Thinking about your big day can be overwhelming, filled with excitement and anticipation. Among the myriad of decisions you’ll make, choosing the right DJ is pivotal. In Cairns, your wedding DJ isn’t just someone who plays music; they’re the maestros orchestrating the rhythm of your celebration.

Picture this: the sun setting over the Coral Sea, your loved ones gathered, and the perfect soundtrack filling the air. With Cairns’ vibrant atmosphere and diverse music scene, finding the ideal DJ to set the tone for your special day is essential. From intimate ceremonies to lively receptions, there’s a DJ to suit every style and taste, ensuring your wedding day is a reflection of you and your partner’s unique love story.

DJ GlennW

Boasting an extensive repertoire spanning soulful house to retro hits, DJ GlennW brings expertise and passion to weddings and events across Cairns and surrounding areas. With a keen ability to gauge the crowd’s vibe, GlennW ensures a seamless, unforgettable experience. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, he tailors music choices to reflect each couple’s unique style. Punctual, professional, and adaptable, DJ GlennW prioritises client satisfaction, crafting atmospheres that linger in memory. Whether it’s setting the tone for a beachside celebration or transforming a ballroom, GlennW’s commitment to excellence elevates every occasion. Let DJ GlennW’s love for music adorn your special day with joy and rhythm.

Phone: 0427 595 958

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Contact : DJ Glenn

Playtime DJ Services

Playtime DJ Services is the heartbeat of unforgettable weddings in Cairns. Specialising in weddings, they bring families and friends together with their infectious enthusiasm and curated playlists. With years of experience and a passion for music, they guarantee a packed dance floor and seamless entertainment. As wedding specialists, they handle everything from reception DJing to being the perfect Master of Ceremonies, ensuring your day flows smoothly. Offering enhanced audio for ceremonies, they provide professional sound systems for both indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring every word is heard clearly. Trust Playtime DJ Services for a stress-free and dreamy wedding celebration.

Phone: 0400 744 348

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Contact : Anthony McCarthy

Electric Dreams Entertainment

Bringing vibrant beats and unmatched energy to weddings and corporate events, DJ Bart and the Electric Dreams team are the go-to choice for unforgettable celebrations in Cairns and beyond. With over two decades of experience, DJ Bart’s passion for music transforms every occasion into a dance-filled extravaganza. From cutting-edge house tunes to timeless classics, their diverse repertoire caters to all tastes. They understand that music sets the tone for memorable gatherings and work closely with clients to craft personalised playlists that keep guests on their feet. With Electric Dreams Entertainment, rest assured your special day will be filled with joyous melodies and toe-tapping rhythms, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Phone: 0400 795 123

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Millennium Weddings

Boasting over 1900 weddings under their belt, Millennium Weddings stands out as a top choice for couples seeking premier wedding DJ services in Cairns. With a dedicated team of professionals, they ensure every moment of your special day is filled with the perfect soundtrack. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Millennium’s DJs tailor the music to reflect your unique style and preferences, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Millennium Weddings is ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality, leaving you with cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Address: 7 Woodrose Dr, Mount Sheridan QLD 4868

Phone: 0447 404 404

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Contact : Danny

Cairns Dj's

With over two decades of experience, Cairns Dj’s, formerly known as Light N Up, has been setting the rhythm for unforgettable moments since 2004. Specialising in weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, their passion for music drives seamless transitions and tailored playlists that keep the dance floor buzzing. Led by Director Kane MacNeil, their knack for reading the crowd ensures the energy remains vibrant throughout the event. From announcing special moments to orchestrating mesmerising light displays, they bring professionalism and flair to every occasion. Let Cairns Dj’s elevate your event with their expert touch, making memories that last a lifetime.

Address: Cairns, QLD 4870

Phone: 0434 132 012

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Contact : Kane


As the final notes fade away, and you bid farewell to your loved ones, your wedding day becomes a cherished memory. With the right DJ, your celebration in Cairns, becomes an unforgettable experience. From the first dance to the last song, they’ve curated a soundtrack that encapsulates the essence of your love. As you embark on this new chapter together, remember the joyous melodies and infectious beats that filled the air, marking the beginning of your journey as a married couple. With Cairns’ talented DJs, your wedding day isn’t just an event; it’s a symphony of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.