On the day of your wedding ceremony, who do you want facing you as you walk down the aisle? Who do you want to be leading the ceremony through its many parts, setting the pace and the tone of your special day? Who do you want to be sealing the ceremony and bestowing it with the significance and the weight that it deserves?

To help you find the perfect person to serve that crucial role for your upcoming wedding ceremony, we’ve put together this list of the very best marriage celebrants in and around Launceston! Through this list, you have access to the most celebrated marriage celebrants in the local area, all with a rich and storied track record of supplying clients with charmingly subtle and efficient services for all kinds of nuptials. For all of these services and so much more, look no further than this list of the top nine marriage celebrants in the greater Launceston metropolitan area!

Sonia Morganti

Sonia Morganti is a wedding celebrant based out of Launceston, providing local couples with her services for wedding ceremonies. The process of booking the services of Sonia Morganti begins with contact through the website, upon which an obligation-free meeting is set up to see if it will be a good fit. Next, Sonia Morganti will conduct an initial interview to develop a personal relationship, structure the ceremony, and attain all of the necessary forms and documentation, including birth certificates and passports.

Wedding rehearsals are folded into bookings with Sonia Morganti, during which the ceremony structure is rehearsed and logistics are hashed out, including cues for musicians and guests who might be reciting poetry. In addition to marriage ceremonies, Sonia Morganti can serve as a celebrant for vow renewals, naming ceremonies, elopements, commitment ceremonies, and anniversary ceremonies.

Phone: 0407 271 826

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Donna Page

Donna Page is a civil celebrant based out of Launceston, serving couples of all walks of life in a style described as “relaxed,” “fun,” and “intimate.” Whether the plan is a ceremony that is casual and easygoing or a more formal, elegant approach, Donna Page can meet the needs of the event and match the tone with ease and aplomb.

No-obligation consultations can be scheduled with Donna Page in advance of a booking to get a sense of whether she will be a good fit for upcoming nuptials in the greater Launceston metropolitan area. Donna Page will write a ceremony script that will reflect the nature of the relationship of the happy couple; drafts will be sent in advance of the ceremony to guarantee that the speech reads exactly how clients desire; Donna Page can also advise and counsel wedding vows through multiple drafts. For professional service delivered with a personal touch, Donna Page is a great choice for marriage celebrant services.

Phone: 0439 394 712

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Catherine Felmingham

In the heart of Launceston, Cat Felmingham brings warmth and joy to life’s significant moments as a dedicated marriage celebrant. Known affectionately as Cat, she thrives on making dreams a reality, whether it’s a wedding, commitment ceremony, naming day, or a solemn occasion. A proud mum, wife, and avid explorer of Tasmania’s beauty, Cat’s zest for life is infectious. With a passion for travel and a love for creating memorable experiences, she crafts ceremonies that are unique, personalised, and filled with joy. Let Cat be the storyteller of your special day, weaving together moments that reflect your dreams and expectations.

Phone: 0407 045 638

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Karen Allen Celebrant

Karen Allen Celebrant is a marriage celebrant based out of Launceston. Karen Allen Celebrant offers three distinct packages for ceremonies, each reflecting a different and distinct style of ceremony. The “Say I Do Ceremony” package is ideal for clients looking for a no-frills wedding as well as elopements; only the legal wording will be read with a witness in attendance.

The “Modern Intimate Ceremony” package is perfect for couples hosting a smaller ceremony with only a handful of family, friends, and loved ones in attendance, and Karen will deliver a concise ceremony. The “Traditional Ceremony” package includes many services, including multiple meetings, unlimited contact by email, phone, or text, a unique ceremony framework with unlimited changes, all legal paperwork including NOIM, next-day marriage registration, access to the PA system with Bluetooth connectivity, and a marriage certificate.

Additional services provided by Karen Allen Celebrant include vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, and baby naming ceremonies.

Phone: 0418 230 008

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Dee Potter

For celebrant services, look no further than Launceston-based marriage celebrant Dee Potter. Dee Potter can create beautifully, expertly written, and carefully curated speeches for wedding ceremonies, helping the event go off without a hitch and keeping the logistics and the schedule tight.

With experience conducting ceremonies in and around Tasmania, on the mainland, and overseas, Dee Potter can present several different types of ceremonies from which clients can pick and choose a style that feels natural and organic to them. Dee Potter is cautious to approach each wedding ceremony differently and with a style that honours and respects the stylistic preferences, philosophies, principles, and requests of each client.

