A wedding day is a chapter you and your beloved write together, and in picturesque Launceston, Australia, the setting becomes an integral character in your love story. Amidst the enchanting landscapes and warm-hearted communities, choosing the right photographer ensures your tale is beautifully captured. In this vibrant city, where every cobblestone street whispers history, finding the perfect photographer is key to preserving the moments you’ll cherish forever. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the top wedding photographers in Launceston, each with a unique ability to freeze time, weave emotions, and create visual poetry that narrates your love story.

Your wedding is a canvas, waiting for the strokes of artistry only the finest photographers in Launceston can provide. Let’s explore the talents that will make your special day an everlasting masterpiece.

Inside The Frame

Moss is the talented artist behind Inside the Frame, and he is ready to deliver a picture-perfect experience. This top-rated wedding photographer in Hobart vows to capture the real you and your authentic love. With a documentary style, you can enjoy your day as it unfolds.

Moss happily celebrates all types of love and will work from every creative angle to seize the best moments. You’ll receive honest and beautiful imagery that reflects every detail of your big day.

Get ready for timeless portraits and candid shots for a collection of your genuine memories. You can depend on Inside The Frame if you want a professional photographer with state-of-the-art equipment to immortalise your laughter, romantic glances, and tears of joy.

Address: Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 0435 514 901

Social: Inside The Frame

Contact : Moss Halliday-Hall

Meghann Maguire Photography

Meghann Maguire Photography is a wedding photography company based out of Launceston, providing unrivalled photography services for weddings in and around the local area. Wedding and elopement packages with Meghann Maguire Photography begin at $2,200 for a four-hour package and $3,000 for an eight-hour package.

Files will be sent through an online gallery, with options to download individual images as well as the whole collection. The standard turnaround for weddings and elopements is six weeks, meaning that clients will hardly have to wait long before receiving their photos after their wedding date. About 400-600 photos are expected depending on the number of hours booked with Meghann Maguire Photography.

Packages can be customized to exact client specifications, as Meghann Maguire Photography favours a bespoke experience that takes client suggestions and requests into account, especially when it comes to the style and tone of the photography.

Phone: 0419 274 317

Social: Meghann Maguire Photography

Contact : Meghann Maguire

Linda Pasfield Photography

With Linda Pasfield Photography at the helm, wedding photography will be executed with absolute precision and artistry. Linda Pasfield Photography is celebrating 20 years in business covering Launceston, Hobart, and the greater area of Tasmania.

The elopement package with Linda Pasfield Photography costs $1,395 and includes a celebrant, 300 high resolution edited images on a USB flash drive. Other packages for non-elopement wedding celebrations can be personalized and customized to the exact specifications of any and all clients with whom Linda Pasfield Photography collaborates.

The recipient of several honours and awards from local and national publications on wedding photography, Linda Pasfield Photography is a highly regarded company with a noted reputation for gorgeous, sweeping photographs that capture the true essence and majesty of the venues and the festivities as well as the more intimate shots of the couple in the midst of romantic moments.

Phone: 0412 723 927

Social: Linda Pasfield Photography

Contact : Linda Pasfield

Scott & Emily Weddings

With Scott & Emily Weddings, local couples planning their upcoming nuptials are guaranteed a devoted professionalism and a touch of flair and artistry when employing the services of this industry expert photographer. Servicing weddings in Launceston, Hobart, and any other area of Tasmania, Scott & Emily Weddings specializes in a style labeled “relaxed, natural, and candid,” taking photos that express the events of the wedding day as they occurred and not in a forced, posed manner that creates a stilted, inorganic feeling.

Offerings with Scott & Emily Weddings include professional photography and videography, hybrid wedding coverage with one person on film & photography, drone and aerial images/video, unlimited images, engagement sessions, last minute weddings, 30-minute wedding sessions, wedding live stream services, wedding consultations and advice counseling, second photographer assistant, raw video of the ceremony, high quality photo books, premium canvas and framed prints, and much more.

