Planning a wedding is certainly among the most exciting moments in a couple’s life. At the same time, it can be one of the most hectic and stressful periods as well.

This is why some couples decide to hire a wedding planning service. If you prefer to make the choices yourself, choosing a wedding venue is one of the big tasks on the list.

First steps first, have you decided on the “type of wedding” you want yet?

Your wedding reception and ceremony can take place in a hotel, a banquet hall, a restaurant, a garden, a winery, etc. This depends on the style of your wedding.

Generally, gardens and beaches are perfect for intimate and boho style celebrations, country clubs, mansions and wineries for rustic weddings, and hotels and restaurants for classic style receptions. But of course, there’s no hard and fast rule to that, you need to have your wedding the way you want it!

So before your start, here are a few things to consider when selecting the venue for your big day:

  • Guest Capacity (Separate for Reception venue and for the ceremony location)
  • Type of venue (e.g. beach, intimate, winery, hotel etc. the list goes on)
  • Cost of venue
  • Availability on your date

In no particular order, here are our top 10 picks for amazing wedding venues in Rockhampton QLD.

These venues have mesmerizing settings, decorations, and impeccable service. If you are a couple planning you wedding in Rockhampton, this article might leave you indecisive on your venue choice because, seriously, each of these venues certainly do have something wonderful about them, and hence they’re part of this article.

In no particular order, here are the editor’s choice top wedding venues in Rockhampton, QLD


Best Wedding Venues In Rockhampton

  1. Glenmore Homestead
  2. Leichhardt Hotel
  3. Quality Regent Hotel Rockhampton
  4. Paradise Lagoons
  5. Headricks Lane
  6. Gardens Tearooms Weddings
  7. Callaghan Park Rockhampton Jockey Club
  8. Korte’s Resort

Address: 48 Belmont Rd, Parkhurst QLD 4702

Glenmore Homestead weddings rockhampton

If a historic, rustic, boho style setting is the wedding set you had always dreamed about, Glenmore Homestead might be just what you are looking for. This picturesque wooden homestead has a Historic Inn license, excellent, unique service, and a beautiful setting near the Fitzroy River.

The venue is privately owned. It dates back to 1858. Therefore, some of your wishes might not be realized if they could endanger the venue itself. Other than that, the kind staff of the Glenmore Homestead will make your special day unforgettable. Your wedding photography session will exceed your expectations as beautiful nature and the historic look will add special charm to your photos.

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Address: Bolsover St &, Denham St, Rockhampton QLD 4700

Leichhardt Hotel weddings

If you want an unforgettable wedding in one of Rockhampton iconic hotels, Leichhardt is the perfect choice. For almost a century, this classy hotel provides impeccable service to its guests.

This enclosed hotel venue, with a 300-guest capacity has a lot to offer. The wedding package includes an experienced wedding coordinator, discounts on wedding guest accommodation, a special bridal suite with a deluxe breakfast, dance floor, and an adjustable catering menu.

If you don’t want to give up on this extraordinary service, but prefer an outdoor wedding, the Leichhardt Hotel offers to arrange your ceremony at Kershaw or botanic Japanese gardens.

The peculiarity of this wedding venue is versatility. Leichhardt is a place for everyone’s taste. If you are keen on simplicity, or you prefer a memorable, extravagant party, Leichhardt has it. User-tailored offer and menus are also available.

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Address: 192 Bolsover St, Rockhampton QLD 4700

Regent Hotel rockhampton weddings

If you want a classic style, elegant décor, white wedding; Regent Hotel, a 100-year-old venue in the center of Rockhampton could be the venue for you. The entire building was renovated in 2014 but still hasn’t lost its historic touch!

The elegant photographic setting is the strongest asset of this wedding venue. Classic, rich décor and high ceilings create an aristocratic atmosphere that will give your wedding ceremony and photos a royal touch. The wedding saloon capacity equals 80 guests.

Fresh flowers, projector, photo booth, extra lighting, red carpet, and stage are only some of the details that will make your wedding ceremony at Regent Hotel unforgettable.

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Address: 973 Malachi Nine Mile Rd, Gracemere QLD 4702

Paradise Lagoons weddings

The name explains it all. This heavenly setting with Pacey’s Lagoon views is perfect for an outdoor, charming wedding ceremony. The venue is well-equipped, with a large barbecue area, and facilities. It has a 300-guest capacity. In addition, the capacity can be enlarged by 200 additional guests if you opt for a cocktail party.

If weather conditions ruin your outdoor wedding plans, you can move to the enclosed pavillion area or the barn style venue which can accommodate up to 400 guests.

