G’day lovebirds!

As you embark on the extraordinary journey of planning your wedding in the stunning Cairns, let us guide you through the enchanting world of top-notch wedding photography.

Picture this – the lush landscapes, turquoise waters, and golden sunsets providing the perfect backdrop for your special day. Your wedding deserves to be captured with precision and passion, and Cairns is home to some of the most talented photographers who can turn each moment into a timeless masterpiece.

From candid shots to breathtaking landscapes, these professionals are here to ensure that every detail, emotion, and nuance is preserved, reflecting the uniqueness of your love story.

Let’s dive into the vibrant world of wedding photography, where each click narrates a chapter of your love saga.

Denim & Lace Photography

Capturing cherished moments in Cairns and surroundings, Denim & Lace Photography specialises in weddings, families, newborns, maternity, and events. With a passion for genuine emotions and authentic connections, Kaddiesha, the skilled photographer, ensures every smile and every glance is beautifully preserved. Recognised with the 2023 & 2022 Wedding Industry Awards, her tailored service promises a stress-free experience, capturing both big moments and small details with finesse. Based in Dimbulah, she brings enthusiasm and dedication to each unique session, ensuring memories are immortalised for a lifetime. Trust Denim & Lace Photography to turn your special day into timeless memories.

Address: Cairns QLD

Phone: 0432 201 729

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kaddiesha

Focus Imagery

Incredibly talented photographers and videographers, you turn to Focus Imagery for all of your wedding image needs. Showcasing a relaxed, natural and light style of photography, which is above all romantic, Graeme and his team has won countless awards for their skill and service.

With over seven years of experience behind them, this boutique studio has perfected shots that push the boundaries of camera and light, to craft elegant and ethereal wedding albums. Contact them today to discuss their free engagement shoot offer.

Address: 28 James St, Cairns North QLD 4870

Phone: 0418 734 049

Social: Focus Imagery

Contact : Graeme Bint

Matthew Evans Photography

Matthew found his love for photography when he was ten years old, and he has spent his life honing his rather impressive skills.

With a passion and dedication to crafting images to the highest standards, no moments are missed, and no request is too difficult. Combining his obsession of photography with a love of design and technology, he uses the best equipment and techniques to make photos you will cherish forever.

With an organic and candid style, the images he creates are filled with real life, emotion and love.

Address: 12 Bramble St, Clifton Beach QLD 4879

Phone: 0423 468 133

Social: Matthew Evans Photography

Contact : Matthew Evans

Peppermint Lane

Stephanie and Jason from Peppermint Lane are a couple in real life and partners in creativity and crime. Crafting imaginative and emotional wedding albums and films with their relaxed friendly style and eye for moments, both showstopping and the ones filled with tiny details.

Stephanie has an innate ability to find those sublime shots, the ones you want to keep close to heart, even if you didn’t realise they were happening at the time. She will fit seamlessly into your wedding day and put everyone at ease, guaranteeing honest, lovely images.

Address: Cairns, QLD 4878

Phone: 0437 064 130

Social: Peppermint Lane

Contact : Stephanie

Azure Photography

Tracey from Azure Weddings is a wonder at making people feel comfortable in front of a camera, ensuring the very best side of you always comes out. She loves being a wedding photographer and looks after your photos as if they were her own. Fun and friendly, she will flit effortlessly around in the background and document everything just the way it was.

She crafts those incredible ‘Wow’ masterpieces, as well as all the little details and exchanges in between.

Address: 115 Williams Esplanade,, Palm Cove QLD 4870

Phone: 0418 963 796

Social: Azure Photography

Contact : Tracey Hayes

Posh Photography

Many couples are reluctant stars on their wedding day. Raw, quirky, natural and creative, this is the studio to turn to when you want that something different. With over 1000 weddings photographed, Ian is a lovely calming influence who makes everything flow easily on such a hectic day.

Ian loves to create personal and customised albums, and will go that extra step to get that perfect shot. His gentle nature will guide you to a wedding album even better than you ever dreamed.

Address: Cairns, QLD

Phone: 0408 485 322

Social: Posh Photography

Contact : Posh Photography

Perspectives Photography

When you look at a studio’s gallery of work and it fills you with joy and warmth, you know these are magical images – and you know this is a talented photographic team. Playing with colour, light,and emotion, these shots tell the story of your day, as well as everything that brought you here and all the promise for your future. Not bad, hey?

Isaac and Amy are laidback and will instantly feel like old friends. Hard workers, genuine romantics and attentive to every little detail, this is a wonderful photographic team.

Address: Cairns, QLD

Phone: 0420 745 055

Social: Perspectives Photography

Contact : Isaac

Barter Photography

This shining talent is proof that you can capture life’s greatest moments and tell the most genuine and beautiful love stories, without charging a fortune. Clinton is inspired by raw emotion and the spontaneity of life as it unfolds. His photojournalist style will make you feel at ease, with no awkward poses, and just a lovely narrative retelling of your day.

Clinton has won awards for his photos and is very highly praised by his former customers. Your memories are in excellent hands with this photographer.

Address: Yiki Street Port Douglas, QLD 4877

Phone: 0406 022 918

Social: Barter Photography

Contact : Clinton

Tulieve Photography

With a passion for immortalising love stories, Tulieve Photography, led by the talented Mehdi, captures the essence of weddings in Cairns and Port Douglas. Boasting years of experience and a knack for seizing those cherished moments, Mehdi’s artistic approach blends seamlessly into your special day. As a family man, his priority lies in preserving the meaningful, fleeting moments, ensuring your wedding day is hassle-free and enjoyable. Meticulously planning and anticipating emotions, Tulieve Photography stands out for its artistry, technique, and intuition. Let Mehdi tell and capture your unique love story, delivering timeless and emotive imagery that beautifully documents every part of your wedding day.

Address: Cairns, QLD

Phone: 0452 594 219

Social: Tulieve Photography

Contact : Mehdi

Zen Photography

Capturing the essence of love through a lens, Maria, the creative force behind Zen Photography, brings 12 years of expertise to the vibrant world of wedding and lifestyle photography. Drawing inspiration from a diverse journey that spans psychology, creative writing, and journalism, Maria found her true calling in photography. Based in Cairns for a decade, she recently embraced the Sunshine Coast’s beauty. Maria’s approach focuses on authentic, natural light photography, emphasising connection over poses. With a nomadic heart and a passion for genuine storytelling, she effortlessly blends photojournalistic flair with classic portraiture. Maria’s unobtrusive style allows couples, families, and entrepreneurs to be themselves, ensuring each frame tells a heartfelt visual story.

Address: 16 Cairns St, Cairns North QLD 4870

Phone: 0466 685 201

Social: Zen Photography

Contact : Maria Nguyen


Cheers to a journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories! As you traverse the memories captured by Cairns’ finest wedding photographers, may the snapshots serve as timeless reminders of your joyous day. In closing, relish the magic woven into each frame, depicting the essence of your love story against the picturesque Cairns backdrop. The final frames encapsulate not just moments but emotions that will resonate for a lifetime. These skilled photographers have transformed your special day into an everlasting visual symphony, ensuring that every glance, smile, and tear is beautifully etched in the canvas of your memories. Here’s to a lifetime of love, sealed and celebrated through the lens of Cairns’ top wedding photographers. Cheers to your happily ever after!



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