Nothing quite marks your big day like stunning photographs. So much happens throughout the wedding ceremony and reception that it is impossible to capture everything at once. What you want from your wedding album is a chance to visually tell your love story with all the romantic details in full view. You will want something that represents you.

A big decision that you might overlook is where to have your wedding pictures taken; after all, these extraordinary images are the first living documents of your married life together. A talented photographer makes the most out of the scenery, and the Melbourne area has several locations throughout that can provide a perfect backdrop for wedding celebrations. Pick any combination of these sites, and you are sure to have pictures that are worth more than a thousand words. From outside garden areas to a few tucked away places, these locations can help you create gorgeous photographs that you and your new spouse can treasure for a lifetime.

Albert Park Lake

Do you desire wedding pictures featuring lush greenery and glistening waters? Albert Park Lake stretches over 2.25 square kilometres of parkland, providing the perfect amount of space for garden weddings that overlook the gorgeous lake. The abundance of nearby waterfront reception venues can be the ideal choice for couples who want the convenience. With tons of space and magnificent scenery, it is easy to see why tourists and wedding parties alike flock to this area.

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Federation Square

Federation Square is built on a concrete deck above Melbourne’s busy railway lines, and it has been used for multiple public gatherings. Several wedding couples come to the area to represent this part of Melbourne in their pictures. The area is a venue for several arts, culture, and other events, and it could mark an ideal location for city dwelling couples whose parties where the reception is being held nearby.

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St Kilda Beach

If you want a fun beach wedding featuring gorgeous sunsets, St Kilda Beach is spectacular. It is known as Melbourne’s most famous beach, as it features beautiful scenery perfect for those wanting a quintessential beach wedding. It is also conveniently located just six kilometres from Melbourne’s centre. As a popular site with several ceremonies and reception venues close by, this local spot fits the couple who wants a more relaxed setting to their nuptials.

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Flinders Street Station

Ever since 1910, Flinders Street Station has been a part of what makes Melbourne such a unique place to live. The historical railway exudes the kind of whimsical street charm many couples want for their wedding photos. It should be noted that since it is open to the public, couples who opt for the station are likely to have strangers in their shot. Those who value more private shoots may want to look elsewhere.

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Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

Are you envisioning an enchanting garden setting for your wedding photos? Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens is one of the world’s oldest remaining exhibition pavilions. Constructed in 1880, it is a popular destination for couples who want a beautiful garden setting for their ceremonies. It is an example of a beautiful Victorian landscape with sweeping lawns, tree plantings and several tree-lined paths with fountains and architecture galore. Space is also available to host wedding ceremonies.

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Parliament House

Parliament House is another historical landmark in Melbourne that is ideal for one-of-a-kind wedding pictures. It was built between 1855 and 1929; this regal location is an architectural marvel best suited for wedding parties that want something grand in scale yet very classic. It is also listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and is a popular tourist destination, which means members of the public may also be viewed in your wedding shots.

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Queensbridge Square

Completed in 1889, Queensbridge Square is a historic bridge in Melbourne that was constructed over the Yarra River. The wedding photo location includes a pedestrian plaza. The bridge itself has five wrought iron plate girder spans. The very flat arch can bring an element of charm. Consider this the ideal site for your wedding photo if you want a conventional and urban take on the wedding photography.

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Treasury Gardens

Do you have a large wedding party? Treasury Gardens is situated on the southeastern side of Melbourne CBD, and it has 14.4 acres of parkland at its disposal. The large Melbourne garden can accommodate a wedding photography shoot of varying sizes. With several historical, archaeological, and horticultural options, it is easy to see why this public parkland is a popular choice for wedding pictures and ceremonies.

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Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is the renowned laneway that celebrates Melbourne’s famous street artists. It contains vibrant colours, edgy graffiti and tons of art installations. It is the perfect place for eclectic brides and grooms who desire breathtaking urban photos. It is a public place, so members of the community are likely to be featured in the pictures.

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Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

From lakes and trees to garden beds and spacious lawns, the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne allows you and your wedding party to bask in majestic beauty. It was first established in 1846 by Lieutenant Governor Charles La Trobe. One of the most visited landscapes in the city, the garden setting is stretched over 36 hectares. It is full of unique opportunities to showcase your love story. No matter where you are in the park, you will likely create an iconic image.

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While there is a lot of planning that goes into the wedding ceremony and reception, it is the photographer who will have the eye to capture stunning images. Not only will you put these romantic pictures on display, but you can reminisce on the special day every time you look at them.

The decided destination should represent your individual love story, and just like each couple, no wedding pictures will be the same. Melbourne has several places that can be transformed into the site of your lawfully wedded dreams. From simple and classic to extravagant and eclectic, whichever location you choose will represent your love together.