Phone: 0481 307 800

Social: Scott & Emily Weddings

Contact : Scott & Emily

Nick H. Visuals

Nick H. Visuals is a Launceston-based wedding photography company, providing bespoke services for clients planning their wedding festivities in the local area. Packages with Nick H. Visuals begin at $2,350 and customized quotes can be prepared for clients by contact; elopement services begin at $1,495.

Nick H. Visuals describes the typical style for wedding photography as that of a “photojournalist,” capturing the event in a realistic, down to earth manner that reflects the day’s proceedings as they actually happened, not as a romantic, grandiose retelling of events might suggest. Nick H. Visuals also takes special attention to ensuring that the photographer at the head of the operations takes the time to get to know each and every client with whom he works; this way, the resulting wedding photographs will be a true representation of the personalities of the clients as well as the artistic and stylistic sensibilities of the clients.

With dozens of weddings captured, Nick H. Visuals is a reliable source of wedding photography services for couples planning their Launceston wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Phone: 0466 115 299

Social: Nick H. Visuals

Contact : Nick Hanson

Clint & Bethanie Creative

Look no further than Clint & Bethanie Creative for charming, visually arresting wedding photography services that will last years into the future through photo albums and online galleries. With over 200 weddings shot in the past seven years of business, Clint & Bethanie Creative is a local favourite in and around Tasmania.

At this wedding photography business, Clint is the man behind the camera and Bethanie is the woman in charge of editing, meaning that clients with Clint & Bethanie Creative are receiving the work of two people all wrapped up into one company for maximal speed and efficiency throughout the process. More information about specific wedding packages and individualized quotations can be provided through the contact form available on the Clint & Bethanie Creative website.

Phone: 0458 058 131

Social: Clint & Bethanie Creative

Contact : Clint

Doxa Visual

Capturing love since 2014, Doxa Visual has crafted a renowned reputation for authentically immortalising couples’ connections. Jac and Jon, a dynamic duo with over a decade of marriage, infuse their photography and film with a unique blend of passion and skill. Specialising in genuine moments, they understand the essence of each love story, ensuring that the imagery reflects the couple’s true selves. As best friends and soulmates, Jac and Jon provide a seamless collaboration, offering not just stunning visuals but also a stress-free wedding experience. With a balanced approach to life and a deep commitment to flourishing together, Doxa Visual is your perfect choice for capturing magical memories that last a lifetime.

Phone: 0457 986 388

Social: Doxa Visual

Contact : Jon

Kelsea Midson

Kelsea Midson, a passionate wedding photographer based in the picturesque landscapes of lutruwita/Tasmania, invites couples to embark on a visual journey of love. With a decade-long commitment to capturing heartfelt moments, Kelsea specialises in documenting weddings, elopements, and the unique stories of wanderers, dreamers, and lovers. Imbued with a love for travel, she has weaved her lens through 19 countries, finding inspiration in diverse cultures and breathtaking scenery. As a cat mum and nature enthusiast, Kelsea’s warmth and sincerity reflect in her work, making each frame a celebration of genuine emotions. For an artist who finds joy in the simple pleasures of mountains, cold weather, and a good board game, Kelsea Midson is your storyteller of love and connection.

Phone: 0420 301 966

Social: Kelsea Midson

Contact : Kelsea Midson


As the final frames of your wedding album unfold, the significance of a talented photographer becomes undeniable. In Launceston, these professionals are not merely image-capturers but storytellers who encapsulate the essence of your love story. Their lenses have painted a vivid narrative, preserving the laughter, tears, and the quiet moments that make your journey unique. Choosing the right photographer is not just about freezing moments but about finding someone who understands the heart of your celebration. In the heart of Launceston, these photographers have excelled in turning your dreams into timeless snapshots, ensuring your wedding day lives on through every captured emotion. Here’s to the artists who transformed your day into an enduring visual legacy, a celebration that lingers in every beautifully framed memory. Cheers to the photographers who made your Launceston wedding a story worth reliving.