Welcome to the vibrant city of Rockhampton, where the sun-kissed landscapes and warm breezes set the perfect scene for your upcoming wedding celebration. As you embark on this beautiful journey together, capturing the essence of your special day becomes paramount. In the heart of Rockhampton, we’ve uncovered the talents of extraordinary wedding photographers who possess the unique ability to turn fleeting moments into timeless treasures. These artists are more than just professionals with cameras – they’re storytellers, weaving the narrative of your love in every frame. Let’s explore the top wedding photographers in Rockhampton, ensuring that each chapter of your love story is immortalised in stunning visual poetry.

Nessy Eyles Photography

Nessy Eyles Photography is a wedding photography company owned and operated by Nessy herself. Lending her passion for the craft of wedding photography to her career, Nessy can shoot weddings of all shapes and sizes across the greater Rockhampton metropolitan area.

Address: 204 Campbell Street Rockhampton, QLD 4700

Phone: 0409 843 234

Social: Nessy Eyles Photography

Photographer : Nessy Eyles

Zara Lane Photography

Helmed up by professional photographer Amy, Zara Lane Photography is a wedding photography provider offering bespoke services for wedding celebrations in Rockhampton and beyond. With experience dating back a decade, Amy offers a variety of wedding packages that start at $3,200 and include such amenities as seven hours of coverage, high-resolution images in colour and black & white, and a slideshow.

Phone: 0408 500 383

Social: Zara Lane Photography

Photographer : Amy

Beautiful Memories Photography

Beautiful Memories Photography is a wedding photography outlet headed up by Jess, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Rockhampton and available for local and destination wedding celebrations. With nine years of practical experience as a photographer as well as a Diploma in Photography, Jess runs Beautiful Memories Photography with a strict dedication to providing clients with customized, individualized photography services that capture the authentic romance of couples on their special day.

Phone: 0428 243 655

Social: Beautiful Memories Photography

Contact : Jess

Madelyn Holmes Photographics

With Madelyn Holmes Photographics, soon-to-be-married couples can rest assured knowing their weddings will be captured with an air of elegance. Wedding photography packages with Madelyn Holmes Photographics start at $2,675 and can include either full or half-day coverage as well as fine art prints, wall art, and lay-flat albums for purchase. Madelyn Holmes Photographics can accommodate weddings in the greater Rockhampton area as well as destination weddings abroad, anywhere from Queensland to Fiji.

Phone: 0459 418 551

Social: Madelyn Holmes Photographics

Photographer : Madelyn Holmes

Kellie Guinane Photography

Capturing the essence of love with authenticity, Kellie Guinane is Rockhampton’s premier Bespoke Wedding Photographer. With an unwavering passion for storytelling, Kellie goes beyond creating picturesque moments; she documents the unfiltered, raw interactions of couples in love. As the region’s sole Bespoke Wedding Photographer, Kellie tailors every aspect of the experience, ensuring each love story is uniquely and timelessly preserved. Her emotionally connected, unposed yet guided style, coupled with a commitment to quality and detail, sets her apart. Through the lens, Kellie crafts memories that transcend time, celebrating the beauty of real, enduring connections.

Address: Rockhampton, QLD

Phone: 0401 759 372

Social: Kellie Guinane Photography

Photographer : Kellie Guinane


As you traverse the landscape of love, trust, and commitment, the choice of a wedding photographer becomes a pivotal decision in etching these moments into your personal history. In Rockhampton, the lens artists we’ve discovered not only capture photographs but also encapsulate the emotions and joy that unfold on your special day. Through their skillful eyes, your love story transforms into a visual symphony, echoing the laughter, tears, and promises exchanged. As you bid farewell to this guide, may the memories crafted by these photographers be the everlasting testimony of the beautiful journey you’ve embarked upon. Here’s to the beginning of your happily ever after, forever preserved in the snapshots of Rockhampton’s finest wedding photographers.