Wedding planning is perhaps the single most important aspect of any wedding celebration. Without wedding planning, there is simply no plan, and nothing is more important for a big event than to have a plan for every single detail that might arise, from the catering to the floral design to the flow of the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception with dinner and dancing. While going DIY might seem like an appealing option to save money, it is always a safer bet to go with a certified wedding planner.

To help you and your partner find the very best of the best in your local area, we’ve created our list of the top seven wedding planners to be found across the Central Coast and beyond. We hope that you two enjoy reading through our carefully curated list!

Memory Lane Weddings and Events

Memory Lane Weddings and Events is one of the most sought after wedding planning companies to be found across the Central Coast and beyond, supplying local couples with services that will make their wedding planning processes a breeze. Memory Lane Weddings and Events is owned and operated by professional wedding planner Alicia, and with her assistance, wedding parties taking place in and around the Central Coast will receive expert services including coordination, assistance, and design consultation.

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Contact : Alicia

Everlong Events

Look no further than Everlong Events for a wedding planning outlet that can tend to all of the finer details, leaving soon-to-be-married couples to simply relax and let the process unfold. Everlong Events offers convenient services for upcoming celebrations including a hire collection, signage and stationery, and styling services that will add some glitz and glamor to a wedding party. Everlong Events works closely with local suppliers, keeping all of the negotiations and logistics behind the scene so that the soon-to-be-married couple can simply relax and enjoy.

Phone: 0416 177 606

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Contact : Bonnie Mulholland

Madden and Co Events

Madden and Co Events is a wonderful wedding planning company with a past client list of universally satisfied couples. Madden and Co Events can offer wide ranging services for upcoming celebrations including event planning and styling, concept and creation services, budget and timeline management, total event coordination, supplier procurement and liaising, and setup and cleanup of the big day to ensure the smooth execution of all of the logistical details from start to finish.

Phone: 0432 802 430

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Contact : Jen

When Love Sparks

When it comes to wedding planning services, When Love Sparks is a Central Coast highlight, a much loved and celebrated wedding planning company with a history of incredible wedding celebrations under their belt. When Love Sparks creates “stylish wedding settings” with an eye for the detail as well as the artistic and creative vision of a wedding party, resulting in a celebration that speaks to the romance and elegance of the marriage ritual. Services provided by When Love Sparks include planning, coordination, styling, decoration, decor, and product hire.

Phone: 0410 477 774

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Contact : Nicky Ford

Celebration Set Ups

Celebration Set Ups is one of the premiere wedding planning companies to be found in and around the Central Coast, staffed by a team of professional planners who know all for the ins and outs of a wedding planning process. Celebration Set Ups is a “boutique event styling and hire business” serving events using eco-friendly, sustainable products to create a wedding with a vastly reduced carbon footprint, eschewing single-use items in favor of upcycled and restored items that will nevertheless lend a feeling of elegance and sophistication to wedding parties.

Phone: 0413 923 949

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Contact : Melissa

GG Events

Check out GG Events for a virtually unrivaled wedding planning company with staff members who work closely with soon-to-be-married couples to create a wedding celebration that all guests in attendance will thoroughly enjoy. GG Events is comprised of a team of stylists who have been decorating, designing, and facilitating events across the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley, and this team of professionals can provide recommendations, assistance, inspiration, and company as the wedding planning process unfolds.

Phone: 0411 439 139

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Contact : Steph

Blueberry Events

Blueberry Events is a fabulous wedding planning company staffed by a team of industry experts who can work hand in hand with Central Coast-based couples in the process of creating a wedding celebration from the ground up. Blueberry Events plans events of all kinds, from corporate galas to themed parties, which makes the wedding celebrations truly well-rounded events that are inspired by the needs of the couple at the center of the process. Event styling can be provided for celebrations, whether indoors or outdoors, whether in a banquet hall or in a barn.

Phone: 0434 644 784

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Contact : Rebecca Buettner


Now that you and your partner have looked through our carefully compiled list of the top seven wedding planning companies to be found across the greater metro area of the Central Coast and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to march forward and start thinking about your wedding celebration in more practical terms. After all, once you’ve hired one of these incredible wedding planners, you’ll be able to take a breath and simply enjoy the process as it unfolds before you. So with all that said, we wish you and your partner the very best of luck as your wedding moves from concept to tangible reality!