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Address: 189 East St, Rockhampton QLD 4700

Headricks Lane weddings

If your style is a high-end contemporary wedding venue, with an unusual interior design venue then Headricks Lane should be your pick.

The venue offers a bar, separate open-plan and private dining spaces, and a café.

Minimalistic furnishing of this venue is perfect for a wedding in the minimalistic style. At the same time, you can take breathtaking photos in front of the venue, as it’s architecturally valuable façade is unique.

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Contact : Headricks Lane

Address: 100 Spencer St, West Rockhampton QLD 4700

Gardens Tearooms weddings

Have you always dreamed of your outdoor, garden wedding? Here’s a chance you shouldn’t miss. This gorgeous wedding venue is located in the heart of the historical Rockhampton Botanical Gardens! Your special days will be unforgettable among all those fig trees, greenery, breathtaking views, and mesmerizing nature.

The venue is available 364 days a year. You can book your wedding anytime you like, except Christmas day! The table arrangement can be made according to your wishes.

Wedding photos with the breathtaking sunset view will be one of the highlights of your wedding.

Further, if you guest-list includes lots of kids, the venue offer many interesting facilities for the little ones.

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Address: Reaney St, Rockhampton QLD 4701

Callaghan Park weddings

Callaghan Park offers a largely enclosed venue with racing track views. The interior highlights include beautiful lighting, as well as rich decorations that can be modified according to your wishes.

The venue has a 200-guest capacity. The saloon is air-conditioned and spacious. Photo shooting opportunities are versatile, reinforced with beautiful views.

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Contact : Callaghan Park Rockhampton Jockey Club

Address: 984 Yaamba Rd, Parkhurst QLD 4701

Korte’s Resort weddings

If a resort style wedding is your wish, look no more. The Korte’s Resort has a magical setting next to a lake, surrounded by tropical gardens. Stunning views will enrich your wedding atmosphere.

The venue is modernly furnished, ready to meet all requirements by a high-end couple. There is a large, 26 m, modernly designed swimming pool in case you want to end the celebration with a midnight swim and add some fun for your guests. In addition, the yummy catering menu can be adjusted to meet your needs. On top of that, luxury suite is also available for the bride and groom.

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Since you have come reading this far, here are 2 more bonus awesome wedding venues in Rockhampton for you!


9. Kanangra Heights

Address: 580 Tanby Rd, Taroomball QLD 4703

Kanangra Heights weddings

This amazing venue offers truly breathtaking views, the perfect setting, and impeccable wedding ceremony service. One of the concerns some couples have about this venue is the distance from the Rockhampton city centre. It is 45 kilometers away from Rockhampton City which is a roughly 30 to 40 minutes drive.

Kanangra Heights greatest asset is heavenly gardens. The out-of-this-world views over Yeppoon to the Coral Sea are the best possible photo shooting setting for your Rockhampton wedding ceremony. There is a special gazebo built exclusively to host wedding ceremonies. The venue can host up to 120 people if you want a cocktail party, or 100 people for a classic, dinner-style reception. The dining decoration, tableware, the lights, and all other details were selected by a wedding specialist designer. But if you want your own wedding vendors, that can also be an option.

One of their wedding packages includes a venue coordinator service. The coordinator will assist your guests throughout the evening and make sure everything, on your special day, goes as planned.


Address: 580 Tanby Road, Taroomball, Queensland 4703

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10. Travelodge Hotel Rockhampton

Address: 86 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton QLD 4700

Travelodge Hotel Rockhampton weddings

Overlooking the Fitzroy River, the Travelodge hotel offers a awesome wedding venue. The venue has a 100-guest capacity if you prefer a classic, sitting and dining style wedding. If you opt for a modern, cocktail-style reception, the hotel provides a 200-guest capacity venue.

The Hotel has a large, private parking area so your guest don’t have to keep looking for a parking spot for ages before finding one.

Further, some of their wedding packages also offer a bridal suite, with late checkout and other luxuries etc.


Address: 86 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton, Queensland


Parting Notes

There are many beautiful, affordable, and convenient wedding ceremony venues in the Rockhampton area. Each of these options has its pros and cons. These refer to the capacity, cost, and photo shooting options. Enclosed wedding venues are good because you don’t have to worry about weather conditions and organization of tables and chairs.

On the other hand, outdoor celebrations have a special charm and we cannot imagine a better place for a boho style wedding than a garden with trees and flowers or a beach. The most popular bride’s choices in Australia are garden, beach, winery, and rustic venues. The rest is given in this short guide through Top 10 wedding venues in Rockhampton QLD.



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