Whether the process requires logistical burdens, like filling out the Notice of Intended Marriage Form, or creative endeavours, like writing an original speech, Dee Potter can sit at the helm and guide the process.

Phone: 0438 133 661

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Marry Me Tasmania

Check out Marry Me Tasmania for marriage celebrant services delivered in a style catered to the specific needs of each client with whom this company collaborates. When it comes to planning and facilitating wedding ceremonies that will last indelibly in the minds of every guest and loved one in attendance, Marry Me Tasmania can do just the trick, with services including a thorough assessment of the legal requirements to certify a ceremony, travel to many locations nationally and abroad, unlimited contact via phone, email, or in person, coordination of a rehearsal ceremony, advice and resources on poems, readings, and music, procuring of a signing table and a PA system with a handheld microphone, submission of all necessary legal documents, and much more. With Marry Me Tasmania, elegant wedding ceremonies are an absolute guarantee, due to the detail-oriented approach of Janelle Wilson, the primary celebrant in charge of the operations.

Phone: 0498 048 555

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Contact : Janelle Wilson

Meg Culhane

Nothing can beat the marriage celebrant services of Launceston local Meg Culhane. The first step with Meg Culhane is to schedule and attend a no-obligation initial consultation via email, phone, Skype, or in person. If clients decide to stick with Meg Culhane, the process continues with an initial meeting to discuss the official documents as well as to hash out personal details to add some depth and individualization to the ceremony.

Meg Culhane also provides a questionnaire to supplement her knowledge with an additional understanding of her clients and their relationship. Meg Culhane allows for unlimited contact throughout the process of fleshing out and constructing the wedding ceremony, with guidance provided on readings, songs, vows, and rituals. By the end of the process, Meg Culhane will have developed a detailed script and structure for the upcoming wedding ceremony, with every little moment carefully curated and ordered.

No matter the location, the style, or the nature of the relationship, Meg Culhane is an ideal choice for a wedding celebrant in the greater Launceston metropolitan area.

Phone: 0419 587 717

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Annie Saunders

Annie Saunders is a marriage celebrant located in Launceston, serving weddings across the local area. Annie Saunders goes by the motto “Your day, your way,” meaning that she prioritizes the needs and requests of her clients and honours those needs by folding in all of the little details and preferences of her clients into the final speech, pacing, structure, and flow of the ceremony.

The process with Annie Saunders begins with a first meeting in which she will get to know key details about the happy couple; from there, Annie will provide assistance and counselling on selecting the ideal vows or writing original vows, securing the proper documentation including birth certificates, photo ID, and the NOIM form, and more. The second meeting with Annie Saunders will be to go over a full draft of the ceremony, and the third meeting will be to finalize all of the little details. Annie can also provide her services for rehearsals at the venue in advance of the wedding ceremony in order to get any nervous jitters out and make everyone comfortable with the proceedings of the upcoming wedding day.

Phone: 0475 920 331

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Young Celebrations

With a passion for crafting unique and relaxed wedding experiences, Raymond Young of Young Celebrations has been weaving the magic of love since January 2016. Inspired by officiating close friends Ruth and Craig Erwin’s special day, Raymond embarked on a journey to become an authorised marriage celebrant. Having presided over 15 heartwarming unions, his commitment to tailoring ceremonies to reflect the couple’s desires shines through. Embracing each celebration with enthusiasm, Young Celebrations promises couples an anticipation for their wedding day as vibrant as their shared future. Raymond’s genuine dedication and joyful approach make him a standout choice among Launceston’s top marriage celebrants.

Phone: 0437 837 469

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Securing the services of a marriage celebrant is a must-do in the process of planning an upcoming wedding celebration. That’s why we created this list of the very best marriage celebrants in and around Launceston, perfect as a resource for you and your partner as you go about checking items off of your planning to-do list and finding the ideally suited collaborators when it comes to dreaming up and facilitating your perfect day. Wedding season is swiftly approaching, and celebrant services tend to book up pretty fast, so we recommend that you take this list as an opportunity to reach out to any and all celebrants who particularly caught your interest. There’s no time like the present to establish a line of communication and ensure that you receive all of the wedding ceremony services that you want for your upcoming nuptials. With all that said, we wish you and your partner all of the luck in the world as you move along and navigate the rest of your wedding planning process!