When it comes to capturing the magic and emotions of your special day, few professionals are as essential as wedding videographers. In the charming city of Rockhampton, nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Queensland, you’ll find some of the most talented and dedicated wedding videographers in the industry. These skilled artists have mastered the art of transforming moments into timeless memories, ensuring that your wedding day is forever etched in your heart and on film. With their keen eye for detail, creative storytelling, and unwavering passion for their craft, Rockhampton’s best wedding videographers are poised to make your love story come alive for years to come. Check out the top wedding videographers in Rockhampton below.

Best Wedding Videography In Rockhampton

  1. Appleton Studios
  2. DejaVu Photo&Film
  3. Jake Ainsworth

Get ready for 4k resolution for your lasting memories when you select Appleton Studios for your wedding. These Rockhampton wedding videographers promise to deliver the highest-quality film possible. You can receive full-day coverage, a cinematic highlight film, a documentary-style movie, a separate copy of your ceremony, drone footage, and more. Ask about photography services, live streaming, and other award-winning wedding services from Appleton Studios. Levi, Jared, and the entire team at Appleton Studios are dedicated to capturing your big day. They will happily travel to celebrate your ceremony and reception, preserving every cherished moment for you to relive and share for generations to come.

Phone: 0426 213 338

Social: Appleton Studios

Contact : Levi

Tim and Paige are the married couple behind DejaVu Photo & Film. This dynamic duo understands that each wedding is unique and personal to the couple’s style and personality. Since 2016, DejaVu Photo & Film has proudly supported hundreds of happy couples with top-rated wedding videography services. You can receive up to 12 hours of coverage, a highlight film, an engagement ‘save the date’ film, a social media teaser, a super 8 film, all raw footage, a personalised USB box, and more. Ask about photography services, including digital and 35mm film. Bundled packages are available from these popular wedding videographers in Rockhampton, so you can have everything you desire.

Phone: 0487 628 044

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Contact : Jim

Established in 2019, Jake Ainsworth offers high-quality services at rates you can afford. With a remarkable blend of technical proficiency and artistic vision, Jake consistently delivers wedding films that are nothing short of mesmerising. His keen eye for capturing the most intimate and emotional moments, combined with a deep understanding of storytelling, allows him to craft wedding videos that are not just recordings but true cinematic experiences. Moreover, Jake’s passion for his craft shines through in every project, as this Rockhampton wedding videographer invests time in getting to know each couple’s unique story, ensuring that their personalities and love stories are authentically reflected in his work.

Phone: 0409 979 273

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Contact : Jake Ainsworth


Rockhampton’s best wedding videographers are not just professionals capturing moments; they are storytellers who weave emotions, love, and beauty into every frame. With their exceptional skills, creativity, and unwavering dedication to preserving your special day, they transform weddings into cinematic masterpieces. These talented individuals understand that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and they go above and beyond to ensure that it is etched in your memory and heart forever. Their ability to capture the essence of Rockhampton’s stunning landscapes and the love stories that unfold within them is truly remarkable. Contact the Rockhampton wedding videographers you prefer to learn more about packages, prices, and availability.