As the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the tropical paradise of Cairns is a dream destination for a wedding.

Whether you’re there for the scenery or because you call it home, this little spot of heaven offers the perfect backdrop for your big day.

Since you are spoilt for choice for location, the ceremony is the best way to truly personalize your big day and bring guests into the intimacy of your unique love story.

Make tying the knot your favourite chapter in your love story by choosing your best fit from our top 10 marriage celebrants in Cairns:

Leanne Markert Marriage Celebrant

Bringing dreams to life, Leanne Markert, a Cairns local since 1980, crafts personalised ceremonies reflecting each couple’s unique style. With a passion for modernity and inclusivity, Leanne offers a range of stunning locations across the Cairns region, from beaches to tropical gardens. Her expertise extends to remote destinations, ensuring your dream venue is never out of reach. Leanne’s ceremonies embrace special guests, be they children, pets, or cherished loved ones, fostering warmth and connection. Equipped for celebrations large or intimate, her services extend beyond weddings to vow renewals, naming ceremonies, and memorials. Trust Leanne to make your special day truly yours, embodying the essence of Cairns’ beauty and hospitality.

Address: 43 Cottesloe Dr, Kewarra Beach QLD 4879

Phone: 0438 556 215

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Leanne Markert

Andrea Allumay – Live Music, Celebrant, DJ & MC

With a knack for connecting with people and a passion for entertainment, Cairns-based Andrea Allumay is more than just a singer. With over fifteen years of experience, Andrea brings a blend of beautiful music and heartfelt performances to every occasion. As an internationally recognised entertainer and award-winning personality, Andrea also offers her services as a wedding celebrant, guiding couples and families through their most cherished moments. Known affectionately as “The Singing Celebrant,” Andrea specialises in crafting unique and personal ceremonies tailored to each couple’s love story. Whether it’s singing, officiating, or spinning tunes as a DJ and MC, Andrea Allumay adds a touch of magic to any event in Cairns.

Address: Cairns City, QLD 4870

Phone: 0402 809 809

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Andrea Allumay

Cairns Tropical Weddings

Gina Miles, the vibrant force behind Cairns Tropical Weddings, brings joy and professionalism to your special day. As a seasoned Civil Marriage Celebrant since 2006, Gina crafts bespoke ceremonies with a modern and creative touch. With an outgoing personality and a passion for love and marriage, she tailors each ceremony to reflect the unique personalities of the couple. Gina’s approach is flexible, whether you prefer an intimate gathering or a traditional celebration. Her clear, strong voice and articulate nature enhance the ceremony, creating a memorable experience for all. Entrust Gina with the privilege of officiating your wedding, and let her guide you in writing the next beautiful chapter of your life.

Avg. Price: $635

Phone: 0417 753 371

Social: Cairns Tropical Weddings

Contact : Gina

Cairns Weddings

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Cairns, this seasoned celebrant brings over two decades of expertise to your special day. With a passion for crafting personalised ceremonies, they seamlessly blend legal know-how with a personal touch. From idyllic beach settings to rainforest retreats, they’ve orchestrated unforgettable unions in diverse locales. A pioneer in North Queensland’s celebrant community, they’ve mentored new celebrants and played a pivotal role in celebrant stakeholder boards. Beyond ceremonies, their adventurous spirit has led them to traverse deserts, explore remote trails, and engage with indigenous cultures, enriching their understanding of love and commitment. Trust this dedicated celebrant to turn your wedding dreams into cherished reality.

Avg. Price: $565

Phone: 0419 799 637

Social: Cairns Weddings

Contact : Kay Earl

Blessings By Kate Bellman

With over two decades as a local in Port Douglas, Kate Bellman is an award-winning Marriage Celebrant radiating warmth and professionalism. Appointed by the Attorney General’s Office in 2018, Kate brings fresh perspectives and a dash of humour to wedding ceremonies. Residing in Newell Beach, she effortlessly officiates in Cairns, Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Atherton Tablelands, and beyond. Married to her husband Tim with two children, Kate’s familiarity with Far North Queensland allows for unique ceremony locations, from picturesque beaches to stunning chapels and resorts. Beyond weddings, Kate caters to various occasions, including Renewal of Vows, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals, and even Pet Funerals. Discover the perfect blend of personality and professionalism with Kate Bellman as your celebrant.

