Picture this: your special day, filled with love, laughter, and a slice of heaven in the form of a stunning wedding cake. Planning your dream wedding in Launceston, just got sweeter with the top cake suppliers awaiting to turn your visions into delicious reality. From the heart of the city to the scenic outskirts, these bakers are ready to elevate your celebration with delectable creations that mirror your unique love story. Let’s explore the tantalising world of wedding cakes, where each bite tells a tale as sweet as your journey together.

In Launceston, the quest for the perfect wedding cake is an adventure filled with mouthwatering possibilities. As you delve into the options, envision not just a dessert but a masterpiece crafted exclusively for you. Your wedding cake journey is about to become a delightful chapter in your wedding story.

Butter and Sage

Chantelle, the creative force behind Butter and Sage, embarked on her cake journey in 2021, turning a personal passion into a delightful business. As a self-taught cake designer with a decade’s experience in a local chocolatier cafe, she infuses her creations with expertise. A devoted wife and mother, Chantelle crafts bespoke cakes from her council-approved kitchen in Launceston. What sets Butter and Sage apart is not just the visually stunning cakes but also the emphasis on service, taste, and intricate details. Chantelle takes joy in helping you celebrate life’s special moments, promising a unique and personalised experience for every occasion.

Address: 9 Denman Rd, Trevallyn TAS 7250

Phone: 0439 335 049

Social: Butter and Sage

Contact : Chantelle

Delicious Little Things

Delicious Little Things, owned by the talented baketress Raelene Bates, crafts delectable bites that transcend geographical boundaries across the Apple Isle. With unwavering dedication, Raelene pours countless hours into creating wedding cakes that rival the significance of the bridal gown. Elevating your special day to new heights, Delicious Little Things ensures a delightful and memorable wedding cake experience. Renowned for their expertise in transforming sweet visions into reality, this Launceston-based supplier stands out among the top choices for couples seeking a unique and delicious centrepiece for their celebration. Indulge in the artistry of Delicious Little Things and make your wedding day an extraordinary culinary affair.

Address: Launceston, TAS, 7250

Phone: 0408 723 536

Social: Delicious Little Things

Contact : Raelene Bates

Naughty North Cakes

Address: Launceston, TAS, 7250

Phone: 0420 868 381

Social: Naughty North Cakes

Contact : Naughty North Cakes Team


As you wrap up the final details of your Launceston wedding, let the sweetness linger with the memory of the perfect cake. The journey to find the ideal wedding cake is a story that unfolds in layers, much like the delicious confections you’ve explored. From rustic charm to elegant sophistication, each slice is a testament to your unique love.

In conclusion, Launceston’s top wedding cake suppliers offer more than just desserts; they provide edible works of art that enhance the magic of your special day. As you savour the sweetness of your celebration, may the memories of your exquisite wedding cake linger in your hearts, reminding you of the love and joy that surrounded you on this unforgettable day. Cheers to a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and the lingering taste of the perfect wedding cake.