As the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the tropical paradise of Cairns is a dream destination for a wedding.

Whether you’re there for the scenery or because you call it home, this little spot of heaven offers the perfect backdrop for your big day.

Since you are spoilt for choice for location, the ceremony is the best way to truly personalize your big day and bring guests into the intimacy of your unique love story.

Make tying the knot your favourite chapter in your love story by choosing your best fit from our top 10 marriage celebrants in Cairns:

Cairns Tropical Weddings

Gina prides herself on designing creative and modern style ceremonies for couples. With 13 years of experience and working as a full-time marriage celebrant, Gina brings expertise and experience to her role that will help your day run effortlessly.

Couples have commented that the care she puts into each detail makes you feel like a close friend or family member is personally arranging your ceremony. Depending on what you are looking for, her prices average about $635. Reach out for more details.

Avg. Price: $635

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Phone: 0417 753 371

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Contact : Gina

Cairns Weddings

Kay has been working as a marriage celebrant for just shy of 25 years, including mentoring her junior colleagues. Her passion for her career is evident in the quality she delivers. Kay believes that building a connection with couples is important, and makes an effort to get to know her couples’ personalities and interests.

As an avid traveller, she also understands that some couples may be planning their wedding from out of town or even over seas, and is ready to help you navigate that process if needed. The investment for her services averages at $565.

Avg. Price: $565

Phone: 0419 799 637

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Contact : Kay Earl

Port Douglas Celebrant

Through her dedication to bringing your guests into the true joy of your love story, Kate’s style is one that embraces both warmth and humour.

She is extremely knowledgeable about all the legalities needed to make it “official”, and ready to help walk you through what is an exciting, but can also be daunting, process. Her fee averages at $615.

Avg. Price: $615

Phone: 0407 126 251

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Contact : Kate Bellman

Sarah Woods Port Douglas Marriage Celebrant

Sarah comes highly rated by happy couples for her professionalism and respect for their individuality and wishes for their big day. She is well known for her warmth and bringing a calm aura with her to your day to help you remain at peace and stay relaxed.

Easy going and dedicated to personalizing the ceremony to fit your vision, she is flexible and able to skillfully adapt to your vision. Her fees average at $600.

Avg. Price: $600

Phone: 0432 846 405

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Contact : Sarah Woods

Our Ceremony

Leisel Pisani’s company name was carefully chosen to highlight her biggest priority – you! She believes in crafting a unique ceremony along with you to ensure it embraces the true essence of your love and devotion to each other.

Whether you are looking for casual or formal, light and relaxed or embellished and sentimental, she’ll work with you to adapt to your style. Investment averages at about $620.

Avg. Price: $620

Phone: O402392615

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Contact : Leisel Pisani

The Wedding Guy Port Douglas

With experience first as a Master of Ceremonies and DJ, a career as a marriage celebrant found Nick when he found he was asked over and over by couples to be their marriage celebrant after they fell in love with his charming and funny personality.

Those looking for someone who can deliver a heartfelt ceremony who is also a master entertainer should look no further than the wedding guy. Cost is subject to the occasion, enquire directly through his site for details.

Avg. Price: Enquire to request price

Phone: 0419 022 692

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Contact : Nick

Lifetime of Love

Kylie brings over ten years of experience to her work as a marriage celebrant. She is committed to getting to know your love storyand telling that story to your guests in a meaningful, dynamic way.

Her style embraces a sincerity for the beauty of love and family, and her years of experience guarantee expert service and navigation of the process. Her fee averages at $600.

Avg. Price: $600

Phone: 0429 477 198

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Contact : Kylie Canty

Cairns Tropical Marriages

Tim Kelly immediately inspires confidence in his couples with his steady, strong and relaxed charm. As an open-minded, open-hearted celebrant, his commitment to his couples is to deliver a heartfelt ceremony that celebrates your passion for each other as you leap into the next chapter of your lives.

His poise, dedication to clients and respect for the beautiful moment he shares with you will make you feel like you are being married by an extremely organized and knowledgeable old friend. His cost averages at $725.

Phone: 0448 492 466

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Contact : Tim Kelly

Wayne Rees Civil Marriage Celebrant

If you are searching for a seasoned professional, look no further than Wayne. With 19 years of experience dedicating his career to performing marriage ceremonies, Wayne is prepared to guide you through your big day with a relaxed confidence, ready for anything.

With a personal respect for the beauty of marital love, Wayne brings sincerity to your ceremony that truly celebrates the wonderful journey you are embarking on as a couple. With experience as a television actor, he is also an expert at engaging guests and ensuring he is well heard. His fees average at $535.

Avg. Price: $535

Phone: 07 4054 7220

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Contact : Wayne Rees

Contact : Janine Meakin



Whether you are a local getting married at home or travelling from afar, there is no denying that Cairns promises a truly breath-taking tropical paradise for your big day.

If you are looking for someone relaxed and humorous, sincere and heartfelt or anything in between, these specially curated celebrants from Cairns can deliver on your vision with professionalism and grace. Choose the right celebrant so that the beauty of your ceremony is unmatched even by the surrounding tropics.