Avg. Price: $615

Phone: 0407 126 251

Social: Blessings By Kate Bellman

Contact : Kate Bellman

Sarah Woods Port Douglas Marriage Celebrant

Celebrate love effortlessly with a touch of tropical charm! With 14 years of expertise, Sarah Woods crafts memorable and intimate wedding ceremonies in Cairns and its scenic surroundings. Specialising in weddings, elopements, and vow renewals, Sarah offers a relaxed and personal touch to your special day. From the blissful beaches of Port Douglas to the tranquil allure of Palm Cove, her ceremonies reflect the unique love stories they commemorate. Professional, experienced, and brimming with joy, Sarah ensures your ceremony is the heartwarming beginning your love story deserves. Choose Sarah Woods for a vibrant and stress-free celebration that resonates with the beauty of tropical Queensland.

Avg. Price: $600

Phone: 0432 846 405

Social: Sarah Woods Port Douglas Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Sarah Woods

Our Ceremony

In the heart of Far North Queensland, discover a dedicated and friendly Marriage Celebrant, Leisel Pisani of ‘Our Ceremony.’ With over 16 years as a local in Cairns, Leisel’s passion for this tropical paradise shines through in every ceremony she crafts. Holding a Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy, Leisel ensures your special day is in capable hands. Her approachable nature and commitment to personalization result in unique ceremonies tailored to each couple. Whether it’s a beachfront wedding, an intimate vow renewal, or a joyful naming ceremony, Leisel’s goal is to make every moment special. Trust ‘Our Ceremony’ to transform your celebration into a cherished memory.

Avg. Price: $620

Phone: O402392615

Social: Our Ceremony

Contact : Leisel Pisani

The Wedding Guy Port Douglas

Nick Gibson, the vibrant force behind The Wedding Guy | Port Douglas, brings over two decades of eloquence and humour to ceremonies in tropical North Queensland. A seasoned celebrant, DJ, and MC, Nick crafts unique, cost-effective ceremonies tailored to each couple’s distinct journey. Known for his charismatic and relaxed demeanour, Nick effortlessly blends professionalism with a fantastic sense of humour. Diligent and organised, he navigates the intricacies of the wedding industry with finesse, handling legalities, reception speeches, and igniting dancefloors with crowd-pleasing tunes. Expect a joyous journey to the altar, a personalised ceremony filled with laughter, and a masterful MC who expertly balances formality and fun.

Avg. Price: Enquire to request price

Phone: 0419 022 692

Social: The Wedding Guy Port Douglas

Contact : Nick

Cairns Tropical Marriages

Cairns Tropical Marriages, led by a passionate celebrant, brings weddings to life with laughter, joy, and heartfelt moments. With nine years of experience, this celebrant turns ceremonies into memorable love stories, offering four distinctive packages tailored to your vision. Their ceremonies are described as fun, relaxed, engaging, professional, and intimate. Dressed in a Peaky Blinders/Vintage style, the celebrant ensures a charismatic and personalised touch. As an empath, they connect deeply with couples, adding a genuine and positive energy to the celebration. Choose Cairns Tropical Marriages for a wedding that reflects your unique love and commitment.

Phone: 0448 492 466

Social: Cairns Tropical Marriages

Contact : Tim Kelly


Janine Meakin, a passionate Marriage Celebrant based in Cairns, North Queensland, crafts unforgettable ceremonies for weddings, vow renewals, naming ceremonies, and funeral services. Committed to the ideals of marriage equality, Janine works closely with couples to create personalised ceremonies that reflect their unique vision. Her dedication to exceeding expectations ensures lasting memories of each special day. Referred to as a trusted “go-to” celebrant in Cairns, Janine celebrates love and milestones with genuine joy. With respect for privacy and adherence to the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, she is honoured to officiate ceremonies in Cairns and its surrounds. Congratulations to all engaged couples embarking on this beautiful journey!

Phone: 0409 380 864

Social: NQCelebrations

Contact : Janine Meakin


Whether you are a local getting married at home or travelling from afar, there is no denying that Cairns promises a truly breath-taking tropical paradise for your big day.

If you are looking for someone relaxed and humorous, sincere and heartfelt or anything in between, these specially curated celebrants from Cairns can deliver on your vision with professionalism and grace. Choose the right celebrant so that the beauty of your ceremony is unmatched even by the surrounding tropics.