Welcome to the breathtaking Central Coast, where dreams of your perfect wedding day come alive against the stunning backdrop of New South Wales.

Amidst the sun-kissed beaches and lush hinterlands, finding the right photographer to capture the essence of your love story is paramount.

Picture this: as you exchange vows with the love of your life, every emotion, every fleeting glance, and every joyous tear is preserved for eternity through the lens of a skilled artist.

Here, amidst the tranquil beauty of Central Coast, you embark on a journey to find the perfect storyteller to encapsulate the magic of your special day.

Kellee Walsh Photography

As the creative force driving Kellee Walsh Photography, Kellee transforms moments into timeless treasures. With an artful eye and a passion for storytelling, Kellee captures the essence of life’s most precious moments, turning them into visual narratives that resonate deeply. Whether it’s the warmth of a golden sunset, the genuine laughter of loved ones, or the subtle details that often go unnoticed, Kellee has an extraordinary ability to weave these elements into stunning photographic tapestries. Kellee’s ability to connect with her couples goes beyond the superficial, delving into the emotions and stories that make each image a powerful and personal experience. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about creating a visual journey that resonates through the years.

Address: Central Coast, NSW

Phone: 0405 809 263

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kellee Walsh

Xtraordinary Photos & Video

Xtraordinary Photo and Video aim to be just as the name suggests. This multi award winning company was named a top 10 wedding photography studio by Fairfax Media and their team is one of the most popular and trusted wedding photographers team in Sydney.

They know your wedding can be one of the biggest days of your life, and every moment is worth remembering. The team focuses on superior service so that everything will run smoothly. You will reminisce about your special celebration for years to come thanks to your high-quality photos.

Package I


6 Hours Photography Coverage

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Package II


10 Hours Photography Coverage

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Package III


Full Day Photography Coverage

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Package IV


Full Day Photography Coverage

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Address: Sydney | Central Coast

Phone: 0481 551 573

Social: Facebook

Contact : Xtraordinary Team

David Maltby Images

With over 500 weddings documented and a standout collection of 5-star reviews, you can fully trust in David to capture all the magical elements of your special day.

Focusing on genuine, authentic and unscripted moments that make each wedding unique, David has a knack for spotting fleeting instances that define the day. With creativity and a low-key approach, he creates an everlasting compilation of cherished memories for his couples.

Viewing wedding photography as an art of storytelling, David narrates each celebration with a genuine touch, capturing the unfolding magic and romance. If you seek someone to portray your day in a laid-back manner, David is here to transform your love story into a visual masterpiece.



4 Hours Photography Coverage

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8 Hours Photography Coverage

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The Works


12 Hours Photography Coverage

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Address: Central Coast, NSW

Phone: 0404 122 316

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : David Maltby

Underatreehouse Photography

If you are looking for a relaxed and fun experience on your wedding day, then look no further than Underatreehouse Photography.

Chris puts your memories first and foremost, ensuring that your day is completely unique and unscripted. He is there to document the day as it unfolds, capturing natural moments and keeping posing to a minimum.

A quick read of his reviews shows that clients felt like they had another friend with them on the day and were over the moon with the images they received.

Underatreehouse photos are always bright, colourful and full of joy.

Address: Hunter Region, NSW

Phone: 0430 833 738

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Chris

Couples describe Florent Vidal’s wedding photography as an exquisite balance of elegance and creativity.

A true-creative and moment-driven photographer, Florent’s wedding photographs will take you on a visual journey of your special day focusing on real memories, emotions and beautiful ‘imperfect’ moments.

With a background in photojournalism and landscape photography, Florent effortlessly captures unrepeatable moments while using your wedding location as an interesting backdrop. And the result is a stunning body of work that will be just as unforgettable as your wedding day.

Address: Hunter Valley | Central Coast

Phone: 0405 666 260

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Florent Vidal Photography

Kendell Tyne Photography

You can trust Kendell Tyne Photography to capture each and every detail of your big day. Why? Because Kendell has over ten years of professional photography experience.

This Central Coast wedding photographer has done over 200 weddings, each with its own unique touch. She especially loves doing laidback weddings on the Central Coast NSW. From embarrassing dance moves to beautiful tears of joy (aka ugly crying), Kendell will not miss a beat.

The best part about her skill is that you won’t even notice she is moving around the room! In a true unobtrusive fashion, she will get every second of your love story. You will adore your wedding album for years to come, thanks to all of those quirky moments and intimate looks that you would’ve missed hadn’t it been for Kendell Tyne Photography.

Phone: 0452 211 242

Social: Kendell Tyne Photography

Contact : Kendell Tyne

Jodie Reardon Photography

Awarded by experts and adored by her customers, you know you can trust your wedding photos with Jodie. Her love for photography started in high school when she learned to develop her own images. Her skill with a picture has gone from strength to strength and her images are now miraculous fusions of colour, life and light.

A lovely soul, you will feel as though Jodie is an old friend, who can guide you when you need it, or just follow and shoot when you don’t. She is naturally talented and very proud of what she does.

Phone: 0421 902 959

Social: Jodie Reardon Photography

Photographer : Jodie Reardon

Coast Wedding Photography

Looking through your wedding album should be a magical blend of ‘I remember that moment exactly,’ ‘Wow, that takes me back,’ and ‘I cannot believe we look that good!’

Jaypee and Victoria create albums that perfectly tell the story of your day, put you right back in the moment every time you look through them, but still make you shine like stars you never thought you could be.

For incomparable photos filled with real emotion and real people, talk to the team at Coast.

Phone: 02 4339 5277

Social: Coast Wedding Photography

Contact : Jaypee and Victoria

Jennifer Burch Photography

Jen has been a photographer for most of life, starting as a passionate hobby, and evolving into an impressive career of work. She loves her job and spends her days looking for moments of love and beauty through the magic of her lens.

A lovely calming presence on your big day, she will fit in naturally and document the day as it happens, grabbing all of the most special shots for you to keep. She will work closely with you to make sure you get the perfect album that you will treasure forever.

Phone: 0426 234 165

Social: Jennifer Burch Photography

Photographer : Jennifer Burch

Carmen Glenn Photography

Based on the Central Coast, Carmen Glenn Photography specialises in capturing intimate weddings and elopements with authenticity and creativity. Originating from Germany, Carmen’s journey to Australia adds a unique perspective to her work. Steering clear of stiff poses, she prioritises genuine moments, believing it’s the subtle smiles and deep connections that truly tell a couple’s love story. With a passion for creating timeless imagery, Carmen aims to make every wedding feel like a cinematic experience, where each detail enriches the narrative. Couples from Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, and Newcastle regions benefit from her sought-after style, ensuring their memories are beautifully preserved.

Phone: 0437 304 174

Social: Carmen Glenn Photography

Contact : Carmen Glenn

Parting Notes

As you bid farewell to your unforgettable wedding day, adorned with cherished memories and captured moments, you carry with you the timeless treasures crafted by Central Coast’s finest photographers.

Their dedication, passion, and artistry have woven together a tapestry of love and joy that will forever adorn the walls of your heart.

So, as you embark on the adventure of married life, may these photographs serve as a constant reminder of the love that binds you together, forever and always.



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