So, you’re tying the knot in Adelaide, and the big day is fast approaching. Amidst all the excitement and planning, don’t forget about one crucial detail: your first dance as a married couple. It’s that magical moment when all eyes are on you, gliding across the dance floor.

But if the thought of dancing in front of your nearest and dearest fills you with dread, fear not. Adelaide is home to some of the finest wedding dance lesson studios, ready to turn two left feet into a graceful waltz. From classic ballroom to contemporary moves, these studios offer tailored lessons to suit your style, skill level, and wedding theme.

Let’s dive into the world of Adelaide’s top wedding dance instructors and ensure your first dance is a memorable highlight of your special day.

QuickSteps Dance Club Studio

Looking to dance into your wedding day with confidence and joy? QuickSteps Dance Club Studio in Adelaide offers a stress-free approach to your first dance. Their focus is on making your experience enjoyable and memorable, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. With a free trial lesson, you can meet your teacher, discuss your preferences, and get a taste of what they offer. As Adelaide’s largest adult dance school, QuickSteps provides a welcoming environment where you can learn basic steps and choreography tailored to your needs. Make your first dance a highlight of your special day with QuickSteps Dance Club Studio.

Address: 255 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 08 8121 3399

Social: QuickSteps Dance Club Studio

Contact : Michelle

Latino Grooves Dance Studio

Latin Grooves Dance Studio in Adelaide offers captivating wedding dance lessons infused with vibrant Latino flair. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps, their skilled instructors tailor routines to match your style and skill level. With personalised choreography reflecting your love story, they aim to create unforgettable moments on your special day. Flexible scheduling, including weekends, ensures seamless integration into your wedding plans. Latin Grooves is not just about dance; it’s about celebrating Latin culture and bringing its spirit to weddings across Australia. Get ready to dazzle the dance floor and leave your guests mesmerised with a wedding dance filled with passion and energy.

Address: Basement, 366 King William St Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone: 0423 294 881

Social: Latino Grooves Dance Studio

Contact : Hugo Salcedo

Swing Out Adelaide

With a passion for swing and jazz, Swing Out Adelaide offers private dance lessons designed to make wedding dances swing! Founded by Luna Godfrey and Jarryd Reynolds in 2015, this studio is Adelaide’s go-to for authentic swing and jazz-era dance. Whether it’s perfecting a routine or just having a laugh while learning, Swing Out Adelaide creates a low-key, beginner-friendly atmosphere where guests can groove, move, and have a whole lot of fun. So, if you’re after a swinging wedding dance or just eager to embrace the joy of swing, Swing Out Adelaide promises to get you on the dance floor with style and laughter.

Address: 200 Jeffcott Street North Adelaide, SA 5006

Phone: 0490 167 613

Social: Swing Out Adelaide

Contact : Matty & Laura

Adelaide Wedding Dance

Unlock the magic of dance at Adelaide Wedding Dance! With over a decade of experience, they transform even the most hesitant dancers into wedding day stars. Tailoring each lesson to your style, ability, and chosen song, they guarantee a natural and confident performance. Choose from traditional grace, modern flair, or blend both for a memorable medley. No cookie-cutter routines here! From elegant waltzes to lively cha chas, they’ll guide you step by step. Start early and shine together on your big day with twirls, dips, and poses that capture your romance. Elevate your wedding dance with Adelaide Wedding Dance!

Address: 93 Gilles St Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone: 08 8223 7848

Social: Adelaide Wedding Dance

Contact : Oscar Castellanos

Arthur Murray Dance Centre Adelaide

Get ready to dance the night away with Arthur Murray Dance Centre Adelaide! Their personalised wedding dance lessons ensure you glide effortlessly on your big day. No more awkward swaying; instead, create a memorable first dance tailored to your style and music. Whether you envision classic romance, smooth elegance, or quirky fun, their expert instructors make your dream dance a reality. From bridal party involvement to practising in your wedding attire, they’ve got you covered. Start your dance journey early for maximum preparation. With world-leading instructors and the proven Arthur Murray method, you’ll dance with confidence and grace. Book your free consultation today!

Address: 26a Grote Street Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone: 08 8231 7552

Social: Arthur Murray Dance Centre Adelaide

Contact : Tara


As your wedding day draws nearer, the anticipation mounts for that unforgettable moment: your first dance as newlyweds. With the guidance of Adelaide’s top wedding dance lesson studios, you’ve transformed nerves into confidence and stumbled steps into elegant twirls.

Whether you’ve opted for a romantic sway or a choreographed spectacle, your dance reflects the journey you’ve embarked on together. So, as you take to the dance floor, surrounded by loved ones, let the music carry you through this magical moment.

With each step, you celebrate not just your love but also the joy of learning and growing together. Here’s to a lifetime of beautiful dances and cherished memories.