Wedding jewellery is a perfect combination of class, luxury, culture and beauty. Whether you’re wearing a puffy white dress to march down the aisle, or the most exquisite jacket suit at the altar, the right jewellery pieces can blow the minds of people, while adding the final touch to your grand image. Finding the appropriate necklace, earrings, watches and rings can be a tedious task for couples soon to be married; especially when they have an entire wedding to plan. To spare you some time, a breakdown of the best wedding jewellery stores in Adelaide, Australia have been outlined below! If you are a bride or groom looking to find wedding jewellery, then you’re in the right place.

Gerard McCabe Jewellers

In 1878, Patrick McCabe transformed a tailor shop to one of the greatest family-owned wedding jewellery shops offering the finest pieces, with years of experience and confidence behind them. If you’re short on time and prefer to go for a wedding jewellery with a subtle look and simple design, they have you covered. On the other hand, if you’re trying to find rare, customized and extravagant pieces, well, they still have you covered. They offer exquisite and detailed hand-made jewellery, customized to suit any outfit or hairstyle. To top things off, they also offer a cleaning service for wedding jewellery. Yes, that’s right! If you have plans of using your great-grandmother’s wedding ring to commemorate your union, then they have the tools to make that ring sparkling again.

Address: Adelaide Arcade, 2 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 08 8212 1000

Social: Gerard McCabe Jewellers

Contact : Gerard McCabe

Andrew Mazzone Design Jeweller

Choose your design, pick your favourite stones and leave the magic to the experts at Andrew Mazzone Design Jeweller. With 50 years of tradition combined with unbridled innovation, they are renowned in the jewellery industry for being as creatively unique as the rings they craft. From the designer’s hand-sketched interpretation of your vision, to the gemmologist’s handpicked best-cut diamond, everything produced by them holds the customer’s satisfaction at the core. Not only are they experts at what they do, but they also offer their services at a price that is befitting to any budget; be it a $20 or $20,000 job. You can book an appointment online to visit their office or use their online chat support feature to speak with one of their representatives.

Address: 21 Pulteney Street Adelaide SA

Phone: 08 8223 5447

Social: Andrew Mazzone Design Jeweller

Contact : Andrew

Simon Alexander Jewellers

Simon Alexander Jewellers have been in existence for over 25 years, creating a culture of delivering personalized and unique wedding jewellery designs to its customers. Simon Alexander has travelled the world, developing a deep appreciation and understanding for design and leading fashion trends, resulting in the company’s ability to deliver exceptional pieces. Whether you appreciate diamonds or coloured gemstones, or desire a piece that is defined by simplicity, they will ensure you receive the piece perfect for you. You can schedule an appointment to meet with them and have a discussion, or use their social media platforms or website messaging feature to complete all transactions virtually.

Address: Level 1/14 King William St, Adelaide SA

Phone: 08 8231 0700

Social: Simon Alexander Jewellers

Contact : Simon

Class A Jewellers

The in-house collection of jewellery and wedding rings at Class A Jewellers boast hundreds of unique designs, so you’re guaranteed to find something that you love. Since 1972, they have built a solid reputation of diverse range, personalized attention, value for money and quality craftsmanship. They combine hand-making techniques with computer-aided designs to provide you with a precision-perfect, quality piece of jewellery that perfectly complements you. Class A Jewellers also offer the option of viewing the design in 3D prior to starting the manufacturing process, giving you the opportunity to make as many changes as you like. They even go the extra-mile of providing you with a scaled wax model to try on so you can see exactly how the piece will look when finished. Scheduling an appointment with them can be done directly from their website.

Address: 40 North East Road WALKERVILLE SA

Phone: 08 8344 7722

Social: Class A Jewellers

Contact : Brad Mucklow

Pure Envy Jewellery

With numerous awards and over 35 years in the Jewellery industry, Pure Envy Jewellers has a reputation for producing high-quality wedding jewellery, at an affordable price. They offer an exquisite collection of handcrafted rings and wedding jewellery, and are willing to work with you to make your dream ring a reality. They were awarded for being the best large jewellery retailer in Australia and New Zealand, amongst several other national titles. These experts task themselves with creating new designs every day to better suit its customers, and it is this very passion for customer satisfaction, that drives them to do crazy things; like saying yes to 24-hour turnarounds on an engagement ring and hand-delivering to the customer just before they’re about to propose.

Address: 175 Gilles St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 08 8231 9995

Social: Pure Envy Jewellery

Contact : Emily

Grahams Jewellers

Searching for classy diamond wedding jewellery to sparkle on your wedding day? If that’s a yes, then you owe it to yourself to visit Grahams Jewellers. Boasting a wide collection of jewellery, they offer unique designs, pay keen attention to details and ensure that what you want, is what you get. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and anklets are all offered by Graham Jewellers, and at various prices to fit any budget. With regular site-wide discounts and promotional offers, one simply cannot deny that Graham Jewellers not only care about delivering quality pieces, but also the budget of their customers.

Address: 1030 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046

Phone: 08 8110 4196

Social: Grahams Jewellers

Contact : Tia

Bell & Brunt

If you are looking for wedding jewellery in a professional and understanding environment, then look no further than Bell and Brunt. They have established themselves as a fifth-generation custom handmade wedding jewellery company in Adelaide, that boasts a legacy that spans across 101 years. Providing top tier diamond-based jewellery pieces, and being able to win multiple awards is no doubt, a great achievement for them. However, at Bell and Brunt, the artisans task themselves mainly with creating and maintaining meaningful customer connections. They also simplify the process of getting your dream ring, by allowing you to upload samples of your dream design or selecting from their gallery of images on their website.

Address: 14A James Place, Rundle Mall Adelaide

Phone: 08 8231 9997

Social: Bell & Brunt

Contact : Glenda Brunt

EverettBrookes Jewellers

Are you looking for a jeweller that will go all out to ensure your desired wedding look becomes a reality? Are you looking for real satisfaction? If yes, then look to the people that were awarded ‘Best Jewellery Retailer’ In Australia and New Zealand at the inaugural Jewellery Industry Awards. Everett Brookes promises a creatively unique difference, and jewellery that portrays a nice mixture of modern beauty and traditional craftsmanship. Rings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, bangles and earrings are all hand made to suit the needs of their customers. In the event, they don’t meet your expectations or aren’t durable for a lifetime, then you either receive a full refund or a newly crafted product. They facilitate in-office and virtual appointments, at any day and time of every week.

Address: 90 Gawler Place Adelaide SA

Phone: 08 8232 8333

Social: EverettBrookes Jewellers

Contact : David Everett

Archer & Holland

Since 1918, Archer and Holland has been providing not only high-quality, but affordable wedding jewellery, setting themselves apart from their competitors. Here, you’ll be greeted with friendliness and understanding by their staff, and find Bill, a skilled and highly trained jeweller, ready to make your dream wedding jewellery a reality. They provide a wide range of wedding rings, earrings, bracelet, amongst other jewellery pieces, in a variety of gemstones and metals. You can visit their physical site to speak with a representative as well as have virtual discussions with the experts.

Address: Shop 26, City Cross Arcade Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Phone: 08 8211 8068

Social: Archer & Holland

Contact : Ebony


If you’re looking for classy, extravagant jewellery or a simple design, you can certainly depend on the jewellers in Adelaide to get the job done. Don’t hesitate, give them a call or visit your preferred jeweller or stay at home and view their collections online, then go ahead and purchase those wedding jewellery you like, you won’t regret it.