri & Andreas – freshPhotography


This internationally acclaimed studio has helped thousands of couples capture the most important moments, not just for this one day, but to perfectly showcase your entire romance.

Capturing colours, light, life and most importantly, emotions, this talented husband and wife couple, Souri and Andreas, excel in wedding albums. From the grand landscapes to the tiniest details, and every moment in between that tells your love story.


18. Studiomax


This is silver-service wedding photography that is of a wedding magazine level. Featured in countless Australian front covers, winning awards in the industry and highly recommended by venues and other vendors, this team are everything you expect them to be, and so much more.

The skill, knowledge, equipment and sheer passion, of Julian Walker and his amazing team, are all exceptional. You will so happy that you chose Studiomax.


19. Love is Sweet Photography

Love is Sweet Photography

For Love is Sweet, their job starts with even the first time you tell them your love story and the journey you went on together to become engaged. Nada & Hannah of Love is Sweet Photography will see the way your face lights up and already be taking in notes about how to craft the perfect wedding photography package for you.

They work out what is most important to you as a couple, and then make sure this is captured on your big day. Specialising in grabbing those unique moments just as they unfold. Able to think on their toes and solve any problems as they arise, this team will have your back all day (they will take some lovely photos of your front and your other sides as well!)


20. Emotion Photography

Emotion Photography

Emotion Photography is a new generation of powerful, modern wedding photography. This is a skilled and experienced team with dedication to their craft and a consummate professionalism. Taking honest and authentic images across your whole day, the photographers from this studio will seamlessly immerse themselves in your celebration and grab all the important shots.

Offering a truly personalised service that will guarantee the most poignant moments from your wedding will be treasured forever.

With a range of packages to suit every wedding style and budget, and a super-fast turn around in your final product, gold standard wedding photos are attainable for every couple.


The best wedding photographers in Melbourne do tend to book out fast, so make sure that you get in early with your favourites. Check out galleries for shots that match your style as well as take your breath away, then meet with the photographers to get a feel for how they work as well.

This is such an important decision, and one that you really want to get right.



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