To the wedding lovers, we cherish every moment of the ceremony. We talk about every detail as long as our brains can remember. Maybe our expectations were met above and beyond, or they weren’t met at all, we always remember. This is the best day for the groom and the bride, and no matter how long it takes, their memories are cherished here. Ten years down the line, you want to watch that video taken on your wedding day and feel the same you felt back then. For you to have this, you must settle on a videographer who knows their job inside out. You have a choice among the top 7 videographers in Launceston who won’t give you anything less than excellent.

Films by Dom prioritizes your comfortability. They have a raw style of capturing the moments of the day. How awesome is that? No specific way to dress, or pause, just having a good time, and all this is captured with a budget as low as $1195 with a deposit of 10%. The coverage time frame is hours enough for every activity needed to be done. They offer a pre-sale service; you can talk to them about your expectations before the D-Day and cover the whole event from end to end. With Films by Dom, you can be assured of some good memory videos for your special day.

Phone: 0411 122 654

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Investments are made on worth things. So with the prime perspective, you get to invest in your special day with a team with over ten years of experience in the videography industry. This team is civil aviation safety authority certified, meaning you are capable of getting videos that have comprehensive coverage of every detail from whatever angle you wish. Their productions are presented in full HD as standard and delivered using online transfer or USB direct in any requested format. This is a good choice as they are highly experienced and flexible to fit the requirements of their clients.

Phone: 0438 795 108

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Doxa Visual is another option at your disposal. This team gives you a total of 10 hours of attention on your special day. They are available to give you the best quality coverage, from videos to family photos. They will also help your day to be excellent by managing the people at the event. At the cost of only $5,500, you will have the best videos reminding you of the journey, and it’s worth it as weddings are events that mostly happen once in one’s lifetime. So you are worth it; give yourself the best.

Phone: 0457 986 388

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Why wouldn’t you take a shot with Christopher J. Videography? Christopher has won awards, and his reviews are worth taking a look at. In addition, he has been recognized by multiple TV series. The same excellence in his passion for photography is instilled in his team. You can be sure to get the value of every coin invested on your special day for photography with Christopher Photography. A satisfied client sees the value in every coin put out for purchase. With this videographer, you won’t get disappointed.

Phone: 0422 732 838

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This is one of the videographers who tells your story from behind those lenses. The moments captured are worth more watching them than just telling the story verbally. The love, the joy, and the energy all at a glance, and it heals the heart to replay this over and over through the excellent work they do.

Phone: 0452 201 191

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This is the home of artistic, cinematic, and beautiful captures of your special day. With folktale films, you get to enjoy the excellence that has been built for over five years in the industry. Here your satisfaction is their priority. The coverage is pocket-friendly and of appreciable quality. They choose you, why not choose them for your special day? It is your day.

Phone: 0438 057 903

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Contact : Richard Harmey

Scott & Emily Weddings offers both videography and photography services for wedding days. With the positive reviews they have been receiving from their work done, they have sustained their place in the industry as one of the best in Launceston. You can make them your choice today, and I am sure you will be one of the people to give them a review right after they deliver nothing less than perfect. For members of the family who cannot attend your wedding physically, be sure they will be part of it as Scott & Emily Weddings offers live streaming services. You have every reason to choose them for your special day.

Phone: 0481 307 800

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Weddings are a special occasion. To hold and to cherish, one needs quality reference material. So be sure to choose any of the above videographers for your special day and live happily ever after, as they say.