The presence of music is a vital aspect of any joyful event, especially if that event is the most important day of your life. Wedding music is important for many reasons. Music has a vibe that provides people with energy and livens up the mood.

For couples living on the Central Coast and looking for a Music Provider for their wedding, we have compiled a list of the best wedding music providers.

Nick Read is a musician and DJ professional with years of impeccable experience, including Australia’s Got Talent and catering for well over 150 events, including weddings. According to Nick Read’s wedding package, he offers the chance to choose one’s favourite songs and watch them as they are performed by professional musicians. Along with this incredible offer Nick Read also wants to comfort his customers and explain how he will hold up to his expectations and cater to your expectations exactly how it is wanted.

Phone: 0488 558 566

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DJ Plus Entertainment offers a wide variety of services, but they mainly work on weddings as their specialization. They provide a comprehensive, detailed service with every single point and complication thoroughly taken care of. They allow requests which allow for making your wedding experience even more romantic and memorable. For further environmental enhancement, they offer several types of lighting to strengthen the atmosphere and make it that much more energetic. They use professional equipment for all their services and conduct themselves as professionals.

Phone: 0411 529 255

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DJ Magoos Party and Equipment Hire hold high expectations from their own services, making it a big relief on your part. They offer their extensive 15-year service experience every time they are contracted for a gig. They offer free consultation and meetings with potential clients explaining the whole process according to the customer’s expectations and requests. They believe that having a perfect musical set up on arguably the most important day of your life can make a huge impact. It sets the mood and controls the atmosphere and even people.

Phone: 0416 251 649

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Mane Events

Mane Event was built on the strong basis of simply entertaining crowds of people without the slightest spec of boredom. The only thing motivating the folks at Mane Event is the expectation to provide the most enjoyable experience ever. They provide the best sound and lighting equipment which makes the event that much more uplifting. To make the event unforgettable, they also cater to their customer’s every need and choice.

Phone: 0439 851 002

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Contact : Ryan Meredith

Luke Marlin Music

Luke Marlin is the epitome of a passionate artist who shares your interests and wants the best for you doing what he loves. He offers a wide variety of wedding packages, all of which include live music. He has extensive knowledge of how to control a crowd with his musical touch. He has played alongside many famous artists, which gives him an edge like none other. He also knows how to DJ; thus, it is a two in one offer. Along with his own personal performance, he also offers trio or band shows making the experience even more rhythmic and upbeat.

Phone: 0405 482 546

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Simple City Music

Only two words can describe Simple City Music’s wedding DJ services, professionalism, and satisfaction. Simple City music works around your boundaries to provide you with the best dream wedding you had hoped for. They believe holding the bonds of connecting people and enjoyment is the main aspect of any social affair, especially weddings. Keeping their long and flourishing experience in mind, it’s fair to say that for Simple City Music, your wedding day entertainment is the number one priority.

Phone: 0452 385 192

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Contact : Simon

Allstar Entertainment Agency is an entertainment provider in the Central Coast who is an expert in the provision of solos, duos or bands, and many other sorts of entertainment options for any sort of event venue, wedding, or special accord. Now it’s no surprise that the presence of music at one’s wedding can make for a memorable event and can incorporate many lifelong memories. Allstar Entertainment Agency can provide you with the best music choice on your special day, all in accordance with your own choices and requirements.

Phone: 0410 508 259

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All these experienced and known wedding music providers can offer you a wedding plan that makes your wedding exactly how you wanted it to be. Going along with any of these providers would be a great choice and uplift your wedding, making it the best choice you and your partner ever made.